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10mm Loads using Bullseye Powder

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by 10mm-Glock20, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. 10mm-Glock20


    Feb 10, 2010
    Hi guys, new to the forum and want to start loading some rounds for my factory stock Glock 20 with night sights.

    Here's a list of what I have on hand:

    • 200 New Starline 10mm brass
    • 500 Nosler 135gr JHP 10mm bullets
    • Winchester large pistol primers
    • 1/2 lb of Bullseye powder
    My book shows a load 6.8 to 7.1gr using Bullseye. Anyone try this receipe? I am reading past posts and understand that other powders like BlueDot, etc yeild better (faster) loads, but I would like to use up what I have on hand (for powder), and be safe to start. My goal is to work up to some hot loads for the 10mm. BTW, my books seems to show 40 S&W loads to be close to the same powder charge as my 10mm. What gives - I don't want to be loading with watered down data. Can I safely load more Bullseye powder to start?

    Thanks, and happy to be here!

  2. JayAlonG2910mm


    Mar 28, 2010
    I am also looking for Bullseye + 135g Nosler load data.

    I know it isn't the ideal powder, but I have 8 lbs of it & 3000 Noslers to burn, & no money for different powder atm.

  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Jul 23, 2007
    Southeast, LoUiSiAna
    Bullseye is a very fast burning powder with a less than density than other choices.

    It can be used for 10mm, but pressures rise rapidly, If this is what you want to use be mindful of the possibility of double charges(NOT GOOD!) Adhere to the data if you have correct data. I have no data below 150grain bullet weights.

    Good luck and be safe!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2010
  4. MakeMineA10mm

    MakeMineA10mm * * * * Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    Great advice from the Shadow.

    Bullseye was designed for 38 target loads at 2.7grs w/ a 148gr WC in the 38Spl case. Although it has found use in a broader spectrum of calibers, there are so many newer powders which have much broader spectrum of uses, at safer pressures, and better loading densities, it is a very poor choice for the 10mm, especially for warmer loads.

    It is the pinnacle of bad combination of assumptions to combine using the nearly-fastest burning powder available with the thought that 10mm load data is watered down. In fact, 10mm load data is what it is. I want you to run (not walk) to the thread about learning pressure signs and variability in loading here:

    If you want to use up that Bullseye in the 10mm cases, pick a load that is 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up from starting to max, and load those and burn up the powder getting used to your pistol. Whatever you do, don't try to magnumize the 10mm with Bullseye.
  5. JayAlonG2910mm


    Mar 28, 2010
    I've worked up two loads:

    6.7g is my plinking load,


    10.2g is my fun load.

    I'm going to post a few pictures of what the 135's look like after going through a few duct taped books. Also a few DT 230g hardcast with 8.3g 800x.

    No science here just a little fun in the back yard!
  6. I think Bullseye powder is one of the most prolific powders listed when talking about blown up guns. I avoid the stuff. Rather than try to use it in the 10mm sell it and get something a little more appropriate. You ar much safer with a powder that will yeild 80% or better load density.
    I personally like to get 95-100% when I can. This will help keep the extreme spreads down helping accuracy and eliminates the possibility of a double charge.