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-1 for philbun. Guys be aware-time waister!

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by cc1970, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. cc1970


    Dec 18, 2009
    Just want to let everybody know about dishonest person behind nickname "philbun" from IN. philbun was seller, I was buyer.

    I worked out deal with philbun on SW model 640 .357mag for $375 (that's what he was advertising it in his post). I agreed to pay that. And paid. And can prove it. And I WANTED that revolver, bad.
    Originally philbun wanted to do FTF transaction. He is in IN, I am in OH. He offered to ship the firearm for $400 to my FFL(who by the way accepts from non FFL). I agreed. As of 03/09/10 funds were cleared from PayPal to philbun. I did not get any pm's, calls, or e-mails like- "Thanks for payment, your firearm will be shipped today, or whenever" . Nothing, zero.
    I sent him e-mail on 03/10/10 at 7 pm
    "hey .... how is shipping out going on?''
    Nothing back.
    Instead I got e-mail today 03/11/10 from PayPal that refund of $400 pending from philbun, and I have New PM from GT.
    I go to a GT and this is what I see in my pm box:

    RECEIVED at 1:11 A.M.(yes, early morning)

    First, when I sell my things here, the same day I am getting paid via (cash, M/O, or PayPal) buyer's merchandise is shipped out. But it is me.

    Second, I wounder where was he shipping it from (USPS closed at night, and FedEx still accepts from non FFL).

    And finally:
    "so I called my shop and they want 30.00 to do it" - when did he call at 1:11 AM???

    Why did philbun not ask for more funds ($30 more, would not make much difference for me), but immediately proceeded with refund? Make no sense, doesn't sound right or honest.

    philbun, if someone offered you more money for your gun, or you need $400 for a few days - it's ok. just do not make up stories.

    Hopefully nobody will deal with you here on GT ever again.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  2. philbun

    philbun Hawghead

    Nov 10, 2004
    Hey bud I work nights 11pm to 7am thats why the email was late if u need to know..It took a week for your check to clear Cleared on 3-10-10 Sent refund same day. Didnt want to ship it to began with I see nothing wrong here Have great feedback here and ebay Whatever Iam not shipping a gun illegally... I have sold severall items here with no problems I sent the Refund asap did not hold your stupid money.. You sent me an email at 7pm 3-10 iam asleep pal Oh well
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010

  3. cc1970


    Dec 18, 2009
    That is not true. Funds cleared to you as of Tuesday- I checked with PayPal.
    And FedEx still ship from non-FFL (I am not sure about USPS).
    Even if you had to go through FFL, you should have CONTACT ME with THIS INFORMATION.
    It is your responsibility to know your local, state and federal laws on shipping FIREARM!
    I never asked you to brake any LAWS!

    You ASSUMED I didn't want to pay more?!! Why not?!!! I paid extra $25 (BTW to ship it).
    I already tied up $400 in it, I would have PAY more if you would contact ME and explain the problem.
    Why not just ask me?
    We wouldn't have this conversation. You had my e-mail and pm.
    All your "I have several great transactions here and..." do not do ME any good.
    You didn't have good transaction with ME.
    If you didn't want to ship it- STATE SO IN YOUR ADD- "Face To Face transaction ONLY".
    I would not be interested then. You just wasted my time and resources.
    I know you don't care, but I think you just found someone who will pay you more for your gun. That is ALL.

    My money was NOT "STUPID" when you were getting paid, rigth? RIGHT!!!


    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010