19 or 34? With IDPA in mind.

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Jason400, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. To start out with I would like to say I am not new to glocks. I am going to buy another one next month but not sure which, 19 or 34. I am going to start shooting IDPA this spring and want a 9mm to use. My thought is to buy a 19 and after I progress in IDPA and my abilities I would then purchase a 34. Any thoughts from other IDPA shooters?

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  2. thirty-four

  3. If you're using it strictly for competition, the 34 is the obvious choice.
  4. That's the dilemma. A 19 would serve two purposes, competition and CCW
  5. 17? Almost as good for IDPA as a 34 and can still be concealed if you do it right. Well, so can a 34 but its not as much barrel down your pants with a 17.

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  6. Depends on which you shoot better ... .i had some Cash burning a hole in my pocket so I bought a 34 and put my 17 in the Safe.
    For reasons I never did understand, I shoot the 17 a lot better than the 34 so I sold the 34 to another IDPA'er and stayed with the 17.
    He has been happy with the 34 and I'm still perfectly happy with my 17 :cool:
  7. Really this discussion is a waste of time. Both have there purposes, but either could be used in place of the other. Do you want to conceal a large pistol or do you want loose a little bit of competitive edge with a more concealable handgun?
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  9. Really it's a no brainer,of you can carry the 34 and not leave it at home it would probably be the best. I don't see the tactical aspect of shooting a G34 but never using it for carry. I would use a G19 if that is what I was going to carry for protection.
  10. Split the difference and get a 17. I started shooting IDPA with my 19 and soon moved up to a 17. If you then end up shooting GSSF matches, you can compete in more divisions with the 17 than the 34.

    I like my 17 much more than I ever I'd my 19, and carry a 26. The 17/26 combo is very hard to beat.
  11. LeMat

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    No reason you can't do as well with the 19 as the 34.

    If you are just starting out, the 34 will not make you shoot better. I earned Expert in SSP with a 19 after 2 years and lots of practice. Never felt the need for a 34. I have friends who've classified Expert with a 26.

    If you plan to carry, you'll most probably like the 19 better.
  12. Iluvatar

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    Get both
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  13. Ah, the strains of such choices !!! I went through all those issues Jason and have settled on a Gen 4 G26 as my ONLY Glock because it conceals so well for carry with a base 10-round magazine, or one with a GAP floor plate or even with a + Glock extension for an additional two rounds. Then, for competition and home defense I load up with a 15-round magazine and an X-grip adapter so it feels like a full grip.

    Any way you cut it, the G26 is the ultimate Glock in my book after LOTS of trial and error with Glocks of 9mm and .40 caliber persuasions. In other threads I've even outlined why the G26 is often more accurate than larger 9mm Glocks. I'd say go for the best all-round Glock right now and never look back.
  14. For that, go with the G34.
  15. :agree:
  16. How do you define " a lot better"?
  17. Do a poll on which one most people use for EDC and then check out the Glock most used at this years IDPA Nationals. Far as I'm concerned the 34 is a gaming gun that some people carry and the 19 is a carry gun that some compete with.

    Which ever way you go, any trigger time is good :cheers:
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  18. I guess it depends on how many guns/Glocks you have or intend to have.

    My first was a 26, so I used that. Then got a 19 and used that. Then said...I'd really like a 34 for this and got that. Knowing full well it was only for gaming and not carry.

    However, nothing says you can't carry the 34. If you can conceal a 1911, you can a 34. It's just a bit big for me for that.

    Btw, the 34 is the best of the lot I've used for IDPA.
  19. I have the 34 for competition and a 26 for carry. The 34 was designed for competition, but honestly, for the average shooter, a 19 works just as well for IDPA. The 34 is great for IDPA, but it won't make anyone an elite shooter.

    Either will be fine.
  20. I would get the 19 first so that you can carry what you shoot with..then in time get the 34 if you want to.

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