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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by wabash, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. samurairabbi

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    Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Roy Orbison, and Jim Croce all illustrate an intriguing aspect of the music business:

    Dying can be an excellent career move!

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  2. I was around when Elvis passed away, and even though he was on a comeback tour, it really seemed to elevate him to a spiritual status.

    I can't say it did much to revitalize Michael Jackson's career though.

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  3. samurairabbi

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    Well, FINANCIALLY he sure succeeded! His music backlog is selling far faster than any probable comeback outcome.
  4. Elvis has had his most profitable years after he died.

    Probably because the Kernal doesn't have his hand in the till anymore !
  5. So, career-wise, dying is more important than a testimonial.

    For example, Elvis said that Roy Orbison had the best singing voice he had ever heard. How are Roy's albums selling?
  6. If it's any consolation to his heirs, a lot of Elvis' songs were WRITTEN by Roy Orbison.
  7. Taterhead

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    Not to mention the huge displays of "Michael Jackson: The Experience" games for the XBox Kinect. You know you are making a comeback when they are making video games in your likeness. Comes with a souvenir bottle of propofol to get you in a smooth mood.
  8. samurairabbi

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    A Mae West quote: I don't care what they say about me ... as long as they keep talkin' about me!
  9. Sorry....video games are not permitted in my world.:steamed:
    I've raced for real, shot for real & played football for real.
    Some things are meant to be participant, not spectator sports.:whistling:
    I don't watch porno either.......:embarassed:

  10. Bullman

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    Much better to participate, when you quit participating, well......

    not much point in going on from there.
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  13. Think of all those bits and bytes that we are holding captive.
  14. samurairabbi

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    Of course, if all those bits and bytes have refused to leave when we release them, then they are not TRULY captives, are they?

    Geesie's 575.0 post brings to mind a spot from the second Terminator movie. Arnold has just shot up all the police cars in the universe in the confrontation at the Cyberdyne building. He surveys the destruction, and his attack computer returns the message "Human Casualties: 0.0 ".
  15. The terminator should get together with the Blues Brothers so they can destroy all the police cars in the known universe twice over.

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  16. samurairabbi

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    An intriguing thought. Of course, it would be tough on a bunch of municipal budgets.
  17. Oh no, we just let the municipalities sell their used police cars to Hollywood.
  18. Remember....in the game of Life,
    It doesn't matter whether you win or lose.....

    IT'S THE POINT SPREAD !!:rofl:
  19. _The_Shadow

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    Holloywood has the budget like that of the US Gubernment, they can afford to buy the new ones then write it off to the guberment!
  20. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    Ahhhhhh, grasshopper! Your have shown financial administrative savvy worthy of a senior Dungeon embezzlement coordinator!

    That is pretty much what the Chicago PD did for the Blues Brothers movie. They sold a bunch of worn-out marked cars to the movie producers, and got a really healthy price for them. The producers were ecstatic with the deal, too; all they had to do to the cars was install roll cages to protect the stunt drivers. I imagine the Terminator producers and LAPD did something comparable, and the producers didn't even have to pop for roll cages!

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