1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems

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  1. I currently own a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6.

    Over this past summer, I had issues starting it. I turned the key, it would crank but not turn over. I got a diagnostic code, went to my local Jeep dealership and they fixed it. It was something about the relay and a signal or something, I can't remember exactly.

    Its been 6+ months now and lately, when I go to start the car, it would crank, but not as good or strong as it did before. The car would start until today. I drove home from work, had the Jeep turned off for 25min or so and hopped back in it.

    I went to turn the key and nothing. No crank, no nothing. I tried again and again and nothing. Two hours later I gave it another shot. I could hear the faint crank noise and I stopped. I gave it a few seconds and she cranked and turned over with no problems. I let it sit idle for a few minutes and turned it off.

    I let it stay off for a minute or two then I started it right back up again.

    I let it sit in the driveway off for 2 hours and went back outside and started it up again. Got a good crank and turnover. Only problem is now that the backlight behind some of my gauges are dim.

    Any thoughts, educated guesses on why this happened? Is there something wrong with my relay again? Should I go back to the Jeep dealer and have them give it a once over again? ($45/hr).
  2. since its inside of 6 months I would take it back to the dealer, sounds like the same issue should be under warranty. If not take it to a local shop and have them look it over. most reputable shops will have a charging / starting system check for pretty cheap or free. If you have an Auto Zone near you they will check the battery and alternator for free as well. Good luck. btw your jeep is an inline 6 not a V6.

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  3. Thanks. And as for the Inline 6/V6 term, I'm not much of a car guy, I prefer guns over cars :)
  4. Turned out to be my starter. I got it placed and now the Jeep runs beautifully. Now I just need to replace my muffler and tail pipe and get some new tires and I'll be good to go :)

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