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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by CCantu357, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. While I am new to the 10mm round, Glocks, and GT in general I can't help but notice some people telling me my G20 10mm is overkill and that I should have bought a nine or .40. I have even heard some things about a fellow named Fish who was supposedly sent to jail for using a 10mm for SD. Forgive me if this is a dumb rookie question, but is their a risk in using a 10mm for home/self defense?

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  3. The 10mm can always be loaded down, buy a 40s&w, 357sig, 38super and a 9mm
    barrel for it a and you can pick the power you want, thats what i did.

  4. The G20 is apparently very versatile (I'm pretty new to this caliber also). But I probably won't buy additional bbls. for it, as I already have other guns chambered for .40, .357, etc. Personally, for HD I have at the ready a G30SF, with UW 230gr.+P JHP's. And just in case the North Korean goon squad comes calling, I have a SIG239 in .357SIG handy, too.

  5. Just more of the same baloney. Although there are valid reasons for choosing one round over another, the defense of which is usually conveyed by insulting those not chosen. Makes the buyer feel better about his purchase.

    I like all calibers. I like to try and maximize "Bang for Buck." I have a Glock 20 and love it, but ammo is pricey and, from what I understand, is typically watered-down in terms of how "hot" it's loaded (with respect to the run-of-the-mill Factory Manufactured ammo). I DO NOT hate it, though. In fact, it's a great round, in my opinion. I like .40 S&W a lot, but I see more hate for it, and .380 ACP than any others (might toss in .45 GAP, too).

    Whatever. Rejoice in your current ability to shoot whatever the F-bomb you want.

    As far as it being a risk for SD/HD, I would simply say there's a risk using any kind of ammo. Fully loaded 10mm can be pretty wicked, though. But there are so many factors that weigh in the balance in my opinion to say one way or the other. For a carry weapon, I'd probably choose something that wouldn't land in China if I shot it in the air (hypothetically speaking), but wouldn't hesitate to use it as a HD weapon due to the nature of my house, lot, what the house is constructed of, how close the neighbors are, etc.
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  6. If it's true that a 10 mm is too powerful for self defence, what would happen if you used a shot gun, or even a small caliber rifle?
  7. It's nothing more that some people protecting their bragging rights about their choice of weapons.
  8. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    The main problem in the Fish trial was that his lawyer did such a totally incompetent job, that one has to wonder if the guy was really a 2A-anti who tried to get his client railroaded into jail on purpose. With a better defense lawyer I don't think the "10MM cannon" issue would have been such a big deal. Cops have been carrying .357 magnums loaded just as hot for decades and the jury should have heard that, but didn't. The prosecutor made 10MM out to be something so absolutely huge that no cop would/should ever carry one, and the defense-idiot responded like a potted plant when he could have swatted that nonsense by bringing in one expert witness.
  9. Yeah the more I look into the Fish case there is more than meets the eye. The way it went down is much less clear cut than a home invasion/armed robbery situation. On the other hand I noticed most factory 10mm SD ammo, like Hydra-Shok are mostly just .40 S&W loads. Seems perfect for home defense without having to buy a new barrel.
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  10. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Given that entire civilizations have been eradicated with 10mm, there will be backlash.
    Loaded down to .50bmg numbers and frangible bullets, you're GTG for home defense...aside from any contractor work you might need for the home.
  11. Buy and shoot the gun you like. Yeah, ignore the naysayers. Want more love? Buy a 45GAP... :O)
  12. Once I got the 10mm I saw no reason whatsoever to have any other glock. If I want more (power), I will pick one of my hunting revolvers or any centerfire rifle.
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  13. Thanks fella Being on a tight budget I need a gun that could fill three roles. The 10mm Glock was the only one that fit the bill. Just want to be safe should I need it for home/self defense.
  14. What are the three roles you speak of.
  15. Well I like to fish, camp and backpack. I wanted to replace my 50 year old bright blue steel S&W .357 Combat Magnum with something with similar power but a more modern design that can withstand the elements better. I will also use it as self-defense and mostly home defense. The 10mm seems to have the same versatility of the .357/.38 platform.
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  16. Why does anyone care what others have to say about their choice of firearms? The same people ask why you need a Mustang GT instead of a Prius.

    who cares? I own 7 10mm pistols.
  17. Why would you need a Mustang GT when Chevy has that beautiful Camero? :O)
  18. exactly.

    The 10mm is vey flexible when it comes to ammo loads. From 2 legged critters to 4 legged critters.
  19. Harold Fish was convicted because he shot a man when there were no witnesses at a time when the burden of proof lay on the accused in a self defense shooting in this state. On top of that, the prosecutor had a grudge against him and the biased judge suppressed relevant evidence. He was railroaded. Although the pistol was mentioned, it had no material bearing on his case.

    I wrote an article on the myth that 10mm is overkill if you're interested. I debunk some of the misconceptions about the cartridge.

    The rest is located here: http://www.homedefensegun.net/10mm-too-much/
  20. Forget the mustang and camaro, I'll keep my head turning gas guzzling anti/brown shirt global climate change activist terminating 4wd Suburban! Along with a healthy dose of my soonto be purchased Gen4 G20! OH YEAH!!! LOL!
  21. 10mm is the rifle that fits in your drawer. Who ever is bothering you just ignore them.
    Yes, there was a guy here in AZ they put in jail for using a 10mm, but that was because the jury was ignorant. We pushed and got him out of jail. Justice was served.

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