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Electric heat 10/23/14 - (208 replies)
Hey guys My wife and I are in the process of buying our first place(condo or town home). We looked at one that has electric heat and my neighbor told me that electric heat is really expensive and that my bill will be close to 300 bucks a month during winter. How many of you guys have electric heat?...
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Open carry and the friendly fire from those who conceal 10/20/14 - (109 replies)
Here's a very interesting article about open carriers and the flak (read that as bias and bigotry) they are subject to from those who believe that concealing that sidearm is the only way to carry. For the record, once again, I fully and completely support all modes of carry and see no difference between...
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Gunmen open fire at Canadian Parliament building; soldier down, 1 shooter p 10/22/14 - (106 replies)
Coming soon to a location near you. Keep your powder dry. Regards, Happyguy :)
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Possible Ebola in NYC 10/23/14 - (97 replies)
Didn't see this posted yet. Doc returned from a hot zone 10 days ago. Maybe "self quarantining" after you start to show symptoms should become "mandatory, monitored, quarantining" before this gets out of hand.
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Stupidest Thing You Ever Said To A Woman/Girl? 10/19/14 - (83 replies)
So, what is the stupidest (safe for GT) thing you ever said to a woman/girl you just met? My nephew and I were watching a Simpsons episode a couple of nights ago that reminded me of such a comment. When I still lived in AZ, probably around 2006, I met a friend for dinner, who wanted me to meet a woman...
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Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace 9/26/14 - (318 replies)
Suspect tried to convert others to Islam...
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Restaurant Tipping Philosophy 9/28/14 - (316 replies)
I start at 15%. They then have to earn 20% or earn 10%. More often than not it's 20%. I can't remember the last time I tipped 10%. Until tonight. 1) The couple seated before us ate and left before we received our appetizer. 2) It took 50 minutes to get our appetizer. 3) The group seated after...
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Corvette Driver Taught a Lesson for Taking up Two Parking Spots 9/28/14 - (283 replies)
If you don't want dings on your car, go park in the back of the lot where there are lots of open spaces. Don't be a DB and take up 2 spaces right at the front. :rofl: :rofl:
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BREAKING: Ebola confirmed in Texas. 9/30/14 - (242 replies)
[QUOTE]DALLAS — A patient in a Dallas hospital has been confirmed to have the deadly Ebola virus, News 8 has learned. That person has been held in "strict isolation" as he or she was evaluated for possible exposure to the virus. This is the first case of Ebola confirmed in the United States. In...
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What hobby would you do if you were rich? 10/7/14 - (236 replies)
If I had the money, a lot of money, I've thought it would be cool to build a huge warehouse type garage and fill it with classic cars in 2's. 1 for show. 1 for driving. Imagine about 30 pairs of whatever cars I liked, from old 60's muscle cars, to exotic sports cars, to 2 brand new challenger hellcats....
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Spring Upgrades 10/26/14 - (No replies)
Which springs should you upgrade on a newly found gen 2 ?
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Hello From Central Florida 10/26/14 - (No replies)
Hi, My name is Hank, I have been Shooting for 45 Years I started with a High Standard Revolver when I was 5 Years Old. I have been Shooting and Owning GLOCK Handguns since 1989 My first GLOCK was a 19 I have Owned 17,19,21,22 Models I currently Own a G17,19&22 I use the G17 for a little 3 Gun Shooting....
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Minus or dot connector? 10/25/14 - (No replies)
Which do you prefer? I can slightly tell the minus is easier to pull, but not by much.
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Littlestone .357 Magnum 187gr Hardcast 10/25/14 - (No replies)
It's on sale BTW. Comes in a neat box with a 1460 FPS 8" barrel rating.
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My New SBR 10/25/14 - (No replies)
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
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Late Spring Drive 7/6/14
Photo taken a few weeks ago during a passing thunderstorm. ~Spero
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Review: IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo 6/27/14
I’m a relative newcomer to the 5.56x45mm round. The first gun I had chambered in 5.56 that was truly my own and not a “shared custody” piece between my father and I was my Tavor SAR. However, my inexperience with the round evaporated during extensive accuracy testing with the Israeli bullpup....
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Michigan Governor Signs Law to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy 6/27/14
On Tuesday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that exempted firearms records from being released under the Freedom of Information Act, a move that cemented a 1999 decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that found the disclosure of these records to be an invasion of personal privacy. “We...
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Quick Review: Radetec AmmoControl LED Round Count Advisor 6/11/14
I don’t have ice water in my veins. I have friends who do and I’ve always envied the quality, but under pressure, I often operate in panic mode. I simply don’t have the ability to hold the broad awareness under stress situations that’s often required in 3-gun competitions and tactical pistol...
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St. Louis Police Department to Auction Off Thompson SMGs 6/4/14
Firearm collectors: have a spare $20,000 or so lying around? Interested in owning a piece of history that’s a blast to shoot, too? Then you should keep in touch with the St. Louis Police Department. The agency is set to auction off nearly 30 .45-caliber Thompson submachine guns that have been...
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