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Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by Kloogee, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Anybody have some recommendations for new sights for my new 10/22? I find the stock sights to be difficult to see for paper punching and general plinking?

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  4. Yeah, I'll probably end up with a scope on it at some point, but I'd like to get good with it with open sights for now.
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  6. I highly recommend Tech Sights. I shoot my 10/22 a lot more now since I put them on. :supergrin:
  7. If you're wanting to use the 10/22 to produce tight groups from a bench, mount a scope. If you want to learn to shoot better offhand and/or using a sling, plinking your way through a few full BX-25's and having fun with it, tech-sights (or if you're not comfortable with an aperture sight, a red-dot).
  8. The problem with the tech sights as I see it is that you have to replace both front and rear sights. If you go with a Williams WGRS sight it mounts in the rear scope mount holes and gives you a low profile peep.

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  9. Not low enough to use the stock front sight. I had to buy a taller front sight to use the Williams receiver sight.
    Still, it a decent sight. The adjustment lock screws are tiny though.
  10. Try a bit of 'white out' on the front sight blade and you'll get a better contrast to see better. Some folks use fingernail polish. YMMV
  11. How is that a problem? :dunno:
  12. toshbar

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    Another plug for Tech Sights.......

    I prefer the 100 series with elevation adjustment only at the front sight.

  13. I'm personally a fan of the NoDakSpud rear sight which includes a picatinny rail combined with the TechSight front sight with the taller National Match front post.

    You end up with an AR style sight that you can still mount a scope or red dot to should you choose. I've got my scope on see through rings and set up my stock so my NPOA is correct for the scope. In a pinch I can scrunch and use the irons without removing the scope.

  14. toshbar

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    Glad to see more offerings for plinking-tier 10/22 aperture sights.

    Now if you really want precision.....Lyman 90MJT! :wow:
  15. PEC-Memphis

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    Another vote for tech sights.....

    Although I haven't seen/tried the NoDakSpud, they seem similar.

    There is something satisfying about being able to hit a toy army man at 25m with open sights. (A simulated 800-900m shot at zero wind)
  16. My Ruger 10 / 22 has Nikon P22 mounted with Leupold med height and I have the Iphone app for it as well. Very useful thing my wife has become good with. I did buy seven BX25's before the crazy hit too.

    It's a good system with the Nikon P22. I recommend.
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