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Dec 17, 1998
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Jul 13, 1944 (Age: 71)
Roanoke, Virginia


Male, 71, from Roanoke, Virginia

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May 1, 2016 at 8:44 AM
    1. dmdmx2
      Danny, Can one use a Glock 23 in GSSF competitions? It is the only glock I have and I've never competed before.
      Thanks, Dale
    2. Seale Team
      Seale Team
      Hey- I'd provide a link but still learning the iPad... Can you take a look at the thread I started and see if you see where the hate is coming from? Geez I ask for suggestions, mention an example and get Ron keyboard basher...

    3. tbone1964
      KK dany coming to you cause you the expert.. picking up a vintage glock 19 gen 2/ 2 pin need to know if a gen 2 glock 17 extended slide lock will fit, as I cannot not find on for a 19 specifically, ie all the discription of the on for a 2 pin gen 2 do not say if it will fit a 2 pin 19 you expert opinion would be greatly appreciated
    4. 4-40s
      Danny on the Special Rec 2012 senior please check the fellow above me @ #5 I believe that is Marvin Conaway not Melvin. He also beat me in Carrolton. Thanks for your efforts to get these recognitions up! Mike C
    5. O'DubhGhaill
      Greetings Danny. Hope you are well. I plan to participate in my first GSSF match up at Fulton, NY in July. Are GAP magazine plates legal for use in the Amateur & Master Subcompact events? How about Vickers Tactical magazine catches, which are slightly more extended than OEM, but not as much as the OEM extended catches. Thanks in advance.
    6. xxlarge
      Any word yet on whether or not a retired Parole Officer can get the LE discount?


      I would like to change my screen name from: JOHN-EVERETT to , HK-N-THE-HOUSE , CAN YOU HELP ? Thanks in advance.
    8. markofva
      Are you still experimenting with the conversion kit?
      Thoughts welcome.
    9. Lil'guns
      Greetings Sir,

      I understand that you are the "go to guy" on information about Glock pistols. I am also sure you get many repetitive questions and I fear this may be one, but I have not been successful in searching out an adequate answer.

      I have a Gen 3 G23, and a Gen 2 G19. I would like to swap the slides, so that I can have, in effect, as Gen 3 G19, and a Gen 2 G23.

      Understanding the situation with the ejectors, but will the frames function and be safe? Will the Gen 2 G19 frame be able to handle the 40 cal shooting with a G23 slide?

      Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.
    10. mike g35
      mike g35
      Hey Danny, just wndering if you were still coming to Beckley this weekend.
    11. 1SGMP
      I hope u can help me with this proble. my G27 jams once and a while. I hae about 1,800 rounds thru it. Its a gen 3 G27 born about 1/2011. for range ammo i use only speer 165 TMJ and winchester 165 BEB. It happens with different magazines, with either the stock floor plate or an extension. Sometimes i can go thru a range session and shoot 200 to 250 rounds on other days i will shoot 2oo rounds then hae a jam. it happens on the 6 or 7 round. the jam is the fired case does not eject from the chamber and the following rounds tried to feed into the chamber. not sure what to do.
    12. GreenMill
      Would you share your 9mm 147 gr. target load? Or at least powder and velocity? Thanks
    13. KindaBigBullet
    14. carguy2244
      HI Danny,
      I'm new the GT, and I've been a dedicated Glocker for 15 plus years. Most reliable, durable firearm I've ever shot. My son, 20, has been weened on Glocks. Now he smokes competition in pin and plate matches, even against their STIs and Wilsons.
      I just got him a Vanek trigger for his 17L. Man that's a, accurate, and easy to shoot and recover.
    15. pochis
      Danny how long does it take for ga-1 to post, signed up friday
    16. Noponer
      Danny - 8/2/10

      The string started yesterday titled "PDF registration form" would be a good sticky. One poster tells of free software which allows saving the completed GSSF registration or membership forms as a PDF for emailing into GSSF.

      I downloaded it & it works great! Before, I had to print out the forms & scan them to make PDFs.

      - Ken
    17. Sonnytoo
      Hi Danny, Thanks for your advice concerning a new gun for me, G19, custom trigger jobs and generation preference. I have joined GSSF (this a.m.) and will be looking for a place in central Florida to buy my Gen 4 G19.
      Don Ocala, Florida
    18. W420Hunter
      Hey can you do me a huge favor? I need my last post deleted I have got all I can from it an it would be better off taken down now. Thanks alot for your time.
    19. maniDAR
      Hey DannyR, so today i did go for my GSSF match, WOW what an amazing experience.
      As you said very nice and helpful people out there. I shot comp today to get some practice, and tomorrow will be shooting Am civilian.
      GSSF staff was so good and helpful, RO's gave me some very good feed back. I was having trouble with the plates all day.
      RO told me i was not resetting the trigger properly i was letting it go all the way before pulling it. I need to spend some time to get that issue under control. After the match i went to see Glock armorer, again he was such a nice guy he cleaned my gun inside out and told me that my front sight seems a little bent towards the left side forsome reason. He changed it along with the recoil spring and than took it out to the range to test it. Where else could you get a service like Glock. Thank you so much for your help you made my experience more fun by explaining it so nicely to me. I really appreciate it.
      Do you work for Shriners Hospital the reason i ask those people there wear the same HATS......take care DannyR thanks once again talk to you later
    20. Napa Nick
      Napa Nick
      I have some 8 and 10 round GAP mags, Comp Tac holster and mag holders I was going to sell, can I post them in the Bull Dawg section or do I need to put them in the general accessory listings? Or can I post a link?


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