180 Grain Bonded

Discussion in 'The .40 S&W Club' started by Ak.Hiker, May 24, 2013.

  1. Anyone have any experience with Winchester White Box 40 S&W 180 grain Bonded JHP load Q4369. I picked up two 50 round boxes the other day to run in my Glock 22.

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  3. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I have some of it, it seems like good stuff. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same thing as their PDX1 180gr bonded except it uses regular brass instead of nickle. Mine also has some red sealant around the primers.

    They remind me a lot of the 180gr Gold Dot in expansion. I have some PDX1 and the white box variety like you have and it's good stuff for sure.

  4. I have some PDX1 as well. Great load.
  5. mc1911

    I bought a bunch a while back for 17 bucks a box.

    Reliable , accurate and stopped a large marauding raccoon in its tracks.
  6. First thought the thread was about legal moonshine for some reason...

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  7. DJ Niner


    Good stuff! Shoots very well in most of my Glock .40s, including a long-slide that was scattering every other load I could find like buckshot.
  8. I read somewhere, I think it might have been on the Midway feedback, that the reason the feds rejected it was that some rounds were oversized and wouldn't feed. I got some anyhow and why wouldn't ya know.....found ONE round in 4 boxes of the stuff that was oversized and wouldn't go in the chamber of my G27 or my G24. I took the barrel out of the Glock and checked every single round to make sure they would all fit in the chamber. They all did and not any issues after that. It was about the 30th round in the first box I opened up. So check yours if your going to carry it for SD.
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  9. Will Beararms

    Millennium Member

    I prefer 180 grain fodder in My Gen 4 22. It seems to have less recoil. I use this and have had good luck as far as shooting it goes. It is a cost effective choice.

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