147gr fmj vs jhp?

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  1. which one do you prefer?...most bullets i see for sale are fmj....not many hp's.....i was thinking about trying some xtreme bullets....the only jhp's i tried were some winchesters i bought from grafs.....they did shoot awesome.....i shoot a g19 and 34 if that help's.....i do have some xtreme 135's that shoot pretty good.....who else sell's 147gr jhp?...thank's
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    What do you want them for?

  3. range use....maybe idpa or bowling pins
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    Beware Owner NOT a victim.

    Pricewise, for that, I'd actually shoot lead. Then again, I cast my own.
  5. I like the 147s. In my 9s they tend to shoot a bit more accurately than 125 and lighter. I don't know what their stock is like, but Zero makes some good 147 JHP that you could try (this is not a defensive round design, but built for target/competition use). If they don't have them available through Roze Distribution, try Powder Valley.

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