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LEOSA Model Policy

There's a good LEOSA Model Policy you can find at

It strikes the right balance between the interests of cops and the concerns of agencies.

If any of you can share your agency's LEOSA policy, please send the link.
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Good stuff. Ours is a little weird in that, if a guy leaves a sworn position for a non sworn one, even after beaucoup years and separating in good standing, they're not considered eligible until they actually are terminated. LEOSA doesn't do anything for us until we retire/separate as were already nationale. E intentional.
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That really isn't consistent with LEOSA. A qualified retired LEO is someone who (1) separated from service in good standing from service with a public agency "as a law enforcement officer." Once someone leaves service as an LEO they should get the photo ID which allows them to carry under LEOSA. Bad policy.
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Ours doesn't really address retired officers, but refers to off duty carry:

"Off Duty – While off duty and in compliance with the Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA) sworn law enforcement officers are permitted to carry a Department issued firearm or a Department approved personally owned firearm while off-duty provided: (This policy does not preclude the officer from carrying a firearm under the authority of a valid concealed weapons permit issued by the State of Florida or while taking part in any lawful firearms related activity.)

1. The Department badge and identification card must be carried when a Officer is off-duty and carrying a firearm.

2. All firearms carried or used off-duty shall be approved by the Department and registered with the Department. The Department shall inspect each firearm for proper functioning and suitability for police service. The training Section shall keep a file or register listing the approved firearms, its description and owner and shall forward a copy to the Department Supervisor and the Personnel Section.

3. Officers shall qualify with their off-duty firearm to the same level of proficiency as their duty weapon. The Training Section shall document the Officer’s proficiency on a Department approved course of fire.

4. Off duty Officers in civilian clothing shall keep their firearm concealed from view when in public.

5. An issued firearm or an approved off-duty firearm will be carried when a Officer is operating a Department vehicle.
Additionally, when operating a Department vehicle a badge and identification card must be carried.

7. Firearms shall not be carried into liquor establishments at any time an Officer is engaged in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, unless the Officer is authorized previously in writing by the Chief.

8. Time and safety permitting, the badge and identification card shall be prominently displayed and the officer's identity and authority announced before the officer's weapon is exposed or used. In all cases a verbal announcement of the officer's identity and authority shall be made.

9. Due to the possibility of not being recognized a law enforcement officer and the possibility of a lack of immediate communication with headquarters, an off-duty officer in XYZ CITY shall take action with a displayed weapon only in the event of a forcible felony or to come to the aid of another person in the need of immediate assistance. In any event, the off-duty Officer shall summon an on-duty Officer to the scene to be the primary investigating officer."
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