10mm on the rise!!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by cablecutter, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Vltor, I'll give you :rofl:


    How long were the reintroduction of the S&W 610 around?

    When Kimber reintroduces the Custom Target in 10 with a suggested retail of $1250+, how long will they be around?

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  2. I'll have to disagree. It wasn't "that" population, for the most part, that rejected the 10. It was rejected for them, LE, and military for sure. Most have been handed stun guns, to use in the field. So, I think that tells the tale on why they aren't allowed the use of the 10!

  3. If it becomes more popular good, if it remains a niche cartridge with a small loyal following, then oh well. Doesn't matter to me.

    Stun guns? Huh?
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  4. My bad. Tazers, couldn't think of what they were called!:rofl:

    Oh, and not to mention, bean bag guns! Just a couple of tools to be used that are less than lethal. Wonder why they make them use them?
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  5. It is on the rise and I'm glad. It's a great caliber. The LSG's around here can't keep any currently or pass production 10mm weapon in stock. Everything on there standard stock orders are sold and used weapons never last more than a day or so under glass.

    There are more custom ammo manufactures coming online supplying great full power well made, safe 10mm ammo. Priced well might I add. I even see 10mm whimpy ass .40 S&W class junk in Wal-Mart every once in awhile. And at a couple of local farm and ranch store's. And as always match grade full power and above 10mm ammo is only a reloading bench away.

    If you want a mag. class auto pistol load? 10mm is the way to go! And more shooters are finding that out and embracing it. :)
  6. :perfect10: Well said, and I agree! You actually found 10's in a walmart?:faint:

    Surely, that is a true sign the 10 is on the rise!
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  8. Taser or stun gun, doesn't matter. What does it have to do with the 10mm not being used by LE?
  9. Um no!

    The shooting public at large has rejected the 10mm. For many reasons not just that it failed to catch on in Law enforcement. 357 Sig and 45GAP are likely to have a longer LE career than the 10mm had.

    When any of the major LE ammo makers puts out a 10mm round in Ranger, HST, Gold Dot, then I will believe its on the rise.

    When any company other than a 1911 maker (that have alredy put them out) puts out a new platform let me know.
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    Is Miami Vice TV series on the rerun again?
  11. Nonsense :wavey:

    They can't keep them in stock because they are so few in numbers to begin with and the 10mm fanatics jump on them like they may not see another one...which they might!

    Try selling one at a gun store or gun show around here, might as well be selling a dirty diaper. Unless you hit the one 10mm fan running around.

    Who are these new custom ammo makers? DT, Swamp Fox, Buffalo Bore are know who else? And what is "priced well"?

    Embracing it? Well the why aren't the big manufactures added 10mm's to their lineups? Afterall if their is so much profit in it why not? :wavey:
  12. Only seasons 1 and 2 :whistling:

    A 45 took over after that :crying:
  13. Glockz0r

    Glockz0r 10mm is best mm

    Swamp Fox has passed away however Underwood has gained a great rep for full power loads.
  14. I love my G29....just cant afford to shoot it.
  15. Yes I have heard of underwood, but one is not "more" as in "a lot" are coming online.

    Corbon and Hornady are the only big name makers of SD 10mm (oh and the silvertips and hydra shoks, I guess, but the price of those have sure gone up!) am I correct?

    A quick look on ammo to go shows few SD choices and even fewer FMJ choices. Hmm.
  16. First of all I disagree that the shooting public at large has rejected the 10. More here feel as I do, in this post, that there is a growing 10 fan base.

    As far as the Ranger, HST, and Gold Dot, manufacturing 10MM ammo, it probably isn't going to happen. Mostly because, unlike other calibers, that type of bullet construction isn't needed to become an adequate choice in caliber!:whistling:
  17. I would like to see someone offer a 1911 10mm for a reasonable price, a full size and snubby revolver too.
  18. Yep. I think S&W is doing away with it for the M&Ps too? Not sure. Not sure why HK is abandoning it. It's just a barrel change.
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  19. Well you may disagree but the bean counters at most of the major (and minor) handgun (or any gun) makers don't seem to get the same polling data you have. One of you is wrong :whistling:

    If it sold they would make it. Glock probably sells more 10mm's than anyone and what is the figure on those sales? I bet glock knows exactly how many to make in a year to be profitable, and they probably make very few extras.

    A growing fan base is not all that is required to keep a franchise from failing. In the gun world big contracts somewhere are needed to keep the ball rolling.
    With no LE or military demand anywhere in the world, it would take a huge leap of faith for any maker to try to push that ball.

    And I know this may come as a shock but not everyone wants a 1911, a SA platform, especially one that runs 1K and up and most of the 1911 fanatics I know would not want one in 10mm if it were given to them.

    Your right what is needed to be an adequate choice in 10mm is either a lot of money to buy small maker boutique ammo or a reloading bench. And the vast, vast majority of shooters will never reload and don't wish to spend big $ on speciality ammo.

    If you do reload then the 10mm is a fantastic round but most don't and most won't unless they are forced to at some point.
  20. How about a Kahr MK10. Haha, the MK40 is a handful already, I could only imagine a MK10. I would in all seriousness love to see a HK USP compact in 10 mm with a stainless slide.

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