10mm on the rise!!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by cablecutter, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. At the HK forums the general consense is lack of sales and big contracts and HK just not pushing the product very hard (or some variation of all 3).

    Sig and Glock seem to have the lion share of the 357sig police contracts and HK's price point does not help out civilian sales.

    The HK guys seem to be scrambling to get them before they are gone.

    with regards to SW and the discontinue of the M&P 357 sig, which does have several police contracts, the following was posted at another board,

    Take that FWIW.

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  2. 01coltcolt

    01coltcolt Weapons Tech.

    HK destroyed the mold.....................:whistling: The MP5/10 platform was the perfect 10mm intent!

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  3. GlockFish

    GlockFish Floyd

    A kahr 10mm? Single stack, full size, all steel, slim, 10mm. 7 or 8 round mags.

    It would be labeled the Kahr T10. Very similar to the full size Kahr T9.
    I'd buy one. Damn right, I would.
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  4. You'd need a shock absorber off a Catepillar to act as a recoil spring!! :whistling:

  5. MIAMI VICE will never die!

    I want a XDm-10
  6. carbuncle

    carbuncle is not cool.

    I got a reloading setup for Christmas, so the G20 made to jump up to the short list along with a .45 LC Redhawk. Both rounds are too rich for my blood if I have to pay retail for ammo, but reloading changes the equation.
  7. No it won't!!!

    And you have more chance of getting a Bren Ten (oh not the Vltor one but the real Dornus & Dixon) than getting an XDM in 10.




  8. And while I'm at it here is a cool letter concerning the best 10 platform, at least that I owned, and just how many are floating about.


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  9. Saw one today at my LGS for $3,999.
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  10. NeverMore1701

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    I really want a Colt Delta Elite. That's about the only platform I'd find a 10mm interesting in. Unless Beretta came out with a 10mm Px4 Storm, but that isn't likely to happen.
  11. You can find them less than that.

    Recently a LGS had a Marksman Special(Viced - someone had chromed it to look like miami vice) (one of the 250 or so 45 ACP full size Bren Tens made for a gun store in Chicago Illinois :upeyes: my how times have changed) for around $1800ish and I have seen some Brens in the upper 1000s and low 2000s.

    I had a Bren Ten back in the days of my 10mm kick. I had a Special forces Dark (which was not like Crocketts :crying:) which I bought from a friend. It was cool but the 1006 and 1066 were better overall guns so I parted with the Bren.

    If it had been a "vice" model - full sized and chromed - them maybe I would still have it. Then again since I have moved on from the 10mm probably not.
  12. You know Colt could have done better with the DE when they re-introduced it. They could have upgraded it and given a newer makeover but all they really did was nothing but re-release the 80's gun.

    And unfortunately the DE suffered from bad reputations and became the "gun" that was battered to pieces by the Norma and other over pressured ammo of that era. Which was pretty much all nonsense but perception is often reality.

    Even today you still see questions like "is the 1911 platform" or the "Delta Elite" tough enough to stand the pounding. The vast majority of the ones in the past were but what can you do?
  13. I would love to see Glock release a Gen4 Glock 20 this year. Maybe in July when my GSSF certificate is scheduled to arrive.
  14. Because not every situation requires the use of deadly force.
  15. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    What are they going to upgrade it with? Front slide serration? Different checkering on the grip frame?

    I'm glad that Colt released the gun as is. People who want to chop up their guns can still do it. People who want a simple M1911 without any doodads don't have to worry about having to undo things.
  16. It's on it's way.

    Ten years ago before there were other poly 45's that were decent, we'd be hearing a ton about the G4 21. To my surprise there has been very little interest or excitement about it, even here on GT.

    The best chance of a new 10mm IMO will be the M&P. S&W has supported it before and made some fine handguns chambered in it. Most over-built which is a good thing when not looking to shave ounces by using plastic. The FS should be 15+1 and the C should be 12-13+1. I base this on the size of the FS M&P 40 mags and Glock 23 mags which are the same size as the FS and C M&P 45 mags. I like how the M&P is designed and the FS 45 has a longer recoil rod than any pistol (of a few :whistling:) I own. Even pistols with 6" barrels. It should'nt be difficult to make that one run nicely in 10mm. It's also one of the few pistols reccommended for hotter .45 based rounds, along with the Glock 21.
  17. I think the 10mm would become even more popular if there were more choices in a polymer frame. I agree a M&P would be the ticket and likely the company that would carry another 10mm firearm. Reason why I think it is on the rise is there are more and more people creating threads for the 10mm. I would say it is up there with the number of 357 sig threads I see IMO

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  18. And dropped it like a hot potato. Once the FBI dropped the 10mm its fate was sealed for LE contracts. Why they dropped it is not important, that they did is.

    Not sure SW is sound enough finacially to venture out on a limb with a product that just won't sell in big numbers or to governemnt contracts. Their stock is still under $5 a share and they still have debt and credit issues. (Rugers stock is like $33 a share with far less debt)

    If Smith is dropping the 357 SIG M&P which does have several state agencies using it why would you think they would venture down the 10mm road?
  19. So your belief or hope is based on the number of threads on internet message boards? Based on that sampling you would believe SW or any company will tread down the 10mm path?

    Hmmm :dunno:
  20. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    SW just released the M610 again. Safety lock and all. :steamed:

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