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1973 Monte Carlo questions

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by SMSTRICK, May 30, 2006.



    Nov 4, 2003
    My brother practically gave me a 73 Monte Carlo w/ 100,000 original miles on it. It is in really good condition because it was a one owner car and garage kept for 34 years......I am going to buy new tires and wheels and was wondering if 255 70 R15 would fit all the way around. Someone told me today that he knew that 235 70 R15 would fit but was unsure about the 255 70 R15 on the front. Can anyone help me out with this one?.........O yea, more question.....Were the original Rally wheels that originally came on the 73 Monte Carlo 7 inch or 8 inch wheels?
  2. autoparts


    Aug 31, 2005
    The base tire was the G78-15 equivalent to the P215/75R15 or P225/70R15. Going up two sizes to L78-15 (P255/70R15)the tires are likely to rub when the wheels are turned.

    P255/70R15s may also just not look right on a mid-size car. I remember L size tires looking large on a 1971 Ford Country Squire station wagon. I have P235/70R15s on my similar sized, B-body Chrysler and they are plenty big. Congratulations on your new Chevy.