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  1. ...I have to say that I may not have given the D frames their proper due in the past based on my previous experience...my first handgun was a sweet looking blue Colt Diamondback snub back in 1984...it had been messed with internally by a "gunsmith"...I sent took it to someone who was supposed to be a Colt 'Smith and he put it back to original...I never warmed to the pistol and I recall it having a narrow smooth trigger that I never cared for...

    ...a year later when I bought my duty Colt Python, I was in heaven but that Diamondback had to go...no Detective Special I felt since changed my mind on the D Frame Colts...

    ...last week I decided to finally as to fondle this Colt Cobra...it had been sitting in various cabinets at this store for over a year (IIRC) and even though I preferred the newer shrouded ejector rod, I had to feel the Cobra...

    ...boy was this sweet...grooved "target" trigger and that sweet action no Smith and Wesson "J" can match neither in single or double...it was then I noticed to that it appeared to have never been shot and looked like new...and man if that 1st issue look didn't look sweet...didn't hurt that I watched "The Detective with Frank Sinatra either...

    ...this week I went in and saw the "sale" price was gone and it had returned to the ridiculously high price that helped keep me from looking at it before...then came the sales guy..."I can make you a great deal on that if you're really interested."...I told him, I hope better than last week because it was $105 less...he said, well, "That sale is over but I can get you a nice price."...he looked it up in the computer and talked with another worker there and came back with a $150 better price...I said "Let's do this then."...and I bought it...

    ...serial number lists to 1967 and it is a beauty...and I'll admit to being wrong all these years about at least this D Frame Colt...just wanted to share...



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  2. G27Chief

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    That is one great find, nice looking Cobra! I have had my eye out for one for years, but usually they have lots of wear for carry. These are classic little guns for LEO both as plainclothes, back-up and off duty. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. thanks for the response...I hope so too...it IS a peach...thanks again,
  4. gdd363

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    That is one beautiful piece of steel! :wow:
  5. Nice looking Colt, Congrats!
  6. That's a beautiful oldie. My first gun was a Detective Special with the different grip & shrouded ejector.

    It cost $119.95 new.
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  7. G33

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    Like mine, but it is beat up.
  8. I pass by a couple Colt Cobras at the shop every day, they have been speaking to me as of late.
    It's getting bad.:crying:
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  10. the Cobra's powers are hypnotic...:D

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