1911 22 Sig or Colt

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by mlyon55, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. I have been wanting to get a 1911 22 for some time now. I had pretty much made up my mind on the Colt Rail Gun, I had read about the Sig but hadn't seen one until today when I went to get the Colt. Ended up not buying either and wanting to do some more research. Just looking for some opinions of the two or any other that would be of good quality. Didn't really want to go with the GSG but if it turns out to be the best so be it. Would love to have one of the Brownings but hadn't ran across one nor have I any Kimbers (not a Gunbroker fan). So if you don't mind tell me what you think of the crop of 1911 22's out there. Got some money just burning a hole.

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  3. One word, Umarex.
    That's who builds the "Colt". They are an airsoft company.

    Sig Sauer is a gun manufacturer.

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    Steer clear of the Umarex "Colt". Trust me. I've been burned by the Umarex "Colt" M4.




    ^ This is what I discovered the hard way. Umarex firearms look pretty on the outside, but the actual working guts of the firearm are horrible. I will never purchase a Umarex anything ever again.

    I hear nothing but good things about GSG.
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  6. Those pictures speak volumes Wow what an eye opener :wow:
  7. Thanks guys. No umarex for me. The pic says it all.
  8. Walther makes the Colts!!! I have a 1911-22 colt rail gun and ended up getting it when I went to get a GSG. The colt was just all around a better built gun in my eyes. I shoot with people that have the GSG's and Sigs (same gun). They all love my colt and wish they would have got one of them instead. Its 40-90 more depend on model choices but it has many parts which are built better and the biggest one being the sights. The GSG's have junk plastic sights and the front one in the display case was broke off and the dealer, also I like the 12 rnd mag with the colt.
    Dont get me wrong all 3 of these 1911-22's are good guns I just dont want this informing people wrong saying that the colts are basically constructed like a pellet gun...
  9. One is GSG. The other is Umarex.

    GSG is much better, in my opinion.
  10. Uh, no, Umarex makes the "Colt", just like they make the Walther P22 and several others.

    They are cheaply built out of pot metal to basically air soft spec.
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  11. I am Not going to argue with you, Shot the Colt rail gun today along side my buddys Sig (GSG) after roughly 200 rounds each my Colt had 1 FTF and the Sig had 2-3 FTE, 2 FTF, and 4-5 stove pipes. Both guns have roughly the same total round count on them as well.

    I am also among the rare that love the P-22 I wore one out after 55-60,000 rounds (it was my 1st 22) and I am now on my second walther P-22 at around 12,000 rounds. I can out shoot any of these 1911-22 guns with it, I do get the occ FTE (1 or 2 -100) but it doesnt bother me seeing how I shoot the piss outta it and never clean it.

    With that being said I dont care who make the colts or P-22 and if its the same company then hats off to them from this guy because I shoot a lot of .22LR and I LOVE both of those guns...
  12. That's cool. I'm not arguing.

    They work well for some people. I was just commenting on who makes them and what they're built from. To be honest, I don't care for any of the rimfire replica pistols, regardless of who builds them.

    I like steel rimfire pistols that were built as rimfires from the ground up, not something modeled after a service gun. That's just an opinion, of course. Many people do like them.
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  13. Yep to each his own, as I said I own many and have had several other 22lr pistols, they are fun and cheap to shoot. With that being said I sprung for a Ruger Mark 3 Hunter, which is 100% solid stainless steel, and I love ruger guns I have many rifles and pistols that preform awesome from Ruger. That Mark 3 hunter is the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought, IF you get threw a full 10 rounds mag without one malfunction your doing great! My friend bought a mark 3 22/45 with the same results. Its my prettiest, best looking, and most expensive 22 pistol I have and I HATE it. My dads mark 1 from the early 80's doesnt miss a beat.. anyways thats a whole nother can of worms. I like my Walther's P-22 and 1911-22 Colt..
  14. If you like them, that's all that matters.
  15. put another 100 rounds threw the Colt today, CCI blazers. Not one malfunction and I havnt field stripped this gun yet to fully clean it... Cant wait until it warms up so I can shot this thing everyday.
  16. Very cool

    I wish my P22 worked as well.
  17. The sig 1911 22 is made by GSG. It just has the sig name on.

    That is what the man at sig told me when I called about the sights.
  18. Exactly correct :)
  19. Well I went out and bought the gsg and have had no regrets. Love it. Great, all around fun gun. Buying another this week. Oh and my mags hold 14rds. Upgraded the follower and springs.
  20. Congrats!
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    I bought a Kimber conversion kit and I am looking for a completed lower frame to combine with it.

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