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1970 Barracuda

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by michael t, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. michael t

    michael t

    Jul 3, 2004
    out back Ky.
    I have a problem and can use others insight. I 'm the 2 owner of a 1970 Barracuda. It belonged to my best friend who has passed on.
    Here the problem . This car was a plain jane Barracuda with following: tinted glass.AM radio PS 383Mag 4speed 3.23posi. Dule chrome mirrors. That it.
    In 1976 we removed from street and installed a built 440 6pak eng and other mods rollbar gutted interior rewired elec. Flared fenders 10" wheels all corners ect. Set up for SCCA SOLO 1 and 2 and hill climes.
    I have at present and have been getting ready to start on. New information came to light last few days.

    HERES my problem do I leave as is and made a bad street ride since all the mods have been done . Just freshin up eng and some body work and repaint. Or do I return to orginal. Their were ONLY "602" Barracuda's of this type made. I have a small auto museum thats wanting really bad, Because of the 602 number.
    It would requirer a lot of work to return to orginal but possible OH! it only has 29079 miles. I will attest to them as I rode or drove a great deal of them. Present engine hasn't been started in several years but almost no real running time or miles.
    So people what to do Bad ass ride of orginal granny sleeper
  2. tpiini


    Jan 9, 2004
    You left out the most important detail; What's the small museum willing to give you for it?

  3. michael t

    michael t

    Jul 3, 2004
    out back Ky.
    I really don't want to sell it to them .Their the ones that informed me of the findings about the 602 made. The orginal owner and I served in Nam together and remained life long friends I The car has more value to me than just money .
  4. Have you seen the price of MOPAR "E" bodies lately? They are getting crazy! There are plenty of reproduction parts available to put it back together in stock "factory" form and you would be well served to do just that!! The 1970 Cuda's and Barracuda's are highly desirable and it deserves to be put back in original form. My .02
  5. tpiini


    Jan 9, 2004
    It sounds like you can either have a car that is set up the way you really like it, or you can spend LOTS of $$$ making it into something possibly more valuable to others, and thus making it too valuable to enjoy. It will likely cost you a LOT more than you think and you'll never enjoy it as much as you do now!

    I'd keep it as a road warrior and let the purists cry all they want.
  6. Michael, after re-reading your posts I wouldn't have a problem just just sprucing it up and keeping it like it is. A bad-ass street ride is great fun and that would be a nice one! Did you and your friend turn it into a racer? I am also a Nam vet (USMC RVN 67-68) and can understand that if you want to keep it like it is for memories' sake. Do whatever makes you happy , but save that car and get it back on the streets. By the way , I seriously doubt there were 602 Barracuda's made with that engine/tranny combo. The 4-speed makes it much rarer than they are telling you!! It really would be a sought after car in stock condition! Probably 602 made with the 383 engine but far fewer with a 4-speed! It can always be restored to stock condition , so enjoy it however you like it!!
  7. engineer151515


    Nov 3, 2003
    E-Bodies are indeed desirable nowdays, but I don't know about "museum piece". You should enjoy your car the way you built it. Restoring it to an "original" with matching s/n's may not be possible now. You might make yours a 440 copy, but it won't bring in the same bucks as an original. Enjoy your car.

    The really super-rare Cuda's were the "factory" 440's and 426 Hemi, convertibles and the AAR's. Very low production.

    The 440s and the Hemi cars received a special high performance suspension (going by memory, extra leaf spring - driver's side and the torsion bar front suspension may have had a thicker bar). Again, its been years since I was "into" this stuff. Point is - you would have to build that into yours to honestly call it a big block Cuda copy. Then again, the average Joe probably won't notice.

    Prices are high but, if you have a "Barracuda", as opposed to a 'Cuda, then the following appies to you:

    "Standard on the Barracuda was the 225 c.i. six cylinder, rated at 145 hp., mated to a three speed manual transmission. Optional engines were the 230 hp 318 c.i. V-8, a 290 hp 383 c.i. V-8 and a 330 hp four-barrel carburetor version of the 383 rated at 330 hp"


    2dr hardtop 6 cyl

    2dr hardtop 8 cyl

    2dr hardtop Gran Coupe 6 cyl

    2dr hardtop Gran Coupe 8 cyl

    2dr hardtop 'Cuda 8 cyl

    Convertible 6 cyl

    Convertible 8 cyl

    Convertible Gran Coupe 6 cyl

    Convertible Gran Coupe 8 cyl

    Convertible 'Cuda 8 cyl


    *Total includes 2,724 AAR 'Cuda's

    Production of 440 c.i. Six bbl equipped 'Cuda models is as follows: 1755 hardtops and 29 convertibles.

    Production of 426 c.i. Hemi equipped 'Cuda models is as follows: 652 hardtops (368 w/Torqueflite and 284 w/four-speed) and 14 convertibles(9 automatic, 5 four-speed). - I had the pleasure of seeing one of those 5 "four speed" 1970 Hemi Cuda's in LA - auctioned off in 1988 for a paltry $250,000. Now worth about $3 million plus or minus.

    We have a musclecar museum in Robertsdale, AL. They have a 440-6pak 1970 Challenger Convertable R/T in Panther Pink / black interior. Nice car. Only 99 built.

    Sure wish I had my 71 Roadrunner and my 72 340-4bbl Cuda back... :(
  8. Rob1035

    Rob1035 Skeet Surfer

    Jan 24, 2005
    Charlotte NC
    keep it in the state that is the most fun for you personally. Its yours, and if its something you enjoy driving, you'll remember you're friend and the times you had. If you spent a fortune restoring it, it will probably just sit, which is no way to treat a muscle car, no matter how rare:cool:
  9. GPappy


    Jul 12, 2003
    My first car was a 1969 Firebird and my best friends first car was a 1971 Challenger. We customized them both. I really liked my Firebird but that Challenger was unbelievable. I would love to have either one today but I would not pay extra to have an original, half the fun is customizing.

    Enjoy it like you and your buddy would have liked it and don't worry about what it would be worth in original condition, just don't ever sell it and it won't make any difference.

  10. engineer151515


    Nov 3, 2003
    You may get another chance to own a HEMI Challenger in 2009!
    And this time you can get air conditioning and 4 wheel disk brakes!


  11. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    May 26, 2003
    Melbourne, Fl
    Sounds like a sweet ride!
    Your friend would want you to enjoy it right? Screw what other people think. Drive it, race it and show it off as much as possible.

    btw since nobody has gone here yet....

  12. michael t

    michael t

    Jul 3, 2004
    out back Ky.
    Hemi R/T : I agree all I know only 602 made of basic car with the 383 mag How many were 4 speed cars Who knows I haven't been able to find that out.
    I leaning to the keep as is just do minor body work and paint. We did the rear springs(hemi). T- bars(hemi) and larger swaybars(all poly bushings) shocks Hurst comp shifter with loc out.. Has the longer wheel studs. All the required safety equipment from back then,( YES I know the lap and sholder belts are no good) We installed AAR hood but made lift off .No key start fliping toggle switches & a go botton. He was going to put on street with redone interior and paint job. I'm leading that way also. Freshen motor New Alum. heads The dist needs up dated Its my old 426 mechancial tac drive.Guess convert to magnetic PU instead of points. Cam and valve train all Crane 292 530 lift solid Find some sticky 15in tires to mount on the 10" Keystones At thiis point I have about 10 I can invest. Still has the 390 rear .
    I sorry I can't at present post pictures as I dont have means. If I spend money for that then car won't get. I thank everbody for their replies and welcome more. My daugthers want it to keep present look . except my almost 12 car nut She wants painted Plum Crazey Flamed and Polished Blower out hood. Like her Cuda Model she has in her room. This little girl has 3 loves Guns. Knives and cars.
  13. Sounds like you have the basics for a very quick street machine! I think you are on the right track doing what you have planned. As far as ignition updates, a complete MOPAR electronic ignition system minus spark plug wires can be had for about $200.00 and should be all you need as a couple of my friends have very potent Challenger street machines and use it with great results. Get it all shined up and pretty and then "drive it like you stole it!!" My '69 Charger is an all-original , numbers matching HEMI-R/T that has yet to be restored but will be as original as I can make it due to it's rarity. I will someday own another MOPAR, probably a Roadrunner, that I can make into a great streetmachine!! Good luck with your project! Carl
  14. loki993


    Mar 3, 2006
    Lower Thumb, Mi
    id say freshen it up a bit, put an interior in it and drive the crap out of it. dont ever sell it. you will probally nver get another one if you do, unless youre stinking rich. the rich people that are buying up all the cars as "investments" are runing to hobby, but thats a different rant. anyway keep the car, fix it up, it sounds really nice, 4-speed mopars especially are hard to get. and if you go to some mopar sites you can break down how many there actually were, right down to how many of that color were made and more in pretty sure. i know that say how many were auto and manual and they break down the colors also most of the time.
  15. dubltap


    Jun 13, 2005
    Unless you have the numbers matching 383 engine, it really wouldn't do you any good value wise, to go back to the stock version.
  16. michael t

    michael t

    Jul 3, 2004
    out back Ky.
    Orginal Motor was blowned 1976 and last I saw was in TN Most people herr seem to think Fix as is and drive the H### out of it. I tend to agree That what orginal owner was planing and that was way I was leaning. Thanks again for you imput. Springs here It time to get serious and put old gal back on road. Battle scars and all.
  17. tpiini


    Jan 9, 2004
    I know I've already given my $0.02, but I just want to chime in again and applaud your decision. I've got a few old cars that I play with. I've had more that I have sold off. Some I regretted and others are still in the "good riddance" category.

    In looking back, and to the present, the cars that have given, and continue to give me the most satisfaction are the ones with those few battle scars. I've tried to keep a few cars in concourse condition for their "value." But I realized that I was owned by those cars. Literally a slave to them instead of reaping any joy from owning them.

    Just because the folks at Plymouth decided to make a car a certain way doesn't mean it was the best way for YOU. I think you will enjoy your ride much more of you keep it "yours" instead of a shrine to the Plymouth gods.

  18. Heavy Barrel

    Heavy Barrel

    Mar 23, 2006
    Central PA
    My advice is keep it if you don't need to get rid of it.I have had the Superbird since 1982,the Dart since 1979.They will both be around after I'm gone.[​IMG]

  19. triggerjerk


    Dec 19, 2000
    My .02:

    Mortgage the house and get a war chest together to turn it into a HEMI clone.

    Take said car to barrett-jackson and have some cash fat baby boomer pay big bux for it.

    Pay off mortgage and buy a couple Z06s:laughabove: