1911 and Glock owners need advice

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by BearZ061, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. How well do you shoot your glock compared to your 1911. I have more experience with my 1911 maybe that is why I shoot it so much better the my glock 19. I just got my glock 19 gen 3 and we went shooting the other day and I did not do so good buy when I went to the 1911 I was on paper almost every shot. The glock was shooting to the left a lot. After I corrected myself I did notice an improvement but it just did not seem the same as the 1911. Practice Practice Practice, Right. Just curious if others went thru this and how they dealt with it.

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  2. glock2740

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    I shoot my Glocks pretty well. They don't compare to my 1911's as far as slow fire accuracy goes, but they are VERY "combat accurate" enough to do the trick. :cool:

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  3. Try dry firing the Glock extensively while balancing an empty casing on thr front sight. You will need an assistant for this drill but it will produce results.
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  4. When I had a 1911, at 25-30 yards it was one jagged hole about the size of a half dollar, that's for 25ish rounds.
    still haven't got my glock to do that, but I can get sub 4 inch groups at 25 yds. I'm ok with that.

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  5. I am pleased with my Glock performance. However, I love shooting my Kimber. The weight and balance are excellent.
  6. 1911s were love at first shoot. Several years ago I was shooting IDPA with a g34. I saw a kimber stainless II in 38 super in the LGS. I bought it on a friday, put 50rnds through it on saturday and shot a classifier with it on sunday. With the kimber I dropped 12 seconds off of my score from the last classifier with the g34. Shortly after that I started selling glocks and aquiring 1911s. Now I have no glocks and 5 1911s.
  7. Hands down I shoot my 1911 better...but it was also 3x the price of my Glock, so it should be better.

    However I love all 3 of my Glocks...it just takes a bit more patience to be seriously accurate.
  8. Ya know......honestly.....just about the same. I train a LOT with both. So i really cant tell which i shoot "better" with. Cause i shoot AWESOME!!!!!?!?!!! With them both! : D
  9. I shoot 1911s much better.

    I always have.
  10. I am not a great glock fan but I like the two I have. I also have to be honest in judging them in light of my experience.

    The Glock has what would have been "good to very good" accuract for a service pistol years ago. we rarely compare it to a base-line 1911A-1 service model. In the case of the last 3 1911s that the eife and i acquired the all cost more than my Glock 20df purchased in the same time frame and they all out shoot it, that should be a "no kidding" discovery.

    There are how many companies making "nicer" 1911s these days? they are all in competition with each other and at a point there isn't much you can do but try to make yours more accurate.

    How many companies make Glocks?

    My Springfield XDm is more accurate than either of my Glocks but for most "service pistols" that degree of accuracy isn't required.But I have noticed that the competition among the polymer service pistols rarely takes in a lot of discussion about the absolute accuracy.

    For me the 1911 will always be more shootable and I do have higher accuracy expectations for them these days.
  11. Honestly, you shouldn't even entertain the thought of comparing a 1911 to any pistol designed for combat accuracy. The 1911 should perform better simply because of it being SA, the trigger being lighter in most cases and the amount of travel of the trigger. A lighter trigger and less distance of travel equates to less movement. Less movement diminishes error and in turn gives you greater accuracy.
  12. 1911's area just easier to shoot, period. From what I hear (dont own a glock) people generally shoot left initially with Glocks. My dad's 19 was consistently to the left until he drifted his sight slightly, now its dead on.
  13. AKRover

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    I'm pretty equal with my G20 and Delta Elite at this point. I contribute that to thousands of rounds through the G20 compared to hundreds through the Delta Elite. I think in time the Delta will prove to be the better shooter, even in my hands.

    As someone stated, the Glock is combat accurate which is good enough for its intended purpose. High end 1911s are designed to be more accurate, and IMO sacrifice some reliability for that accuracy.
  14. I shoot my Glocks better than my 1911. I think the biggest factor is my eyes suck and my 1911 has standard GI sights on it.
  15. I bet half the handguns I've ever owned have been Glocks or 1911's, and probably 75% of my handgun rounds fired have been through those platforms. I have been issued a Glock for the last 4 years. For that reason, I work hard to be as good as I can be with a Glock, and do pretty well. That said, I have always been better with a 1911.

    Think about it. When people want to compete with a Glock, they add weight, fit a match grade barrel, and try to make the trigger pull shorter and lighter. Kinda sounds like they are chasing the 1911, doesn't it?
  16. I shoot my 1911's much better than my Glocks
  17. I shoot my 1911's well enough to keep me alive. At 10 paces I can dump a mag into a coffee can lid. Some guys here can do far better than that, but it is probably as good as I will ever do. The only Glock I have is a Model 27, and I shoot it so poorly I would not even consider using it to defend myself. At 10 paces I have a tough time hitting a 2ft. by 2ft. target, let alone the bullseye. And I admit it's me, no the gun.
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  18. BuckyP

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    I actively compete with GLOCKs and 1911s. It really depends on the shooting (what kind of match). Steel Challenge I prefer a 1911, whereas IDPA and IPSC I feel I do better with the GLOCK. That being said, I shoot my STI Wide body 1911 better than either.
  19. Depends on the glock...When I had my 17 I did just as well with it as my 1911 but with my 26 I am not as good. I also struggle to shoot my MP40 as well as my 1911
  20. I had that same issue last time I went to the range. I had just gotten a Kimber Custom II tactical model 1911. When I shoot it, I do really well but after transitioning back to glock suddenly it was not as good. I've carried my Glocks for years. The most I can figure is I was squeezing the Glock to tightly expecting more recoil. I'm going to try the other way going Glock first then 1911..

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