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06-07 deer season went out with a bang

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by punkture, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. punkture


    Nov 24, 2003
    by far, i've hunted harder and seen more deer this year than ever before. until yesterday, luck just hasn't been on my side all season. the mississippi river has all the low land flooded so all the animals are pushed up in the hills. its the last week of bow season.

    thursday morning was windy. i saw 10 turkeys, a coyote, and two does. i heard some pigs but they never came to me. my buddy saw 15 deer, gut shot a doe, couldn't get blood on her.

    thursday evening, he showed me where a lot of the deer he saw earlier had either come from or went to. i saw a big gobbler, tons of squirrels, a few armadillos, but where were all the deer? just about dark, i saw a monster buck 150 yards away running top speed and a doe in the same direction a few minutes later. after climbing down, i went over to my buddy, who apparently shot the buck. he saw 14 deer. we got on the blood trail. lung shot. after losing blood, we went back to camp with the intent to try trailing his deer after hunting friday morning.

    friday morning, i went further down to try to catch the deer coming up the hill. as i was climbing, a heard of elephants were coming through the reed canes. i turned around and nocked an arrow. two 150lb hogs came out about 50 yards and were heading straight toward me. since i wasn't all the way up my tree yet, there were some limbs in my way. my bow hit one of the limbs and spooked the first hog. he turned broadside and was walking away. he was about 30-35 yards away and was heading out of the area. i waited for a clear broadside shot. as soon as i got it, i took the shot. i couldn't have asked for a more beautiful shot - and a hell of a shot for me with a recurve and no sights. my arrow went in about 14". i watched the hog until he was out of my site. i finished climbing and got set up. it wasn't five minutes later, a doe popped her head over the hill at about 20 yards. when i shot, she turned hard left and my broadhead sliced her shoulder. she ran about 20 yards a stopped, still about 20 yards from me though. i nocked another arrow and drilled her. again, textbook shot placement. i was impressing myself at this point. i nocked another arrow and started thinking to myself...i have 2-3 hours of this in store, i better reload in a few. another big doe came out. i was going to let her walk but having not killed anything all year has my freezer a bit empty. she gave me the best shot that i was going to get. i missed. i'm down to one arrow. a doe and two yearlings fed around for a while and left out of the area. i climbed down to get my two arrows. just like the hogs, i was half way up my tree when another deer came out. i nocked an arrow. spine shot. i climbed up my tree and waited for a while, but was about ready to start blood trailing the hog and the doe. i found blood on both. i marked my spots and went to meet up with my buddy. he saw the two hogs before me and missed one of them, a yearling, and a bobcat trailing the yearling. we had three animals to look for now.

    we started with the hog. we followed the blood trail for about 200 yards to a sandwash. i found my arrow, it was in perfect shape, all but the broadhead pulled off my shaft inside the hog. we trailed him for another 300-400 yards before losing blood. that made me sick because it would have been my first hog with a recurve. well, its dead somewhere. we got on the blood trail of my doe. it ran down to the same sandwash. we found a little blood on the other side, but nothing after that. i'm crushed. come to find out, a guy from a neaighboring camp got on the blood trail of my doe later, followed it for 400 yards before losing blood. its dead somewhere, the pigs will eat good. we looked forever for his monster buck. we could smell the mix of dead deer and tarsal glands and buzzards were circling low in the area but nothing.

    after cleaning my spineshot doe, i came home. he's staying until monday and just called to say he got a huge doe in the pouring rain. they plan on looking for his buck tomorrow and monday. he feels like it may be a contender.

    all in all, no pics, but it was a great couple of days and just how i was hoping i could end this deer season - with meat on the table and since it was my only kill of the year, i'm elated that it was with my bow.

    recurve: 1 (or 3) - animals: 0
  2. punkture


    Nov 24, 2003
    for the sake of it, here are two of the killers. the first arrow is the spineshot doe and the second is the hog. i didn't get a lot of blood on the arrow that i sliced the side of the shoulder of the other doe and my other arrow was hanging out about the same ammount on either side of the doe i couldn't find.

  3. Black Ice

    Black Ice Funky White Boy

    Apr 5, 2006
    WOW! Don't really know what to say. So I think I'll go :puking:
  4. OB1


    Feb 6, 2005
    Wife and I were sitting side by side in an "out house blind" when she saw the Doe. She shot three times grazing it on the neck. Then she turned to me and said angrily "kill it!" Range about 60 yds.
    This happened 5 minutes before the end of gun season in Ohio. Yes, I gladly obeyed her order.
    :thumbsup: :banana: