10mm hornady critical duty 175gr?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by mag360, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Nice. Thanks.

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  2. boooo. cabelas told me mv was 1150fps, 50yds 1052fps, 100yds 981fps...so that is prob in a 5" barrel that means a G20 will be going 1130 hopefully. kinda weak, imo.

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  3. Still stronger than .40. If it looks good I'm okay with it.
  4. I firmly believe that full 10mm power is counterproductive for personal defense against humans. It's not going fast enough for TSC to be a significant wounding mechanism and the slower, moderate 10mm velocities are plenty to get good expansion and penetration. The extra velocity of 10mm over .40 S&W does help with a flatter trajectory, which could help in the extremely unlikely situation where you need to use a handgun to defend yourself or others at 100 yards or so.

    That's why my personal defense load is a 165 gr Gold Dot at 1,300 fps. That's fast enough to be really flat but the recoil isn't unmanageable and it's nowhere near nookular. I might even back it off to 1,250 or so.

    The 165 gr Critical Defense load performed very well with big expansion and adequate penetration, even at a moderate velocity.

  5. thanks for testing, it will be cool to see what Andrew gets in the gel. I totally agree that full house loading of 10mm is counterproductive to self defense. This is why my carry gun is a Glock 26 with 147gr HST, it penetrates 14 - 14.5" and expands to about .55-.6 through denim.
  6. Good choice. My EDC is a G23 loaded with 180 gr Gold Dot. Did you see my 10mm 180 gr HST test?
  7. Yes I saw that, expansion and weight retention were outstanding :D but the two penetration numbers were so far apart. Expanding that much it is basically a 45acp 230gr HST +p which only goes about 13" and it takes a huge amount of velocity and weight to overcome expansion to that size and get much more penetration. i.e. looking at 240gr gold dots from a 44mag, etc. With the case capacity of the 10mm, a 200gr hollowpoint is prob the best eh?
  8. I was surprised by the variation in penetration too. I'm no expert but if I were to speculate, I'd guess that one stayed "plugged" by the denim just a little bit longer. It's hard to say and it underscores the importance of proper, scientific testing with a statistically relevant sample size. One or two shots is interesting to us laymen but hardly conclusive.

    "Best?" I dunno. What's "better," a Corvette or F-150. Like so many other things, it depends. I carry a 165 gr Gold Dot at 1,300 fps if my main concern is human beans but like I said earlier, the 10mm isn't my EDC, either. I carry a 200 gr XTP hand load at about 1,200 fps for camping where critters may be more of a concern.
  9. gelt test any time soon?
  10. I have a lot to work through but I think Intercooler might have a couple for testing.
  11. I will be watching this one closely, I just bought the .40 Critical Duty for duty carry, I am going to try it out soon to see if I like what it brings to the table. As soon as my Blue Label Glock 20 comes in (I have been on the GT Distributing list since April) I will be carrying it on duty, and I am looking for the perfect duty carry load in 10mm.
  12. I would recommend a Gold Dot or XTP in 165 or 180 gr and at moderate velocity, but I'm no geographist so don't take my word for it.
  13. Spoke with the head ballistic engineer at Hornady (that is how he referred to himself, I don't have a way to confirm it) and he said it would be about 2 months until the specific FBI test information for the 10mm Critical Duty line is published. I'm posting this so people won't need to go bugging them (like I did, haha).

    I also confirmed that critical duty and NOT critical defense uses sealed primers. I forgot to ask about TAP FPD (it is an XTP bullet load). Hornady was super easy compared to other companies to speak with.
  14. I have a couple for you. Do you want me to send them down with the rest?
  15. OK, but I'm still way behind.
  16. Do you take bribes to test these sooner? Lol.
  17. Lol, I try to do the ones that folks are most interested in so I'm sure this one will go to the front of the line.

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