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10mm factory self defense ammunition

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Usmcfox, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Like others have said, there is only ONE issue with carrying hand loads. That is that you will not be able to use gun shot residue to corroborate your claimed shooting distance. However, Massad Ayoob will openly admit that there is no case where this has ever caused someone to be convicted. In fact, there is no case on record where someone has gotten convicted because of hand loads. So, in my opinion, this is all internet myth. Sure, some prosecutor could say that you were looking to kill someone with your super-powerful, home-brewed, plutonium-core, Osama Bin Laden special edition rounds, but it's never happened.

    I carry hand loads in my G29, and I don't worry about it. Personally, I think the best way to not find myself behind bars is to only shoot if I'm about to die. I don't mean I'm about to get beat up, or about to have my car stolen, or about to get insulted. I mean I'm seconds FROM DEATH. I am confident that I can make the right decision, and that I won't shoot when lesser means could resolve the situation. If you never make it to court, your hand loads can't be used against you. There are plenty of cases where "innocent" people got convicted, like Harold Fish. However, he made lots of mistakes. Primarily, shooting an unarmed man. Don't do stupid stuff like that, and you won't find yourself having to defend your choice of ammo. Do stupid stuff like that, and you need to worry about bigger things than ammo brand.

    I think we all need to realize that guns do not make us cops or crime fighters. We (well, I) do not carry guns to rid the world of crime. We carry guns to save our lives (and those we love) from imminent death. Guns are for that time when you hear your inner voice saying, "Oh my god, I'm about to DIE." If you wait for that moment, you should not have a problem defending yourself in court.

    OP, to answer your question, I would recommend Winchester 175gr Silvertips or CorBon 135gr JHPs. The Underwood 135gr Nosler JHPs would be great, too. They are pretty much an exact replica of the hand loads that I carry, and would likely be my first choice. Another good choice would be Buffalo Bore's Barnes bullet load. Double Tap loads with good bullets (Barnes, 135gr Nosler JHP, etc.) would also work.
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    Oct 13, 2011

    Great post!

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    The art of war, mr. usmcfox. The art of war.

    If you want a decent less underpowered than average carry load, carry something from Hornady's line of 10mm ammo.

    If you want real 10mm power, carry a hot hand load.

    If you want the most practical load to carry, don't bother carrying at all.

    There is a better chance someone will steal your firearm at home than there is you having to shoot someone today in a self defense situation.

    Chances are, if someone really wants to kill you and they are an expert, even if you had the knowledge of that, it would prove worthless.

    Trying not to kill one another is the highest road!

    You can take that one to the bank too.

    :cool: you are welcome.

    (I say this with a somewhat modified for performance G29 in a IWB with 9+1 of 866fpe producing handloads stacked in it with one in the tube ready to go and tons of experience with this one gun because it is the only one I own anymore).
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    The lime, don't forget the lime. :whistling:
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    I have been carrying the Hornady 155gr XTP but just received my Underwood 165gr Gold Dot's and will be testing them at the range tomorrow. I am sure I will be moving to this round for carry off duty now. Seem's this ammo has been tested by many and it's a hot round so once I try it I am sure I will likey!!
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    May 26, 2008
    So whats the verdict?
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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Posted a thread about it yesterday in the 10 ring. Should be front page still sir!