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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by wabash, Jan 10, 2001.

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    Traffic Jam or parking lot for TARDIS either that or hidden in plain sight! :)

  3. That's what the Tardis looks like to me when I've had a few too many.
  4. The Air Force has a lot full of used, B-52's & other goodies. Everything wears out without proper PM procedures, and some things just become surplus, because they've been superceded by a "new, improved" version.
    However, there are almost 75% of the C-47/DC 3's flying that were ever built, on a daily basis.
    Makes you wonder just WHO declared all of those TARDI as surplus ??
    Could the Dungeon get any at scrap price ? And what would be our cost to re-furbish them to the level of mine ?

  5. Flash in

    Flash out

    sigh. :wavey:

    ut oh.

    - sets coffee mug down on desk.

    - eyes the old filing cabinet in the back corner with the drawer marked "SIDRAT".

    Test jump returned everything mirror image. All the drawings and spec documents left inside for the trip returned - in mirror image.

    - second sigh of the evening.
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  6. I'll go get the mirror ready.....

    And this way, Geesie can have her own TARDIS if she wants.

    Not that I mind her using mine, she's welcome anytime .
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    You mean these...

    But back to TARDIS
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    "Hello! There's no toilet paper in here! Hey!......HELLO!!!!!"

  9. PUH-Lenty of ventilation though.
  10. o.k. BUT WHO (hahahaha) do we talk to about buying a used/surplus one ?
  11. Here you go. How about a nice Tardis cover for your cell phone?

    [ame="http://www.ebay.com/itm/cheap-police-call-box-blue-tardis-Dr-who-sign-movie-iphone-4-4s-case-cover-/251321782594?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item3a83f21142"]Cheap Police Call Box Blue Tardis Dr Who Sign Movie iPhone 4 4S Case Cover | eBay[/ame]
  12. I don't ebay........
  13. I always used to post to this thread to kick it back To the Top (TTT), but now that it resides there permanently, there is no need.
  14. Point to Ponder

    Why is it you never get Montezuma's revenge until the morning that you were going shopping because you had just realized that you were down to single 1/4 roll of TP ?
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    Well, you can blame that directly on SamuraiRabbi! It's all his fault!
  16. He said, as he added

    The Tardis is starting to get some high mileage on it. The number of electrons tied up in this thread is staggering. I need to get a grip, and finally there are some people I respect, who can be associated with the phrase the good they die young.

    Speaking of faults, I live a mere ten miles from the San Andreas, and there's been no major movement since 1989. A large strain adjustment is expected. Also, since there are two enormous coronal mass ejections headed towards earth, I predict the need for a Dungeon Lagoon imbibe-ment session. We can lubricate the Tardis' gonkulator and overhaul her arasiifier while we party, eh? The Tardis may be called to spring into action very soon (once the strain on the Ol' San Andreas is relieved and those coronal mass ejections toast some critical electronic systems). I look forward to the activity.
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  17. TARDIS is ready any time , but I'm not so sure about uncle.....How do I qualify for my mileage points ? And where can I redeem them, at least in this time/space ?:dunno:
  18. Capital One, but you have to talk to their spokesperson

  19. The Barbarians, the Goat, I can handle.......

    Baldwin, not so much....
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    You guessed it.........

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