100,000 trouble free rounds today..

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by SiberianErik, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I have put about 5k+ through my gen one 22. I bought it used back in 99. I have had a trigger return spring break and replaced and wore out an ejector. I have not had to replace the barrel though as I have only ever run a wire brush down it once the entire time.
    I had returned home from Iraq for convalescence leave for a few days and went to the indoor range and put about 500 rounds through it that day. It was a good day.

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  2. Neat story, but I doubt Glock will do anything for him. Their product worked as advertised.

  3. Truly awesome!
  4. I do not understand the 4 barrel thing as a 9mm Glock barrel should be good for more than 100,000 rounds. I have fired over 42,000 flawless rounds with a Gen 4 G17 and replaced springs every 10,000 rounds.
  5. My best guess is if he carries it for personal protection he figures its worth spending the money to ensure his firearm is in absolute top-notch condition at all times. I know some car guys who replace their synthetic oil every three thousand miles even though its rates for 10k-15k

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  6. ^to clarify: no I don't think it's something I'd do either, but to each their own.

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  7. yobohadi

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    The real question is: Does he qualify for an ammo discount at your store yet???
  8. We have model 17 range guns that have over 200,000 rounds and a few that have over 300,000. Since they are used for a CHL class, it's easier to track rounds through the guns.

    A couple of the very,very early models got hairline cracks at the ~5:30 position at the ejection ports. Overall a good business decision for us. Rarely have to change parts as it is and it's an inexpensive fix.

    Occasionally will bench shoot high quality ammo through them and they still shoot good groups. Wish I could buy/retire one from the owners for a trophy. Didn't care for Glocks at all at first but have learned they are very robust guns. Interesting how many SF and SOF professionals carry them as their personal weapons ( Paul Howe, et al. ).
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  9. There's Shelby, the town... it's in Cleveland County.
  10. Very cool story
  11. Our range guns have 100k+ and most likely part we replace is the slide lock or a spring. They just keep on working. On a weekend the G-17 & G-30 run i-2 k each. Followed by G-21 & G-36. Amazing guns. I'm a 1911 guy but don't think our range 1911 are run as hard or as much as the Glocks without maintenance.
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  12. Maybe Shelby County Tennessee? No Shelby County NC.
  13. That is such a cool story. I recently picked up a Glock 36 and have only put a measly 500 round through it in a month. I have however been documenting all my range trips since I got it. Keeping track of rounds shot, any issues with misfire and shot groups. It's in my range book so hopefully one day I'll hit that mark.
  14. Wow! This is a tough audience. 100K rounds downrange is impressive to me. My Gen 2 G21 has about 20k downrange with NO changes at all other than field strip cleaned. Still runs smooth as silk.
  15. RWBlue

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    I am more impressed him being able to afford 100K and have the time and motivation to shoot it in one gun.

  16. That's the truth! I get bored with the same gun so I'm constantly trying different ones. Good luck shooting 100k rounds now. Good luck FINDING 100k rounds! :supergrin:
  17. Gregoire G

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    I agree. That is 100 cases. At $.25 per round that would be $25,000.
  18. He should reload his ammo. Im a cpa too.
  19. Buying 70k rounds in a little over 6 years is not terribly difficult for a person with a decent income. OP says his guy buys the UMC 250 round pack. Say that's $0.25/round... He paid a total of $17,500, for all 70k rounds. If we assume he started in January 2006, and finished in February of this year, then he's had 74 months to pay for it. 17500/74 is right a 236.49. So $236.49/month. That seems quite doable.

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