10mm on the rise!!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by cablecutter, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Well thats not evidence. Unless you find a member willing to testify, so to speak.

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  2. Let me say it another way, supply and demand.

    There is little overall demand in the shooting world for 10mm weapons. (And so far no factual evidence to the contrary)

    Among the small, solid and fanatical supporters of the 10mm demand is much higher. (thats always been clear on internet message boards)

    Gunmakers will only make enough product to be profitable, that number is likely not enough to satisfy those who want every platform ever developed to be made in their pet caliber.

    Just not enough 10mm demand and even if it is on the rise, WiskyT may have hit it that the growth is still quite minimal in the overall gunworld so as to be not enough to change the minds of those gunmakers who have passed and continue to pass on new 10mm offerings.

  3. You claim facts, as stubborn! The only thing you are giving is opinions, and they are even more stubborn. Your first sentence is pure opinion! How many 10MM fans are there? You don't know, so obviously, just your opinion, right?

    Your second sentence. "And only a very few will add {A} 10mm to the stable". If the M&P would add a 10 to their lineup, would it sell? How about one in the CZ, or XD line, would they sell. If you think for a second, that 10MM fans wouldn't buy them, you are mistaken. Of course, you made that statement already, that they wouldn't.

    Then your last statement, which is completely mistaken. " If there were more of you, then, 10mm's would be made by more gun makers than the current offerings available". What I think you aren't giving a thought to, is the fact that because of the gun makers manufacturing practices, Ruger for example, could not manufacture a 10MM even on their P-Series line of firearm. So obviously, it's not going to happen with their SR-Series. Not to mention, H&K, Sig, Walther, etc, etc, going polymer, and, whatever other changes to cheapen, speed up, their manufacturing process, doubt that even if they wanted to, could come out with a 10MM.

    Lastly, since when did you think they manufacture what we want? Rugers Buckeye Special, a < $600 firearm, going for close to a grand, used, when can be found. Ruger could easily reintroduce that firearm! Would they sell? From what you have stated, I'm sure you'll think not, but once again, I'll have to disagree. Just like the Colt Delta Elite, they won't even make it to shops cases, and they will be gone!
  4. crsuribe

    crsuribe 10mm Auto

    There's a rumor going around on the Internet (especially YouTube) that if you don't like the 10mm then you're gay.

    Now I don't know what the science behind this statement is or what tests have been performed or how exactly they reached this conclusion but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.


    By the way, a big DARN YOU to the people who posted that super hot Delta Elite porn. Now I feel like I'm 13years old all over again and my palms are all hairy.

    Definitely a goal for this year to get myself a Delta Elite. /moan
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  5. Easy big buy, don't get all excited. The 10mm doesn't sell. That's it and gunmakers know it.



    Why? Glock came out with a Polymer 10mm why couldn't these others. Heck so did EAA offer a polymer Witness.

    So now they don't offer it because they can't :dunno:
  6. Well beyond the gay "statement" he paints the typical picture of what 10mm fanatics want and believe but not everyone believe those views. He simply needs to be greatful Glock stuck with the gun and the round, without it the 10mm would have really been over.

    Also what is his idea that if Sig came out with a gun that would start the ball rolling? Glock one of the biggest seller of handguns has had a 10mm for years and never given up on it and yet that has not moved the 10mm market to add more modern designs.
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  7. Call Ruger, and ask why no 10MM was ever offered in their P-Series, I did years ago. Their answer will give you insight to your other questions about the other manufactures. Or you can just go on assuming, and stick with your opinions. I know they are stubborn.

    Like I asked, if M&P, XD, Ruger Blackhawk, etc, etc, were made available, in 10MM, would they sell? I'm guessing you'd say no. I'd disagree. Like I said before, they wouldn't even make it to the shelves, just like the Colt DE, because there is no demand, right!
  8. So you don't have any answers?

    Why should I call Ruger? Why can't you answer why its not possible or they choose not to?

    If none of the other makers can make a 10mm polymer, as you suggest, how could S&W do it with the M&P or HS Produkt do it with the XD?

    Very confusing :dunno:

    How many DE's did Colt make in 2011?

    Answer that then we will know if the demand is really high or simply very few pistols available.

    And yes a new 10mm pistol would sell but not in numbers to make the initial investment worth it. Hence no new 10mm pistols in any modern designs.

    Otherwise they would make it, unless they can't as you suggest.

    So bottom line is there is demand but yet no one seems to understand that at a money making level in any of the major handgun makers. :dunno:

    Not a good way to run a business. Usually you give the market what they want, or perhaps, they are.
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  9. To all your other questions. Whatever, just go on with your opinions, because that's all they are.
  10. :dunno:

    Thats it? No answers. :yawn:

    Let me know when a new 10mm pistol is on the market will ya :wavey:
  11. Man, opinions,:upeyes: are even more stubborn, than I even thought!

    As far as letting you know when another 10MM is available, you'd be way, way, down on the list. I know about a dozen, personally, who are anxiously, awaiting it's arrival! :wavey:
  12. Bren

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    :rofl: I wouldn't carry a Ruger revolver if it was free, but I'd like to have a S&W 610 if I ever found one at the right price. My only current 10mm is a Colt Delta Elite.

    I probably should have advertised on here when I let my S&W 1076 with Kentucky State POlice shoulder patch etched on the slide go for under $500 a while back.
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  13. Apparently others opinions are also stubborn.

    Hope that dozen isn't holding their breath. So you know every 10mm fan in your state I see. :supergrin:

    But lets let you have the last word and smile.

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  14. GlockFish

    GlockFish Floyd

    And why is that?
  15. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    The reason there are no new 10mm's being offered is because the formula for the steel they must be made out of was never written down. Only two people knew it, and each only had half of the formula. One of them has died, and with it, the prospects of ever seeing a new 10mm.
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    The 10mm has been around for decades.
    On the rise it is not. Holding steady is more likely.

    I doubt there will be a large manufacturer making any of them.
    The ones that make them now, will continue. The ones that have had them in the past might pop out a few now and again.
  17. Bren

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    Poor quality, disguised by unnecessary weight that makes it feel like it's built solid. They break a lot more than S&W. I rate them equal or a hair above Taurus. I've actually been required to use them in training - never made it through a week with a Ruger revolver or Mini-14 that it didn't have to be replaced with a working one.

    Back in the days when we ALL carried revolvers and Ruger had just started making the GP 100 I remember how we all ridiculed the only guy I ever met who carried a Ruger. I think he finally traded it off just so we'd stop making fun of him. He wasn't one of the "gun guys" in the department.
  18. Can i get a drop in 10mm barrel for my glock21 & just put in a 10mm mag?
    Or is it too hot of a load for my glock21???
  19. carbuncle

    carbuncle is not cool.

    Who has a Witness 10mm? Good or crap?
  20. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent


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