10 pack of PMags shipped - Brownells...Happy Email

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Louisville Glocker, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Title says it all....ordered in December, they just shipped my ten pack ($125). All of the people who paid big bucks for mags were crazy....Never panic buy!

    MAGPUL AR-15 30RD PMAG 10 PACK $125.00 1 $125.00

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  2. I got the same email yesterday from them, my ten pack for $125 shipped as well.

  3. Good for you...and for Brownells!
  4. USMCsilver

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    My two have shipped today. I think order date was 12/21.

    I don't know why I bought them, but whatever. I'll keep them NIW and hope all my other mags continue to work just fine. :)
  5. Good to hear! I ordered mine on 12/20 from DSG and got them 1/16. I think DSG is up to orders from 12/24 so hopefully only a couple more weeks before I get another 30 :supergrin:
  6. What kind of PMAGs? Gen M2 or M3? Windowed or non-windowed.

    A guy with 20 windowed Gen M3s on backorder with Brownell's is dying to know. :)
  7. joeG26er

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    mine shipped and it was so long ago I don't even remember ordering them...weird...
  8. joeG26er

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    m2 non windowed FYI
  9. Pretty sure Gen 2, and definitely non-windowed. Their website isn't super clear in distinguishing the different models.

    I've used that model a bunch, with no problems.
  10. DreamWeaver88

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    My 10 pack ordered on 12/20 shipped on Monday. It'll be here tomorrow.
  11. joeG26er

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    strange that the order history is not available at this time? Anyone else?
  12. DreamWeaver88

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    I ordered a 10 pack from them on 12/29. Definitely don't need them, but the price was too good to pass up.
  13. Same here, I have a virtually unlimited supply of usgi mags in my area, but at $10 per man, I had to buy some. Then 8 days later I bought 30 more haha Can never have too many mags
  14. I ordered on 12/21 and still haven't gotten an email while people that ordered in January are STILL getting their mags before people that ordered in December.

    Ordered from Mako Group on 1/11 and haven't heard from them either.

    Ordered from DSG on 2/2 and patiently waiting.

    I've got 50 mags so I'm ok if none of these orders show.
  15. Got mine a week or so ago as well. I refused to overpay, $127 shipped worked for me. Also got another ten pack from another source for $147 shipped. Overpaid a bit for six D&H mags at $15 each but wanted to try them. Got another ten pack on order from DSG but thinking of canceling it.
  16. My box with the ten pack from Brownells arrived today. :cool:
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  19. "PMAGwarehouse.com was created to help Gun enthusiasts purchase these high demand items during these difficult political times." Sure, that's why they're selling $14 mags for $70 something apiece.

    Kudos to Brownell's! They could have cancelled every one of those 10 mags for $125 orders and sold the mags for $50 each...but they didn't!
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  20. Same here, I called them and they said it is a problem with the website

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