1969 870 Wingmaster vs New 870P

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by RutgersGrad, May 12, 2013.

  1. I've been seriously considering getting a Remington 870P. Synthetic stock, 7 round capacity, etc. But my Dad gave me his old 44 year old Wingmaster 870. Has a 28 and 20 inch barrel and in excellent condition.. As much as I would love a nice 870P right now, if I could find a reason to save my money and just use the Wingmaster... It'll just be for target practice and maybe HD. Might this old rifle be good enough of a reason to save me some money on buying a new shotgun?

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  2. A new 870 will be a downgrade...

  3. I'd rather have the 44 year old Wingmaster with the 20" barrel than a brand new 870P.
  4. Absolutely! I'd love to have my Dad's 870 Wingmaster (50's era). Compared to my 870 Express and any other 870 I've handled in the store, the old one wins hands down. Plus it looks cooler:cool:
  5. Even an 870 Police would be a downgrade? Could you give me an example? Were they just made better back then?
  6. New 870 Police Magnums are made very well. Also, they can shoot 3" slugs if you want to do that. Old Wingmasters were also made well.
  7. The newer 870s have more non metal parts. Other than that, an older wingmaster is basically a police model configured for hunting.

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  8. Save yourself some money, buy a short barrel for your Dad's Wingmaster and be happy. The old Wingmaster is well built and there is no need to buy a new one, unless you just want two.

    Just noticed that you already have a 20" barrel to go with it, so you are set.
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  9. Thanks. While it's tempting to buy an 870P anyway for the hell of it, sounds like I can spend that money better elsewhere. Could I get an 18 inch barrel for that Wingmaster? Not that it would be that much shorter than the 20 inch I have...
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    The 870P is made on a different assembly line than the Express guns. Basically it's the 'original' 870 or as close as you'll find, more metal parts and more QC taken.

    The old school Wingmaster will certainly 'do' but having a new one means you're less worried about jacking it up in use.
  11. I can't believe you'd consider a newer 870 over a classic wingmaster.

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  12. And this is coming from a guy who normally just collects WW2 rifles so go figure lol
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    Nothing saying you can't have both.

    I know if I had ended up using my dad's shotgun in a defensive shooting and it disappeared into evidence for 10 years and came back a rusted mess (it's happened.....) I'd be pretty ticked.

    An 870P bought for the purpose? I'd still be annoyed, but it wouldn't be my dad's gun.
  14. Did you mention to your father that you wanted an 870 so he gave you his? If so, don't buy another. You'll piss him off!
  15. Thanks for all the info. Guess I didn't realize how good and old Wing master is :) I might still get an 870P at some point for the hell of it, but after all I read it sounds like my Dad's Wing master will be just fine. The one thing I liked about the 870P was the extended shell capacity though. Would there be anything wrong with getting a shell extender for the Wing master? I don't think my Dad would mind... I think ha
  16. Yes, you can get an 18" barrel and a magazine extension for the Wingmaster...If your dad doesn't mind. :cool:
  17. Thanks. Would it be difficult to add a mag extender on that shotgun? I was reading up on it and some guns have these "dimples" that make it harder??
  18. I don't know about a gun that old, as there have been at least 2 types of mag spring retainer. If this is what you see under that mag cap, push it in with your finger and turn 1/4 turn and let it come out. The dimples people talk about are what hold that retainer in,you can't miss them. The spring will come out also so keep that in mind.


  19. The Wingmasters don't have the dimples.
  20. The older Wing Master doesn't have the flex tab carrier

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