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    1. Glockworks
      I'm a retired USAF MSgt and a Christian. I 100% support Israel and shake my head especially at too many US Jews who do not support Israel. I understand stupidity when it comes to non Jews not getting it, but those who identify themselves as Jews and don't get it, that is just wrong.

      I just wonder how long we would tolerate rockets being fired into El Paso, San Diego or Bellingham Washington from the bordering respective countries?

      Anyway I just wanted you to know how I. my family, and my church. stand on Israel and its situation.
    2. tantrix
      Yeah...I recall you posting that before. It really pisses me off it was locked, this place is becoming an elementary school and damn near too aggravating to even post at anymore. Oh well...all good things eventually go to hell.
    3. LongGoneDays
      haha that witch picture never gets old, I'm going to post it to FaceBook right now.

      Thankfully ninnies aren't in control of it
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