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Old 09-14-2014, 00:27   #1
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Need a lockable gun sock (rem 870 tactical)! Plz advise!

Hey glockers, long time lurker, not much of a poster.

Have remmington 870 tactical, bought it months ago, tore it down and lubed everything like crazy to prevent rust in my humid climate.

Local laws dictate that a firearm may only be legally transported in a "commercially available locking case" -- called the local PD, spoke with a very nice lady who informed me of the appropriate laws in regards to taking my remmington 870 tactical to the local firing range.

Looking for a lockable gun sock. It doesn't have to be a hard case, just something that hides the firearm from sight, and is capable of being locked with a key.

I ride a motorcycle as primary means of transportation, so a trip to the range would entail this 870 sticking out of a backpack. Looking for locking gun sock that will satisfy legal transportation requirements. What kind of stuff is on the market these days?

So sad, bought this remmington months ago, but haven't fired it yet as I don't have a legal means of transporting it to the local firing range. Please help me figure this out.

Any help is much appreciated!
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Old 09-14-2014, 04:24   #2
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WalMart, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Dicks, Sports Authority.......all have cases.
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Old 09-14-2014, 04:46   #3
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You need more than a "locking gun sock" (which I don't recall ever having seen) - you need to move to America.
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Old 09-14-2014, 05:08   #4
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I really don't think any police or judge would consider a "gun sock" to be a "lockable case".
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Old 09-14-2014, 08:21   #5
Walter Bishop
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You could just buy a soft canvas case and use a small padlock. Most of these have rings at the ends and the zipper usually has a hole in it. Run the padlock through both of these holes and it's locked as well as can be expected with a soft side case.

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Old 09-14-2014, 10:27   #6
F106 Fan
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First of all, read the laws yourself. That nice lady isn't going to be your codefendant! Check out a gun-owners association in your state. We have a pretty good one in California. Not that it helps...

I would seriously give up on the notion of transporting anything other than a handgun on a motorcycle. And then only in a hard sided, locked, saddle bag.

In California, we have a locked, hard sided, case requirement for transporting assault rifles (AR-15, etc) but it doesn't apply to other kinds of rifles which can be carried in unlocked soft cases. That's exactly what I used until I bought a truck with a hard cover over the bed. Now, I consider the entire bed to be a lockable case.

I used to use padlocks on my soft-sided range bag to secure the handguns. I was never convinced that it was legal since I carried it under the fiber cover in the back of an SUV, but probably. Now I have no question in my mind.

All firearms are locked in the bed of my truck and it's going to take Probable Cause to look in there.

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Old Yesterday, 00:50   #7
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 29
Please be assured, I've researched the laws and know exactly what type of product I am looking for.

I don't have a tape measure handy at the moment, but I'm looking for a 30" stretchy fabric sock that I can thread my gun lock through.

It seems that every time I buy something, it falls apart and I have to fix it. Doesn't anyone make quality products anymore?
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Old Yesterday, 01:02   #8
X-ray 4N6
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If you are hell-bent on a sock, then just get the smallest padlock you can and use it like a sausage string.
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Old Yesterday, 01:50   #9
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What country're you in? In Canada, a gun like an 870 just has to be unloaded for transport. Doesn't say anything about being in a case...though it'd be WISE to have one.
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Old Yesterday, 12:52   #10
The Cooler
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There's no consistency among the states however, at the very least, no state that I'm aware of says that a lockable hard case is unacceptable. If you travel or just want peace of mind, as well as the utmost in weapon protection, then perhaps it's an upfront investment well worth making. At least that's how I'd look at the analysis.
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Old Yesterday, 19:37   #11
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Lay down a bike and a long gun (any long gun) weakly secured in a soft fabric "sock" (lockable or otherwise) can become toast.

How about a soft, padded case that is short enough to break the weapon down (the barrel is easily removed from the receiver) and stored securely?

I understand "what" you want but I cannot understand "why" you would choose a flimsy gun sock to transport a firearm.

No offense intended.
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Old Yesterday, 21:03   #12
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I do not see anyway for you to comply with your local laws and ride a motorcycle. The soft cases I have seen with a long zipper and shoulder strap would be possible, but I don't think any of the ones I have lock.

The best solution would be to find a friend with a car, but....

I would call back and ask if a trigger lock or cable lock would be a sufficient lock and then get a long zippered case with strap.
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