10mm laser bore sight

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by tenforme, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. I am looking for a chamber type laser boresight to fine tune my laser sight.

    I could not find one in 10mm, so I picked up a Sight Mark in .40 S&W but it fits loose in the chamber and will not hold a consistent aim point if I rack the slide or remove and replace it. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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  2. They rarely if ever fit in the chamber tight. I have also seen some that would not fit in a chamber at all. They really are over priced junk.

  3. Sadly, I think you are right. After careful examination it seems that the one I bought is not chambering properly and hanging the slide, so that the barrel is tipped up at ~5deg
  4. I tried the boresight in my Lone Wolfe 6" barrel and its better but still sloppy, so I carefully wrapped a strip of Al foil around it which did the trick.
  5. I also have a sight mark .40 / 10mm boresighter. It is very sloppy in the stock G20 barrel. Slap the barrel of the gun and it will change the point of aim all over place. Put it in my KKM barrel and it was actually pretty good. I could take it out and re-chamber it and get the same point of aim. So in my very limited experience, in a stock barrel...no good. In an aftermarket barrel, it may not be so bad.
  6. That was my experience too. The funny thing was that at first I thought it was the rail mounted laser sight that was moving - it took me a while to realize that it was the bore-sight. :embarassed:
  7. Ok, so what IS a good laser boresighter product/brand>


  8. I made mine sort-of work by wrapping it in a single layer of Al foil. It stopped it flopping about but was not really very accurate.

    I gave up in the end and just sighted my rail mounted laser by aligning it to the the stock sights at 25yd. Turns out that's all I needed to do.

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