10mm vs 45LC in short barrels.

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by scarecrow734, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. is the performance of these 2 rounds comparable? both guns loaded with the same grain and same type bullet
    1) g29 10mm
    2) 45 long colt vaquero sheriff model 3 3/4 barrel.

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  2. as per Ballastics by the inch...
    45 colt=200 grain cor-bon 4" barrel 875 fps
    10mm = 200 grain hornady xtp 4" barrel 1077 fps
    10mm = 180 grain buffalo bore 4" barrel 1338 fps

  3. Depends on what pressure the .45 is loaded to. If the .45 s are Ruger only loads, they will blow away the 10mm. If they are standard .45 pressures, the 10 will do better, much better if you look at sectional density. Also realize that the G20 is closer in size to the Vaquero than the G29.
  4. Funny thing about these comparisons. all about velocity and nobody mentions the standard weight bullet for the .5 Colt is a 250 grain which changes the sectional density and ballistic coefficient quite a bit.

    think about it

    a .400 diameter bullet at 200 gns is obviously going to have a better SD, than a .452 diameter bullet at the same weight duh.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a big 10mm fan, but in a VERY close parallel compare a 158 at 50 yards..357 to the 200 gn 10mm. The 357 is going to go faster but I'd pick the 10mm if, for instance, I were going to shoot one of our 120 pound deer.
  5. SDGlock23

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    No real comparison. Cowboy action .45 Colt loads are as mild as anything, while warm .45 Colt can surpass the 44 Magnum. Problem with comparing bullet weights between the two is that even 200gr is pretty light for a .45 Colt, but pretty heavy for the 10mm.

    A 200gr .45 has about the same sectional density as a 155gr .400". 230gr .45's are the same as 180gr .40/10mm and the 250gr .45 is about the same as the 200gr .40/10mm.

    That's a vast difference in handgun type too, comparing a 10+1rd semi auto with a 6 shot single action!
  6. here is what im trying to figure out. i guess im a old school kinda guy i like revolvers i trust em 100 times more than any semi. now i have a G29 and i do like the gun. i bought it as a woods gun for here in PA. i have it loaded with underwood 220gr hard cast rounds. i was thinking about replacing it with a older ruger vaquero sheriff`s model in 45 colt which is a 3 3/4" barrel. i know i know the G29 has more capacity and is a faster gun. and the vaquero is a 6 shot single action. i have several single action revolvers i can shoot the just fine. i am only looking for ballistic info between the 2 guns. both guns loaded with a good hot woods round.
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    Quick note since we are talking about Rugers: The New Vaquero can only shoot the lower-powered standard pressure ammo. So the "Ruger only" loads that are in print are not applicable to New Vaquero Rugers.

    10mm 200 gr hardcast vs. 250 grain .45: The .45 cal in a "Ruger only" load is likely going to have the edge in terminal effect. I prefer to shoot and carry a G20, so it gets the nod for me.
  8. Actually, there are THREE levels of .45 colt loads. The factory "safe in a low pressure blackpowder frame, Safe in a modern steel frame, and "Ruger only" loads.

    I routinely shoot higher than blackpowder loads in my Beretta/Uberti "stampede". and my loads in the flattop .44 special and Charter Bulldog are above BP pressure levels.

    I have also CCW'ed the Beretta with complete confidence. A 250 grain KSWC at a little over 900 fps is probably going to solve any problem I put it to.
  9. thats why i want an older vaquero. i found some great info here.

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