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10mm ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by mikeyU, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. mikeyU


    Jul 19, 2007
    With all of the bad talk about DT where can I get full power/good loads to feed my 10mm? Thank you:wavey:
  2. 380Seecamp


    Mar 10, 2007

  3. I must have missed something what is all the bad talk about DT.?

    I think the ammo they have is great I use and carry their 10mm all the time.
  4. Iceman cHucK

    Iceman cHucK

    Jun 23, 2008
    WA state
    Other 10mm sources;

    REED ammunition company
    LoadX company
    Buffalo Bore
    Georgia arms
  5. Ak.Hiker


    Feb 8, 2005
    Homer Alaska
    If you do not want the Montana Gold JHP loads DT still offers several other choices. They load the 165 grain Golden Saber and the 180 grain Gold Dot at full power. If you need deep penetration they have a 200 grain FMJ that was loaded with the Hornady bullet but now is loaded with the Montana Gold bullet and their very good 200 grain hard cast load. Both of these non expanding loads are full power. I know that the Hornady FMJ was a tough bullet and I will test the MG FMJ for penetration when I get a chance. My guess is it will hold up real well with the brass jacket but I will not carry it in the woods w/o testing it first. I do still have a stash of the Hornady FMJ loadings.
  6. Mountain10mm


    Dec 14, 2007
    I've clocked most commercially available 10mm through a chronograph and Buffalo Bore is the only full-power-load company that comes close to their advertised velocities. The highly touted Double Tap 180 and 200 grain stuff I've tried is at least 100fps slower than what they advertise in the G20 I used. I have not tried Corbon as I generally prefer heavier bullets in this caliber.

    FYI 200 grain CCI blazers shoot to the same point of aim as the Buffalo Bore 200gr FMJs at 25 yards or less.
  7. Ak.Hiker


    Feb 8, 2005
    Homer Alaska
    The BB 200 grain FMJ does seem to be loaded hotter than the CB or DT of the same weight. For the money the Blazer 200 grain TMJ is one of my favorite 10mm loads. The BB load looks like it is also loaded with the Speer TMJ. I would carry the Blazer for a penetration load if I did not have the BB, DT, or CB on hand. Another hot 10mm load is the CorBon 180 grain bonded.
  8. ronin.45


    Apr 24, 2008
    I have been most impressed with the Buffal Bore out of a 4" 610.