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10mm -vs- 45super in a g29/30

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Mick10mm, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Mick10mm

    Mick10mm 29'er

    Oct 16, 2011
    Lake Worth, Florida
    I'm interested in the pro's and cons from people who've ACTUALLY SHOT both calibers out of a compact glock 29 or 30. I have no problem with hot loads (700-750 fpe) out of my g29, so recoil is not a major concern. Recently an aquaintance informed me that the 45 super could generate around 700 fpe, and would function fine in a standard g30. I investigated, and Buffalo Bore does indeed have a load that delivers around 700 fpe (I realize that none of these fpe estimates are probably from 3.78" barrels). With a heavier bullet than the 10mm, and a greater initial diameter. I love small powerful guns, and enjoy hunting with the same gun I carry. Any feed back from people who have shot or especially from people who have hunted with both setups is appreciated. Thanks, Mick
  2. Mick10mm

    Mick10mm 29'er

    Oct 16, 2011
    Lake Worth, Florida
    Seriously?... 12hrs, 111 views, and no posts... No one has shot both?... O.K... anybody shoot or hunt with just the 45 super in a g30? I have the g29 and know what to expect with it, but I am unfamiliar with the g30 with a 45super loading. Incidentally, I hope to use the g30 9 round mags, will they allow the gun to cycle with the 45 super? How is reliability, accuracy, recoil, etc..... Also, any ballistics comparisons would be interesting. Many of you are very knowledgable regarding ballistics. Any info is appreciated, thanks, Mick

  3. Iceman cHucK

    Iceman cHucK

    Jun 23, 2008
    WA state
    I have shot a lot of 45Super over the last few years in two pistols, so here's my opinion. My S&W 4506 works 100% with a heavier recoil and firing pin spring, which was recommended to me by G. Hindemin (sp?) at ACE in TX who own the rights to the 45 Super name. He said he only recommended full size all steel pistols like the Smith 4506 or 1911s properly set up. I have tried 45Super in my Glock 21 with a 24lb recoil spring and a Lone Wolf barrel but would still get ftfs as the slide velocity is too fast. ACE did do some G21s but only got them 100% with a ported/ compensated barrel. I did try a couple of rounds in the stock G21 barrel and got unacceptable case bulging (smilies). The LW barrel has more case support. I no longer shoot any 45Super in my G21.

    I would not even think of trying it in a G30! My G20 slide is heavier than the G21 slide for good reasons. I believe the same holds true for the G29 slide versus the G30.

    Buffalo Bore is the only ammo supplier I'm aware of who has the rights to sell the ammo, and the brass is heavier duty and is marked 45Super and comes from Starline, and is the ONLY brass safe to reload.

    The 45Super brings the 45 up to 10mm energies and is a great round.
  4. clogspecialist

    clogspecialist 10-head

    Jul 8, 2010
    Cincinnati, OH
    just stick with 10mm man. none of the above problems in a modified handgun and CAN have more energy. i dont know if it was on doubletaps website or buffalo bore's, but i saw a 10mm cartridge with 800ft lbs advertised energy