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  1. Im new to the AR platform, except for shooting my dad's as a young teen. My LGS has a Stag model 3 that I'm interested in. Any complaints about their quality or reliability? Should I spend a little more and get the gas piston version?(model 8) or another brand? (Spikes, Daniel Defense)

    Also, am interested in the Franklin 7.5" AR pistol. Looks like it would be fun to should and a capable HD weapon Anything bad with those?

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  2. Daniel Defense, Colt 6920, Bravo Company is what I would be looking for. Get a quality AR that is ready to run right out of the box that you won't have to worry about later on down the road. The Colt can be had for under a grand and is a damn fine rifle.

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    Nothing wrong with Stag, if you want it, buy it and shoot it, will work just fine..
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    You're asking if there's any draw-backs to using a 7.5" AR pistol as an HD weapon?:rofl::rofl:
  5. My 1st AR was a DPMS, then later a Stag. Both did everything I wanted and needed at my level of knowledge at the time.

    Im buying another AR soon and it will be a Colt 6920. Read the thread on "AR resale value" that was recently posted and watch Sturmgewehre's video on the Colt 6920 if you want to know why I decided to go this route.

    Yes its a few hundred more than its competitors but as wiz-bang-super AR companies come and go... the old Colt is timeless. Not the best, not the worst but the easiest to sell and the most likely to retain,if not grow in value. (such as the discontinued LE marked models)
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  6. What's the price on the Stag out the door?
  7. I have a LE6920 arriving Monday and a SP6920MP arriving Tuesday. I bought them for the same reasons as listed by mixflip.
  8. Price out the door is about $1050 for the Stag model 3.

    I've got the shotgun (Reminton 870 tactical) for HD covered, and was thinking the AR pistol would be fun and good for a possible zombie invasion.
  9. The model 3 has an $895 price tag on Stag's web page. The price you quoted seems kinda high, unless you have added sights or some other accessories.
  10. Hell with that! I would get the Colt all day long over that Stag! Just my .02
  11. Ive got sights added to get the price to the $1050.

    Why is the Colt better? Does it do something better? Does it have a lifetime warranty? Does it cut you food up for you? What makes it better ?
  12. Nah, they are complete equals. Have fun with your new Stag.
  13. The Colt will come with a 4150 CMV barrel, the bolt and barrel will be MP and HP tested, it will have the M16 BCG instead of a semi auto BCG, barrel will be 1:7 twist instead of 1:9 twist, and maybe a few other dotted i's and crossed t's so that it can me marketed as meeting "mil-spec". You can add all this to your Stag for another $100, if it is important to you.

    Honestly, if I was spending that money and could find one in stock, I would buy the Colt too. You can get that rail handguard from Stag and replace the handguards on the Colt and still be ahead.
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  14. Replacing the barrel and BCG will cost a LOT more than $100 to match the quality of a BCM, Colt, LMT, etc...
  15. +1 A BCM/DD BCG is $130 just by itself.
  16. What I meant was that for $100, Stag has the Plus package that matches "spec". Never handled a Stag, so I can't speak to the "quality" vs. Colt. Remember, I shoot a mere S&W M&P Sport. :whistling:
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    Gas piston - no

    If you have some coin I would look at KAC or Noveske. Else the Colt 6920, LMT..etc.

  18. Got a Stag model 3. Shoots great.
    Have shot quality ammo and the cheapest steel case.
    Paid $799 with 100rnds of ammo thrown in. I liked the small dia. Diamond head hand guard.
    Is it mil.spec.? Look at barrel markings.
    Does it have any extras. Mine was bare bones.

    I have seen a few Colts lately for about the price you qouted.
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    I went with the Colt 6720. I would definitely recomment what others have. Colt, BCM, DD, or if you have the money....Noveske. My next M4 will be from Noveske no doubt.
  20. Nowadays EVERYBODY makes a "mil-spec" models. Keep in mind only 3 companies have been entrusted with the DOD TDP's (technical data package) to make a true mil-spec rifle (less the select fire of course, for civilians)

    Colt, FNH and Sabre Defense.

    This doesnt mean they are the best. It just gives them a little clout and maybe some perceived re-sale value. Are they better? No. Will there be folks who will buy them over other brands based on name alone? Absolutely.
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