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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bigdollars, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. If you were limited to just one handgun and you HAD to pick from the following firearms, which would you go with? This would be for home defense, carry, ....any and all defense purposes.

    1. S&W 1911SC E Series .45
    2. Ruger SR1911 Commander .45
    3. S&W M&P 9c 9mm
    4. S&W M&P 40c .40
    5. Sig Sauer P229 .40
    6. Ruger SR9c 9mm
    7. Ruger SR40c .40

    Just those, no other choices. What would you go with?

    I list just these because I live in a state that restricts what firearms you can purchase.


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  3. Gregg702

    Gold Member

    The 229. Concealable, reliable, high capacity, and durable.

  4. Why just those?
  5. No revolvers and no 10mm, Yawn.

    Well, there is only one model there that I would have on my "list of ten" to consider and that would be a full sized 1911. A Commander sized would probably be just off the list.
  6. Sig P229.

    Hands down...
  7. because the state i live in is communist. no colt, wilson, les baer, springfield, glock, xd, etc...
  8. Gregg702

    Gold Member

    Off the list but should be allowed in MA is the Sig P239, my favorite handgun of my collection.
  9. sorry man, no interest in full size guns. don't like to carry them. both 1911's on my list do have full size grips (1 with a round butt) but have 4.25 inch barrels instead of 5 inch. the SC 1911 is obviously the lighter of the 2 but costs about $500 more.

    i do have an interest in that 627 revolver from S&W with the 2 inch barrel. 8 shots of 357mag goodness but $1,000+ retail is tough to get over.
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  10. Kichigai

    Kichigai 気違い Was Mr30s

    :wow:that just sucks
  11. barth

    barth six barrels

    I don't personally own any of those.
    Daily concealed carry for me often requires pocket or ankle carry.
    These sub compact guns are not my favorites.
    Nor do I shoot them the best.
    But If I could only own one...
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  12. Ahhh, so.

    Now that the circumstances are a bit more clear, and it isn't a "what if???/TEOTWAWKI" I have to ask if it is for CCW (highly unlikely I will bet) or all around/nightstand?

    IMO a primarily HD handgun should have a rail for a light. That narrows it down quite a bit on that list. Also I hate to start a debate BUT if I were in a "gun hostile" State I would shy away from a SA design and given all (M*******), I would probably go with the M&P in 9mm.

    Wow the censor feature edited "the abbreviation" for the State + "Hole"
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  13. P239M is allowed in all 3 calibers. 9/40/357
  14. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    It's a no brainer. The Sig for sure.
  15. not a bad idea since the town cops carry the M&P also. i do have a class a permit unrestricted so I can carry. small towns here are much better about the gun thing than the cities are.
  16. I do own the Sig P229 right now and since I have owned it for a long time (it is pre rail) I do have pre ban mags for it. I will never get rid of it, just wondering if I should get something else in addition to it or continue to be the man with 1 handgun. I did have an LC9 for a year that I just got rid of 1 month ago. I loved to carry it but it seemed cheap to me. I didn't trust my life with it. I even got the one with the crimson trace but still, I was weary of it.
  17. The P229, with a 12 round mag works well and would be my pick also.
  18. kussor

    It has to be a pocket pistol. That is the most common NEED of a gun, so that is what you are stuck with. The other stuff is just "wants", and can therefore safely be "done without". If you want to hunt plink, then get a Keltec Pf9 and the Twisted Industries .22 conversion unit for same. I prefer the Kahr CM9. It's quite the superior gun, especially if you load it properly. Since the choices presented are not pocket pistols, you are not thinking clearly about what is needed.
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  19. I agree with the Sig. Others have thrown in capacity.

    Keep in mind the Wessons and Rugers can handle full size mags as nightstand and extra for carry.

    So in theory they would have higher capacity than the 229.
  20. barth

    barth six barrels

    My sub-compact is a HK P2000Sk 357 Sig Light LEM.
    9+1 125 gr ~1300 fps, deadly accurate and 100% reliable.
    I carry it with confidence.

    My twin P2000 357s are even better.
    But too large for ankle or pocket carry.

    HK45C is my belt gun.

    Of yours, for belt carry, I'd take the P229 without hesitation.
    Although I'd get a 357 barrel for it - LOL!
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  21. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member


    ^^^^^This, and I've never been a Ruger fan.

    ETA: Or............... move. (Anywhere except the People's Republik of Merlund!)
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