10 Round Glock Mags?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by SGT278ACR, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    Anyone else planning on ordering 10 round Glock mags soon in anticipation of hi-cap mag ban? Thinking of ordering some 10 round G19 & G22 mags. I'm not too concerned about it... I just got a feeling that if the hi-cap ban passes congress there might be a shortage of them with everyone trying to get them in a rush. :dunno:

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  3. M 7

    M 7


    If, and that is a big "if", the 94AWB is re-enacted there'll be plenty of them around since that would be the magazine capacity limit in the law.

    Besides, long ago I laid in a HUGE supply of non-neutered mags after the last act of idiocy (the 94 AWB) expired.

    Sure hope you did the same.

  4. I just bought a few new 13 rounders for my G23 :). Going out of stock.....fast..
  5. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Why buy 10-round mags? During the 1994-2004 ban, pre-ban mags were lawful to use.
  6. ...Nope
  7. MarcDW

    MarcDW MDW Guns
    Millennium Member

    IF it comes to that, there will be plenty of time to buy them.
  8. i have enough 10 rounders collecting dust from the last ban i dont need any more

  9. The shooters in NY will covet them but those of us in the free states are gobbling up full capacity mags, not the weak ass 10 rounders.
  10. The only thing that will be in short supply will be pre-ban mags. Personally I think stockpiling 10 round mags would be rather foolish.
  11. Nope. Obama's proposals will not make it through the house. I wouldn't want or care about 10 round mags unless I was unlucky enough to live in New York.
  12. I guess id finally have a reason to buy a 1911 .

  13. This...
  14. This fear mongering **** has gone way too far.
  15. They are normal capacity magazines, not high capacity. The 10 rounders are crippled capacity magazines.

    No, I am not buying any.
    #14 cowboy1964, Jan 22, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  16. Guilty as charged. I ordered and received 2 ten round Glock 23 mags from B.T. Just wanted to be prepared for any crazy laws coming down the pipe. The 23 is my everyday carry.
  17. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    True... didn't think about that right off the bat.

    I'm really not that concerned about it either. I'm fairly confident they won't pass, but was just a mild thought I had on my mind in case they did.
  18. A big fat HELL NO.....ain't buying any neutered mags!!!!
    I have like 15 to 16 reg cap mags to every glock I own. The hell with those neutered frigging mags!!!! :steamed:
  19. Well, 10 rounds mags have been banned in NY now, so unless Glock starts making 7 round mags, the New York is pretty much out of luck.
  20. If they did that they would be complying with bs laws. In return they could end up like SW did in 2000.

    I will keep what I have, with no plans ever to get 10 rounders. I mean Hi cap and Glock go together!
    #19 Scrappy, Jan 23, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2013
  21. this thread is both sad and funny. NO, i will NOT be searching for 10 round mags.

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