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Old 01-15-2011, 10:52   #841
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And that's always the way isn't it? My cousins used to "tsk.tsk.tsk" me when I told them we had guns. Until the neighbor was killed during a home invasion. I think the quiety went out and bought a shotgun.
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Old 01-15-2011, 23:38   #842
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defining moments

I joined the us air force in1942, they issued me a 1911 45 acp auto. I have been carrying the same kind ever since. its just like the watch on my arm I feel lost with out it.I have two things I am very serious about, MY GOD and my gun,my GOD is first but i always carry my gun
i go by the name palladen1331 on the computer not bruce please change it on the number list thanks
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Old 01-27-2011, 18:37   #843
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My wife and I were eating supper at a pizza hut in a little North Florida town. I notice a guy circling the restaurant looking into the windows, had an AK on his gun rack in his truck. He kept circling and looking. I went to the counter and was not at all surprised to learn it was an angry ex-boyfriend of a waitress. I told my wife to go to the ladies restroom and not to come out until it was all over. I asked the manager to call the law. The guy circles for another 10 minutes and leaves right before the law gets there. I was unarmed and helpless and vowed I would not be stuck in a potential shooting box with no way to defend myself again.
I'm here in my back of the woods Where God is great and guns are good You really can't know that much about 'em If you think we're better off without 'em
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Old 01-28-2011, 02:44   #844
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I didn't really have a defining moment. I've just been waiting for the right time to come. I've had my Glock 22 for 10 years now. Back then, I was going to get my CCW but where I lived, you pretty much had to have death threats against you in order to get one. So I just kept the G22 around for target practice and getting rid of coons in my mom's barn on occasion.

Just this year, Iowa passed the "shall issue" law. I'm going next month to take the class then apply for my permit.

With the way things are going on in the world, who knows when something bad will happen? I live in the second largest city in Iowa. Pretty small for a city but they call this "Little Chicago". A lot of gang and drug activity around. I work the midnight shift and sleep during the day. So I'm out and about in the evenings and at night most of the time.

Another reason to carry is what I do for a living. I work security at a fairly large hospital. We have three psych units here. I deal with psych patients, drug users, criminals and other not so nice people. I get threatened all the time by these people. Just recently, a female co-worker of mine was confronted by a previous psych patient at a convenience store. She had to deal with while that person when they were a patient here and they remembered her. Luckily nothing happened but she did get PD involved. I'm just waiting for time time when I come across someone that I've pissed off while I'm out in public somewhere.

We do wear bullet proof vests at work but no weapons besides our ASP batons and pepper spray. Wish they would let us carry at work. Our vests do work though, got to test one out with my G22. A few years ago, we got new vests and our supervisor gave me an old vest to test out. 10 feet away with my G22 and 165 grain target rounds. The vest had no problem stopping them.
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Old 01-28-2011, 03:10   #845
Spershul Furces
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My dad was a missionary/evangelist, and while he didn't believe self-defense was wrong, he didn't carry a gun (we had plenty, but not for defense). He did, however, end up in several incidents where I would have DEFINITELY used one (one involved our crazy neighbor holding a deer rifle at my dad's head and screaming that he was going to kill him... just for an example). Dad was always calm as ever in those situations, and he never got hurt. Unfortunately... I'm not my dad, so after seeing things like that and watching the world change as I grew up, I decided to start carrying a gun as soon as I could.

Like most of you, I hope I never have to use it, but I made it to the point in my mind that I won't hesitate if I need to. It took some explaining to some other members of the family (considering their "non-violent" style), but they've come around to the idea that even though they might not be violent, other people sure are....

Ah well. Convincing others is a never-ending process.
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Old 01-28-2011, 03:13   #846
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Ha, yeah, that would be pretty stupid. Not sure if it was real or not but I have seen some youtube videos of idiots doing just that.

Years ago, I worked security at a shopping mall. One of the stores was throwing away an old mannequin torso made of dense foam. So that's what I put the vest on. None of the bullets went through but it sure did leave some deep dents in the foam. Its funny in the movies when you see someone get shot who is wearing a bullet proof vest and they get up and act like nothing happened. I bet in real life, you could possibly have broken ribs and some huge bruises from being shot with a vest.
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Old 01-28-2011, 09:14   #847
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I obtained my CPL first when my son was born, I always thought about me being a little under 6 feet tall and about 150 Lbs, that my self alone would not be able to protect my son, wife and myself against a larger assailant. So I started carrying my Glock with me but not ALWAYS, Sometimes I would use the excuse "Oh I'm only out for a few minutes I don't need it" until a Police Officer was shot and killed down the street from my house by a home invasion suspect that they had been following. That really hit close to home. My uncle was a homicide detective for 20 years. I am also trying to pursue a career in law enforcement, so this event encourages me to carry everyday where ever legal and allowed in order to protect my family.

“Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” - William Faulkner
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Old 02-02-2011, 14:06   #848
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I had been thinking about getting a gun for a long time. Last year there was a guy that broke into a house in my neighborhood and attacked the guy living there with a knife. He said he was looking for his ex-wife or something. It was just some nut. This neighborhood is very safe and I had never heard of that happening here before. Well, the guy left for some reason and the cops came and had the helicopters and dogs looking for him. They never found him.

I have a young kid. I don't want to be in some fight with someone in my home and risk my child getting hurt. If someone breaks in, I'll give them one chance to leave or my Glock 23 will make sure they're not doing anyone any harm.

As for CCW, I had a friend that was held up while going to an event in town. When I'm away from home and outside my element (and more in someone else's), I want something to give me an edge to protect myself so that my child continues to have a father in their life. But, I think the incident last year really got me motivated to get a gun and then CCW was just a natural extension of owning one for me. Of course, I missed the class this last weekend, but should have the class completed soon and have my license in hand within a couple months.
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Old 02-04-2011, 16:35   #849
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My heros have always been cowboys!!!!!

Keep on Glockin'
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Old 02-04-2011, 17:51   #850
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I moved to Phoenix
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Old 02-05-2011, 18:43   #851
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Hi Everyone,

(First post on glocktalk, glad to be a member of such an exciting forum).

As a "recovering liberal" who until very recently had no interest in owning / carrying a handgun (or any weapon for that matter), I want to add my own "eureka" moment to this thread.

Three things happened within the span of a year that really turned around my attitudes regarding guns, gun ownership, and concealed carry. Thankfully, none of them involved me being attacked or otherwise harmed. Rather:

1. I became a father of a wonderful son. Those of you who are fathers understand this transition. Everything changes, and you realize that this child relies on you to protect him. He has no natural defenses. He's totally reliant on you. This will focus your mind like nothing else.

2. I read a copy of James Gilligan's "Violence: Our Deadly Epidemic and its Causes", and realized that in its current form, The US is is a veritable "violence factory" in terms of inducing violence in others. Furthermore, the words of the death-row inmates regarding their need to kill and harm really put the fear in me.

Although these were compelling experiences, they were still in the "abstract" in the sense that nothing had happened within my own day-to-day activities to change my mind. Until:

3. I pulled up my neighborhood on the website [URL][/URL] and saw that there was a breaking-and-entering in a house 3 houses down from mine! Egads! The total number of violent crimes in the area was also quite shocking! I couldn't believe it (for the record, I live just north of Atlanta, in one of the little suburb towns).

At that point, these three things crystallized together in my mind: you are a father, there is danger out there, and that danger is not abstract - it's real, and it's in your neighborhood.

Thus, I purchased a Glock 31, completed the NRA's "First Shots" pistol course (and plan on getting lots more training), and completed my CCW paperwork as of this past Friday. These are the first steps in my efforts to increase overall home security to protect my family.

I highly recommend the book and website I referenced above. Read the book, put your neighborhood in the website and see what comes up, and think about that violence knocking on your doorstep.

Given the state of our economy, the total lack of foresight and courage of vision from our leaders, and the intent of the Federal Reserve to destroy the economy to save the banks, I fear that violence will only increase substantially in the coming years. You should prepare yourself. If you are on the fence about carrying, I hope my experience helps you to make a better decision.

Good luck!
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Old 02-05-2011, 22:56   #852
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Hello all.
I decided to CCW when I returned from Kuwait in '01. While over there I saw just how low the human species can stoop. While we are very dissimilar in many ways, we are a lot alike as well. I personally feel it is a duty of responsible individuals to carry, if not only to protect themselves but, others as well if needed.
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Old 02-08-2011, 08:38   #853
Press G27
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the reason I will carry

About 6 weeks ago, I was surfing the web and my wife was asleep. It was late, around 12:45am and I decided to go to bed. At that time, someone started beating at my front door and ringing the door bell over and over.

This startled me, ticked me off and woke up my wife. She pleaded with me not to answer the door. I listened to her and looked out of the window and saw 2 guys wearing hooded sweatshirts. I told my wife to call 911.

I saw them walk to their car and then they came back beating on the door again. This time I answered him through the door. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Who the ?#" is it ?"
Unknown: "It's Frank"
Me: "I don't know you, what do you want?"
Unknown: "I'm looking for "Q""
Me.: "You have the wrong house"
Unknown: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yes. I'm sure get the ?#$#% off of my property"
Unknown: "We'll be back"

My wife was distraught and I was more mad than scared. Six minutes later the cops showed up and we gave them as many details as we could and they said to call back, if there were any more problems.

At that moment, it dawned on me that while the cops do a great job, I can not always depend on 911 when it comes to protecting my family and home. Had these guys tried to kick in the door, I would have had to defend my self with a 9 iron...not the most effective weapon.

The next day I went to the gun store and purchased an xdm 40, a box of ammo and taught myself the basics of gun safety and handling from youtube.

Since then, I have taken an intro to firearms course and have gone to the range at least once every week or 2. Last week, I rented a Glock 27 after watching some of Hickock45s videos. I loved the feel of it from the moment I picked it up. Four days ago, I purchased one and will be going to a chl class within the next week or 2.

I am now a firm believer that the safety and protection of yourself and loved ones rests with you. I hope that I never have to use it but it's somewhat comforting to know that I can defend myself and family should I need to.
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Old 02-08-2011, 11:40   #854
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Good for you! Glad the incident didn't escalate and that you and your family came out unscathed.
R.I.P William Michael Willard from Swamp Fox Gun Works
R.I.P Chris Kyle -
What a damn shame you're gone!!

*I love USA*
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Old 02-10-2011, 00:23   #855
8th ID
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My "Moment"--

May 2007--Just picked my daughter up from pre-school. We were just getting ready to pull into our drive. I noticed an unfamiliar man walking down the sidewalk in our neighborhood. Just as my daughter and I were getting out of the car, this man walks up to us--close. He starts some stuff about being a disabled vet and needing money. And he kept looking at my daughter. I told him I didn't carry cash and couldn't help him. All the while I was trying to plan what to do. At one point he put one of his hands under his shirt. My only plan was to take my car key between my fingers and get him in the neck with it. He kept talking and I kept saying no. And finally I had my daughter behind me and just walked toward the front door--and he just walked away. After that I told myself that I would never be in a situation where I felt like my ***** was hanging in the wind.
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Old 02-13-2011, 02:00   #856
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Better be judged by twelve than carried by six

...because I believe the right to self-defense is not just my legal right it is furthermore and mostly my natural right

(I have already posted the same text elsewhere on GT, but now I saw this sticky thread and repeated)

But there was no particular moment in my life for this decision, just needed to feel safer and to know that I am the one who decides about my right to live, not some bad guy
Better be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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Old 02-20-2011, 08:34   #857
Dr. Leaky
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I worked in San Francisco when the 1989 earthquake hit. Stuck in some bad areas with some bad people and no cops got my attention. When the Rodney King riots started in 1992 I worked in downtown Oakland. Watching that guy get dragged out of his truck and nearly being beaten to death plus seeing footage of the anarchy in the streets made it real hard to go to work the next day. Of course a CCW in California is not an option for most people and I'm not saying I carried illegally for a few days. As soon as I was financially able to get out of CA we moved to Arizona and one of the first things I did was to get to Gunsite and get my permit. Don't need it here as much as there, but I don't go unarmed any more.
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A few days before my sophomore year of college I was sitting outside a friend of mines sorority house. It wasn't a bad neighborhood or anything; it was maybe midnight on a weekend, and it was on campus. Sure, midnight on a weekend at a college campus the week before school starts it's going to be a lot of people out, there's no one stupid enough to try robbing anyone. We got robbed at gunpoint by 2 kids who couldn't have been older than 17. As scared as I was I can still remember how shaken up she was. And it was in Illinois where it's against the law to carry a gun.

From that point on I decided I wasn't going to leave my life in the hands of whatever punk, crack head or otherwise happened to pass me on the street. You can make all the laws in the world you want and have all the cops in the world you want; some people don't follow the law and the sad truth is the cops can't always get to you before bad things happen.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones should be worth enough to protect, I know mine is. Unfortunately in some states they don't allow you do to so. I've lived in Illinois almost all my life (one of the worst states for gun rights. Those gun laws really seem to be doing a lot of good for all the people getting shot in Chicago every year).

Last year in Chicago 52 people were shot and 7 killed IN JUST 3 DAYS!!!! That is absolutely insane. Funny thing about gun laws; they just leave those that actually follow them more vulnerable. If anything it encourages BG to carry guns because they know good people aren't carrying.

So after college I decided to move to a place where you're allowed to protect yourself (the exact same reason 3 of my friends from Illinois already moved there). I just purchased my first gun (glock 19 3rd gen) and am looking to go through the carry permit process immediately.
To anti-gun folks; It's 3 A.M. It's you and a 300 lb. guy on pcp. You both have 2 fists and that's it.

Who wishes they were carrying a gun now?

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Old 03-17-2011, 22:55   #859
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I've been lucky so far in that I have never been exposed to a serious crime or any serious violence...with that being said, the more I mature (I'm a college student), the more I come to realize just how many screwed up people there are in this world--many of which will kill you over practically nothing. I hope and pray that I never, ever have to use a weapon to defend myself...but I don't plan on being caught unprepared. I just can't get over the kinds of sick sh!! human beings are capable of.
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Old 03-28-2011, 23:08   #860
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My less dramatic reasons

I always was a handgun guy as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a rural area in Pennsylvania. My friends and I were too young to get real handguns and cut our teeth on black powder cap and ball revolvers, since they were not considered real firearms. I did not carry back then, but a friend regularly carried a 36 Cal Colt replica.

In my mid 20s, I did a lot of range time and my father recommended a concealed carry permit to avoid problems on route to the range. I did not have any particular feeling about needing to be armed. Once I was legal, I started to carry because I could. The most likely issue would be a rabid critter and eventually, I became aware of the human threat and the inability of police officers to be near when needed.

Once I moved into town, I became more aware of crime and drug use. When I grew up, we did not lock doors and we could drive the family car with out the keys if it were unlocked. I had to adjust my understanding of what people were capable of doing to their neighbors. Eventually, I carried all the time. My choice was a Beretta 92 SB Compact 9mm normally, or a Ruger Speed-Six .357 Magnum.

In the family business, I often made deposits of over $100,000 due to some very large cash (yes, they were legal) transactions. In most cases, the employees knew I would make deposits. I was very careful not to have a pattern such as time or path traveled. Also, the employees never knew when I was going. I was determined not to get into an armed conflict on the trip. On one very large bank run, my father reminded me to be armed and a couple of the secretaries overheard. Up to then, nobody knew I was armed on the job except family. It was easy to conceal since I always wore a suit.

I had some situations that tested my discipline with concealed carry, but in most cases, I either did not have to draw the weapon or I was about to draw and fire, but got as far as unsnapping the strap before the bad guy ran off. In that case, I resnapped and went on with my business (Today, I would be more nervous).

Another time, I was visiting my parents country home late at night. I was with my son, who was about six. There was a loud crashing sound and it sounded as if someone broke in. I drew my 9mm and held it in one hand with my other hand firmly on my son. I found the intruders in the attic, and they turned out be be extremely loud and rowdy squirrels knocking things over.

Over the next 20 years, I carried less as I lived ovseas and worked for others. Also, I often went to New York and New Jersey and only criminals are allowed to be armed there. I let my Pennsylvania permit expire while living overseas.

Now, I live in a rural area in Kansas. There is crime here and homes have been broken in around here. The tipping point was a dog attack on one of our pets outside. When my wife called me, I had no idea what was up and I ran outside unarmed. I was faced down by a dog that had just killed our beloved family cat. The stand off lasted for about fifteen minutes and my only protection was my belt. I felt so helpless and unprepared. I kept a loaded gun in the homuse, but I no longer was in the habit of carrying. After this standoff, I was reminded of why I should carry all the time.

The incident got my thinking about family protection again. We had stopped going on walks due to feral and vicious dogs. Anyway, I now have my concealed carry permits (one for Kansas and one non-resident Florida permits which adds a few additional states). I also started to train again and got some newer guns. There are many more concealed carry guns available today. I primary carry is a Glock 27 with night sights.

My wife is not happy with me packing, but properly concealed, she does not see that I am armed. That keeps both of us happy.

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