000 serial number

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by elmer20, May 1, 2012.

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    Are these initials and birth dates?

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    You sir have a problem. As you can tell by my signature I am to.

    Welcome to the club!

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  3. Believe it or not I owned this gun, traded it to Braverman's in Wilkensburg PA. It's cool to see it pop up on the boards.

    It's a gen2.5 BTW

    Here's a pic of it.

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  4. Recently picked up a 12/2012 built G21 gen4 with an "000" s/n.
    In the same shop, they had it's sister "001" right next to it. I wish to hell I could have gotten both!
  5. I used to have a 26 with serial # FUZ-000
  6. drjustice

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    Got a Gen 3 19 with 000 serial number.

  7. My G20 is an xxx777
  8. I've got a gen 4 21 with 000.....its not quite a year old. It was a replacement for my gen 3 picatinny gun warranty. I also have sequential gen 4 17s....but that is a different thread.

    BOOSTED12A sequestered!

    Gen 2 G21 sporting the 000 here
  10. FWIW, I have NUM666, as in "number 666." It shoots just fine.
  11. Not a triple 0, but do have an even 200.
  12. BCPD000 G 32, CHL000US G27, SK000US G23. Have a number of 001's,002's, 003's.
  13. Has anyone paid a premium for a "000" serial or just regular retail? Are they worth a premium? Thanks in advance!
  14. ucrt


    Just curious, has anyone seen a USA made Gen4 "000" Serial Number?

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  15. Me too!!! For the last several years, all of my pistols have been G19 Gen3. Since I picked up the 42, it got me to thinking I need a Gen4. There was a gunshow this weekend so I thought I would go look. Out of approx 10-12 G19 G4 there, the best SN I saw was 008. I started calling the local shops and about the third shop I called had a 000!!! Went straight to shop and picked it up. Made in Austria, flat slide finish, 4 Backstraps w tab on frame, born on 02-04-14. Only 18 days old at purchase. Also found a set of meprolights which are my favorite NS. Today I will give a thorough clean, install NS, polish feed ramp (not necessary I know). I also plan to take the medium beaver tail backstrap and cut approx in half. Saw a recent thread here where a guy did it and made a "Factory Grip Force Adapter" which I an curious to see how it works. And I will pick up a factory OEM extended slide stop lever this week. I am anxious to shoot this one and move it into my CCW slot. G19 "000".
  16. P.S. - I was actually looking for 001, but 000 works too!!! :rofl:
  17. So here are my "Pics or it didn't happen!!!"




    My "Zoo" carry handgun!!! :supergrin:
  18. my glock 37 was FUC 000.the glock guy said they use whats in line no checking or anything
  19. [​IMG][/IMG]

    G30 Gen4
  20. Had a customer/friend's Gen3 34 in for work a few months ago...000

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