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Southwest Virginia


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Mar 2, 2012
    1. bustedknee
      The range is in the north part of the county.
      Take 77 N to the exit prior to the 1st tunnel.
      Go west, there are signs.
      Quite a way to go for a range but if you take some friends and plan to make a day of it, not so bad.
      I will be happy to show you.

      I live a little ways from exit 24 of I77. If you want to stop by here one day we can waste some ammo. Not a set-up range but no one will bother us either.

      There is a GSSF shoot starting Sunday in Roanoke. Want to ride along? You don't have to shoot. Just check it out, tell a few stories.

      Steve Lefler
    2. bustedknee
      Where in SW are you?

      Do you make it to any of the local indoor shoots?

      I have been doing Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Beckley.

      My address is Max Meadows but I am closer to Poplar Camp. Know where that is?

      Steve Lefler
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