10mm or 45acp

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by alphabrace, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I just can't believe we're on page 3 of this thread, and nobody has claimed that the 10mm is a .44 mag equivalent.


    .45 auto is going to be outmatched by a full power 10mm, but the .45 is operating at around half the pressure. Even out the pressures (a la .45 Super) and it's a different story altogether.

    I can tell you I can get 5 .45 auto slugs on a hunk of steel in the time it takes me to get 3 10mm's on target.

    To me, the 10mm is the great in-betweener in pistol cartridge history. A potent round for a bottom feeder, but at the cost of blast and recoil compared to most service cartridges... but compared to most revolver cartridges, it lacks the horsepower to keep up. Again, has a place somewhere between the two. The real comparison in my mind is against .357 magnum.

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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    That's true. The 10mm does have a lot of blast and recoil with full-power loads.

  3. Warp


    You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  4. Actually it's between a 357 and a 41 Magnum.
  5. SCmasterblaster

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    Maybe that is why the ammo makers make reduced-power 10mm loadings.
  6. Zombie Steve

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    Depends on the loads... but I can live with that.
  7. samurairabbi

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    The knowledgeable 10mm advocates NEVER invoke a 44mag comparison. 41mag is the usual mantra.
  8. Warp



    Can't touch a full house .44 mag.

    A full house .357 mag is much closer.
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  9. Zombie Steve

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    Well, you don't need to be knowledgeable to hang out in Caliber Corner. Pull up a chair and hang out a bit. It will happen.


  10. samurairabbi

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    I guess I am patient. I await a claim that 10mm is competitive with 120mmAPDS!
  11. Well, the 10 mm is much easier to carry on your belt. Likely much faster to deploy. Much easier to carry 30 round of ammo on your person. 120mm vs 10mm....I'd like to shoot then both.

    Can ya throw in M2 also. I'd like to shoot one of those too.
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    120mm? Are you a cannon shooter? :cool:
  13. i have both a G29 and a G20 along with over 500 rounds of factory 10mm id gladly trade locally for a G30 and G21 and the same ammo, holsters are the same for these guns so new gear is not needed.

    i dont hunt with a handgun per se, and .45acp is plenty for what i might encounter in the woods in my area.

    the 10mms give me more power than my 45s but i just dont need it. the consolidation of calibers is really the only benefit id get from this. my 10mms were wants guns, not needs guns.
  14. dbl post
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  15. samurairabbi

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    Elegantly phrased!
  16. :rofl::rofl: bro, you can say that again!

    i can get by on four handgun calibers, 9mm, 38spl, 32acp, and .22lr and meet all my family's handgunning needs.

    the 45acp, 44spl, .357mag, 10mm, and the like are wants....

    like long guns, a .22lr rifle and 30-06, coupled with a 12ga. would settle most any needs save for riot defense from the trogs the government lets roam around.
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  17. SCmasterblaster

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    I like my two M1911A1 .45s, but My G17 is always out and about with me. 17 rounds of +p+ 115gr 9mm JHPs will handle all threats just fine.
  18. Lots of good comments. IMHO, My summary of some of the important points:
    1. Both cartridges will blow great big holes in things.
    2. With standard self defense loads, it is probably easier to reacquire the target for follow on shots with the .45 ACP.
    3. If you don't reload, you are probably going to have much better luck acquiring ammunition over the counter for .45 ACP.
    4. Both cartridges are very accurate.
  19. Good grief, 4 pages of debate and some smart*** has to come along and say it all in one post.

    What is this world coming to? :dunno::supergrin:
  20. Oh no, there were four pages chock full of 'mine's bigger' and 'sectional density is more important than velocity.'
    You really have to savor that to appreciate the fervor with which some people hold their paradigms.

    Interesting question. Are we talking geologically, economically, or socially?

    We could discuss the attributes of The Lost Generation, The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, The Baby Boomers, Generation X , Generation Y, and Generation Z


    Personally, I'd rather shoot holes through wet phone books.

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