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1911 newbie

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by kobe24888, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Help mga sirs...

    Kindly give me advice. I want to buy a 1911 model...
    Budget 40k


    Mas matigas daw bakal ng Norinco kaso magaspang naman daw pati internal parts...

    What model sa ARMSCOR? Practical Series?

    Anong mods puwede ilagay o gawin sa ARMSCOR?

    1) Sights?
    2) How to less recoil?
    3) Trigger pull?
    4) Ano gawa ng Barrel Throting?
    5) 8-10 mags

    Kindly add more...

  2. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Nov 14, 2001
    Delta Quadrant
    Go for the Norinco (ask our fellow BOG Deenoh about this).

    1) Sights?
    Any sights you can easily see; night sights aren't necessary.

    2) How to less recoil?
    Shoot the gun first and find out if you can live with the
    recoil. However, if I bought a Norc, the first thing I'll buy
    is a stock set of Wolff springs. I think Twin Pines have them.

    3) Trigger pull?
    For carry, 4lbs and up.

    4) Ano gawa ng Barrel Throting?
    Barrel throating supposedly enables your gun to shoot hollow
    points reliably. Try your new gun first with HPs before doing
    any modification. And choose your gunsmith well should you
    decide your boomer needs work.

    5) 8-10 mags
    This many mags is never a bad idea.:thumbsup:

    Welcome to the BOGs!

  3. Yung STI spartan 35 lang nun. +5 sa reg'n.

    Tamang tama yang 40K mo. ;)
  4. tagaykoyan


    Nov 26, 2006
    rock island armory .45 na lang chief. priced below 20k. may pangrehistro ka na, may pambili ka pa ng 2 extra clips, a box of golden saber jhps, membership sa gun club at plenty of reloads.

    based on experience kasi pagkakuha mo ng unit ang dami mo pa gusto bilhin:supergrin:

    my rock...
  5. TTPower


    Aug 2, 2006
    hi kobe, armscor is ok but what caliber are u planning to get? and is it hi-cap or single stack? do u plan to use it for competition or just for self defense? :) at least if u get an armscor it wont hurt if u decide to change anything like parts unlike if u have a very expensive blaster hahahaha:supergrin:
  6. SS lang sir. Thinking of Nor or Armscor.

    Sa ARmscor na Practical Series, ano kaya dapat i-enhance or MODS?

    Sa Norinco FE, what things to enhanced or add?

    What's more accurate sa dalawa? Thanks sir....

  7. zorkd


    Sep 2, 2004
    although out of the box accuracy is consistent and acceptable, ayun nga medyo maganit pag kinakasa, yung internals kitang kita mo ang tool marks, sa armscor wala gaanong tool marks kasi investment cast ang for the barrel i think.

    my government model na norinco fed hollowpoints reliable out of the box, no polishing, no throating, nothing. the JHPs were winchester USA brand 230gr JHPs that I loaded sa armscor brass over 4.7gr of powder, i forget na kung AP-what number, basta ADI na pistol ammo powder.

    sa experience ko nga lang, sumisira nang basyo ang norinco minsan, and from the knowledge sharing in this forum, i have learned that it was the extractor, i haven't had the chance to have it tuned, having too much fun with the new glock i got.

    it is actually quite a shame na ang armscor sells their products at a higher price to us pinoys than they do to american customers in the US.

    bottom line, ikaw pa rin talaga pipili, good lang with norinco is, at least with those who know their 1911's, walang prejudice kesyo "made in china", may paltik na nga na norinco eh. made in china na, pineke pa. meaning mataas ang resale value nang norinco. kung yun man ang mapili mo, contact deenoh who owns WSC, he will take care of your firearm needs/wants.

    i never had an armscor 1911.

    armscor at least kung magka problema, andyan lang ang planta nila sa parang marikina, yung norinco pag may nasira, eh sorry ka na lang, bili ka lang nang parts. pero mahirap sirain ang norinco. sa akin so far so good. more than 1000 rounds, and i barely even clean it. ang nasira pa lang, eh well, not because of wear, but because of a stupid gun smith who "fixed" the hammer sear engagement without using a jig, di ko na babanggitin ang pangngalan, pero yun nga, find a smith you trust kung mag papa mod ka.

    about the recoil spring, a heavier recoil spring will not always equate to less perceived recoil. in my experience lang ha, ymmv. anyway, decide na muna which one to get, then go ahead and purchase it na, medyo mas matagal ang processing these days kasi kelangan pa nang exemption for the transport permit from comelec dahil sa gun ban.

    P40k, hmmm, that is a sizeable amount, i am sure you will spend it wisely, hehehe, kung gunshow, may glock ka na nun hehehe.
  8. TTPower


    Aug 2, 2006
    ah ok... i had an armscor single stack 45cal b4 ok naman out from the box yung accuracy point of impact was the same as point of aim. ang pinalitan ko lng was the trigger not because it had a problem, but because di ko gusto itsura and pina adjust ko na rin yung trigger pull to 2.5lbs. i had the extractor tuned and the barell polished and throated. and i also had it black chromed para mas matibay and maganda finish hehehehe :) nagsisisi nga ako i sold it!:sad:

    i bought a new armscor this time hi-cap 40cal and i sent it to metrillo for some gunsmithing :) ur 40k will go a long way if u get an armscor. or u can get the SPARTAN of armscor ok rin daw yun... the frame and slide are armscor but the internals are STI 35k lng yun. ask HEAVY alam ko meron sya :)
    check this thread
  9. tagaykoyan


    Nov 26, 2006
    btw, the RIA is basically an armscor gun sold in the US market (i don't think they still sell the armscor brand there).
  10. Sayang nga yung Armscor 45cal mo sir.. :sad: Magkano nabenta?

    Magkano hi-cap 40cal? Practical series ba sir. Compare sa SS, Di ba mataba ang grip? Gusto ko rin sana kaya lang baka sobra taba grip.
    Ano pinagawa mo sa Metrillo? Kindly specify w/ price.

  11. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    you are correct. Rock Island Armory is an Armscor-made gun. The brand is owned by Twin Pines.

    Arsmcor is sold in the US. In fact, it's a very popular gun because of it's value for money pricing. the whole line is very popular.

    Charles Daly, another Armscor-made 1911 is also sold in the US market.

    SAM is another RP-made gun sold in America.

    and of course, the Armscor-made, STI-branded Spartan. an excellent gun, if i may say so myself. :)
  12. bertud ng putik

    bertud ng putik

    Feb 1, 2005
    bro sa trust trade ka bumili ng norinco, standard model. puro bagong labas ang standard nila ngayon. (new production) get the one with the serial no. starts with 3 letters (BAO) before kasi pag standard walang letter sa serial no. maganda ikasa, ok ang bluing (color) nila ngayon, maganda ang fitting ng slide to frame, diamond rubber grip na ito. unlike before plastic grip eh. got mine last week and straight from the firing range, fired 100 rounds armscor fmj. (no fte and ftf) ok na ok!
  13. tagaykoyan


    Nov 26, 2006
    RIAs are getting rave reviews in various 1911 forums (, value for money, yung iba nga nagho-hoard na. :supergrin:

    my rock has already gobbled up about 400 rounds so far and not one problem (even with various magazines ie wilson, chip mcormick). hindi rin namimili ng bala
  14. Thanks sir...

    How much sir? Ano kasama?
    Ano pagkakaiba sa Factory Enhanced model?
    Sir, anong mods ang gawin mo?

  15. darth board

    darth board steel killer

    Jan 16, 2006
    standard model ang kunin mo kung factory enhanced kasi mas mahal tapos papalitan mo rin naman yung internal parts baka pati beavertail so sayang lang.
  16. henry silos

    henry silos

    Dec 25, 2006
    angeles city
    hi bro suggestion ko is u get norinco police or enhanced factory special cause fitting is better than the G.I cause i have one police series reliability and performance ang ganda ng performance pina tune ko land kay col. 'Bayang and im planning to get another one after the gun ban you wont regret if u get norinco


    buy filipino man, get the armscor.Its plus and minus with the norc anyways.40k will go a long way, why not buy parts na lang and go totally custom, that way walang masasayang na parts kung upgrade upgrade din naman ang 9mx's samscor project tread, its a hi cap but you'll get the drift.
    I have an armscor SS,had it stock for a while, ok naman.shot point of aim, didint feed hollow points pero remedied na ngayon.frame, slide and barrel na lang natira, everything else is aftermarket.
  18. MELBU

    MELBU Ann2Tero

    With your budget i suggest you get a high end 2nd hand gun para satisfied ka na.

    Aim high, go for gold ka na sa budget mong yan.
    Malaki na yang budget mo bakit ka pa mag low end 1911 di ba?
    Madaming Colt or ANAD Versions na 2nd hand dyan. Patience is important.

    I got this for 40k, from a guy who changed his religion. Bawal na raw
    sa kanila ang guns. Actually unang tawad ko nga dito 25k lang, naawa
    lang ako dun sa seller. The price is actually 37K, bingyan ko lang
    ng 3K yung friend ko na nag refer sa akin.


    Singit ko lang to mga friends.

    Im selling my Remington Rand ANAD all stock. Superb metal nito.
    Im selling it for 33K only buyer takes care of transfer.
    In case your interested.


    Heres the original grips.

    Again with your 40K budget Aim high ka na, kasya na yan sa 2nd hand
    high end pistol.
    Pag nakayabangan pa sa barkada at nagka pakitaan ng gun, eh may asim
    yung pistol mo di ba?

    Personal suggestion ko lang po

  19. MELBU

    MELBU Ann2Tero

    Dagdag ko lang, i got a Colt series80 blued for 20K only, the finish
    was kinda faded but hey branded pa rin.
    I gave it to my brother as a gift.
    Patience at timing lang talaga my friend.

  20. Sir, marami daw peke Colt. Besides Colt what other high end you can recommend? Thanks...