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Originally Posted by Mr. Niceguy View Post
I was at a new year's eve party several years ago (outside) and at the stroke of midnight a bunch of other people started firing their guns into the air in celebration. I felt like the odd man out, and vowed to never again be in a situation where I didn't have the ability to punctuate a joyous occasion with a little gunfire.
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I turned 21...
Patrolman 1st Class, Field Training Officer, Certified GLOCK Armorer
"There is more law at the end of the policeman's nightstick than in all the decisions of The Supreme Court." Alexander Williams
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I had a pit bull dog leap a third of the way out of a car window at me eight years ago. I had my G17 in it's snout. I didn't squeeze the trigger because the dog couldn't reach me (the window opening was a centimeter too narrow). But boy was I scared! I used to carry occasionally, but since then 24/7.
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions

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I've been carrying off and on for 15 years or so. But a couple of years ago, there was a robbery at a grocery store, here. 2 in the afternoon, broad daylight. Generally I feel very safe in my town, we have some really good LEOs, the town is conservative and the badguys generally don't stick around for long. But you can never relax your guard, you're never 100 % safe. I have a responsibility to protect myself, others, and my family. So now I carry almost all the time (it would be ALL the time but I work for the DoD and they don't allow me to carry). So that's it, just a simple robbery that woke me up a little bit. I carried for almost 2 years and my wife didn't even notice
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i'm 59 never owned a gun or had any interest, with the events of the last couple years i have been paying closer attention to all sides views of gun ownership or not. the one constant for me was do not be a victim, so i bought myself a glock, went to sheriffs office and got my ccw and my only regret is i should have done this years ago!
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!!!LONG POST ALERT!!!! I read through all 43 pages of this thread before posting my story.

New poster here but I’ve been reading this and other forums as much as possible for several years. This is a great place for sharing ideas and for Q and A. Thanks so much for starting this thread.

My moments-

-I was a teenager up to my wrists in frozen chicken in the kitchen of a Roy Rogers in Baltimore, MD when I heard yelling and see someone who does not work with me run around the front counter and point a shotgun at me, screaming, “Down! Down on your knees!” Long story short, five armed criminals forced the manager to open the safe, robbed some of my coworkers, and then marched us back to the walk-in freezer. I suddenly realized I was probably going to die. Surprisingly, we were simply blocked in to the freezer so we could not get out to call 911. It took us 20 minutes but we got out and made the call.

-My sense of outrage when I found out that my first true love in high school had later been brutally raped while strolling down a bike path by some idiot.

-My strong sense of personal and civic responsibility was further strengthened by getting married and eventually becoming a father (x2). That is a commonly mentioned motivator here in this thread and I completely agree.

-Trying to save a police officer who had been ambushed and shot in the line of duty. I've posted something about that in another section of this forum.

-I worked part-time as a crime scene-biohazard remediation specialist for 5 years. We basically picked up the pieces, decontaminated scenes, and tried to repair and replace everything so it looked like nothing happened. There were many emotionally hard jobs but one of the worst was working on the aftermath of a bank hold-up where three people were forced into the back room and executed (remember my Roy Rogers fear?) One of the victims was the mother of a good friend and fellow firefighter.

-I was introduced to guns by professionally trained LEOs and friends. I continue to try to learn as much as I can about guns, how to shoot, and how to care for them. I’ve discovered that I have an aptitude with and a real love of firearms.

-The natural and probably inevitable conclusion that all the above and my ability to be permitted to concealed carry led me to seek additional formal training, my own firearms, and mailing my CWP application off to the state.

My 70-something mother discovered my intentions to CC and I could tell she had reservations. My explanation to her took awhile and I believe she better understands the level of my convictions and the breadth of my preparations to do it properly and effectively.

I think the key element of my reasons that got her attention was when I said, “Wherever there are sheep, there are wolves. I am not wired to be a sheep. I am wired to be a sheepdog.”

Thanks for everyone’s submissions to this thread and for reading my post.
Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
.... If your plan A is to make an excuse for doing something you knew you should not have, or to claim ignorance, you need a really good plan B.
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I found this article in the Houston chronicle this morning. Surprised that it originated in the NY times. It seems so simple to us... "if someone is trying to kill you, don't just lay there". But obviously to many it's a very original and innovative thought.

Arm yourself, train yourself, prepare yourself.

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"Rally round the family. With a pocket full of shells."
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I was a cop for 13 years and never missed the gun as a new civilian. But I did get a carry permit. But I never used it. I live in Denver, and after the Aurora Theatre shooting I told my wife I was going to carry from that point on (we have two little kiddos). But after a few days I stopped. Then came Newtown (Newton?). Since then I have carried everyday.
"Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"
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Originally Posted by GLOCKpaperscissors19 View Post
I was a cop for 13 years and never missed the gun as a new civilian. But I did get a carry permit. But I never used it. I live in Denver, and after the Aurora Theatre shooting I told my wife I was going to carry from that point on (we have two little kiddos). But after a few days I stopped. Then came Newtown (Newton?). Since then I have carried everyday.
Welcome to GlockTalk!
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions
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Originally Posted by G30MI View Post
When Michigan passed its "shall issue" CPL law back in 2001, I got my permit because...well, because I could. I rarely carried...I thought it was a MAJOR P.I.T.A., having to be aware of "Gun Free Zones", being concerned about my piece getting stolen from my car, etc. I let the permit expire without hardly a second thought in 2004.

On March 29, 2007, I was the victim of a home invasion. Now, before I go any further, let me clarify that I was NOT home at the time of the break-in. Yet my HOME was VIOLENTLY INVADED, along with my privacy and my sense of security and well-being. The thugs (I'm 100% convinced that there was more than one) kicked in my back door in broad daylight while my next door and across-the-street neighbors were home. The invasion was so violent (door frame shattered and the dead-bolted door essentially ripped off its hinges) that I'm convinced that they would have done great harm to me had I been home. They worked too hard getting in to then turn around and leave simply because someone challenged them. They made off with about $10,000 worth of electronics and other items, including a Mossberg 500 12 gauge.

So now there are at least two FELONS armed with MY shotgun who know that I own some expensive electronic toys, the layout of my house, which bedroom is mine (I live alone, so it's not hard to figure out where I sleep) what kind of door and window locks I have, what kind of dog I have (and that he barks a lot but doesn't bite) and what my schedule is (they broke in sometime after I left for work at 8:30 and before I got home at 4:30, and apparently took their sweet time considering the number of items they took). I'm not at all OK with any of this. I got very, very serious about my safety and security after the incident. My nightmare scenario is that I come home at night to find someone waiting for me inside my house. A CCW permit is just one tool in my effort to stay safe. Just this afternoon I turned in my paperwork at the County Clerk's office for my new permit.

Also from Michigan I have a very similar story! Got my permit when they finally became a shall issue state. Let it expire because you couldn't even carry into a restaurant that served liquor. Since then the law has changed and it is much easier to carry legally. My home was robbed in 2006 in the same manner as above. My gunsafe with my Glocks was taken. So I let it all go till recently. Now have a gun friendly wife! Which makes it even easier to carry. LA riots, New Orleans , living just outside Detroit and being burglarized are my clarifying moments.
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[NB: (With BIG Kudos to Mr. 'Joe BOLO, SIR!) ...


I read through all 43 pages of this thread before posting my story. ... ]

I grew up on a farm 'back east' and, of course, guns were just part of my early life. Sadly, after we moved to AZ, all this just became a distant memory.

However, after a tour in the Navy, I began to collect guns and really enjoyed shooting. Along the way, I met 'the girl of my dreams.'

Shortly after our honeymoon, my sweet bride confided in me that she really didn't like guns - despite the fact that I'd taken her along to the range a few times before we married! So, in the interest of 'tranquility and domestic harmony', I eventually sold off my entire collection.

However, one Saturday afternoon a years later, my wife went shopping and I was working in the garage when I heard a motorcycle slowly drive by. Then I saw the driver turn the corner and come back - to pull up into my driveway! He was dressed in leather and had a 'real babe' sitting on the back of his 'bike' - she looked totally stoned and he looked 'biker bar' mean!

Anyway, without uttering a word, he quickly 'dis-mounted' his bike and began to walk towards the garage with me inside. Trying to aboid 'being cornered' in a confined space, I grabbed a pitch fork off the wall and met him halfway up the driveway - at which point (Pun Intended!), I asked him (as nicely as I could) why he'd stopped at my house.

He said that he needed to use my phone and asked to go into the house with me! I lied and told him that we only had a cell phone and that my wife had taken it with her. Incredibly, he then insisted that we still go into the house ... where we could wait for her! (Cojones as big as church bells.)

I 'adjusted my attitude' somewhat and firmly told him 'that isn't going to happen.' I then encouraged him to leave. He stared at me for a few seconds as if to 'size me up.'

Frankly, I figured his next step would be to produce a gun - at which point I intended to jam the pitchfork into his neck and twist it several times!!! I guess he surmised that I was just crazy enough to use the pitchfork 'to good effect' on him, so he smiled and got back on his M/C.

As he slowly pulled away, I noted his plate no. (Nebraska and probably stolen) and subsequently called 911. I then called my wife and told her what had happened and to be careful coming home!

After THAT, she and I talked about 'getting a gun', but she was still against it!

Then, one night a year or so after the 'driveway incident', we had someone try to stage a home invasion by attempting to kick in our front door! FWIW, we live in a nice neighborhood here in AZ (near a golf course) and had never seen or heard anything like these incidents occurring elsewhere in our area! Fortunately, the police arrived to apprehend 'the miscreant' before she (yep, SHE!) gained entry!

She was dressed like a man with pants, a coat, and baseball cap - so even the PD thought they'd tackled a guy. Anyway, as they hauled her away, a LEO told me that she was totally drugged out and thought that our house was really her long-lost home! That night, I also learned from the police that there had been quite a few burglaries in the area - probably by drugged-out transients/illegals traveling 'el norte.'

After all this, I told my wife that I strongly felt it was time for us to purchase a firearm. This time she agreed - and, the next day, we went out and bought a nice .12-Ga pump shotgun and a big ol' Ruger .357! Needless to say, I began to take her along to the range and, now, she feels comfortable with guns and - AND! - she's also quite a good shot!

'Nuf sed!

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Just "Because"

Because we have locks on doors....because we have padlocks.......because we have security systems on houses and businesses.....because we have armed guards....because we have Police...............that is why I made the decision to carry.......because there is EVIL in the world.
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Moved to Oakland, Ca. with my now Ex

lived there with her when I was up in the area(which was every other week), for two years.

to date, the most miserable time of my life.

shootings daily, nightly, a corrupt Police Dept.,

you name it.... there was every reason carry.

So I did.

also carried 1MM in CCW liability coverage through Lockton Securities.
Certified Glock Armorer
Certified Sig Sauer Armorer
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'Sheep think they can pass a law saying wolves can't eat them'
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Reaching the age at which i don't really want to bother with either fighting or running anymore.

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Originally Posted by oldandtreacherous View Post
Reaching the age at which i don't really want to bother with either fighting or running anymore.
I had a veiled threat from an inmate which I documented. I had a telephone threat from an Aryan Airhead, which I got removed from his IPS who called me a "Little ********** Jew." I am not little and have not been "little" since my growth spurt of 6" at 16, but I reported it to the FBI and gave them permission for a trap/trace. I had a convict in the community threaten to kill me while in uniform at the post office whom I reported to the police.

NONE of those reasons caused me to seek a permit. It was when I moved to Salem from Pendleton and my apartment landlady gave my name to the 2010 Census taker with nothing more than a piece of plastic in the form of a badge. She also has hired a felon as a handyman.

It was then I bought a better firearm than I had used for training, my Model 10-8. I bought it so I could practice score better in qualifications, but I thought I'd like something with more rounds than six.

Then I found out about a sex offender who lives less than a mile from me whom I supervised on a unit and had written up. He used a firearm in a robbery rape. At that point, I had the women I lived with trained by a recognized professional and the older one get a concealed weapons permit.

Since I found out you cannot open carry under our city ordinance without a concealed carry permit, I put in for one on June 6th and they said the investigation takes 45 days. A lot of us are in line. I had to wait for months just for the finger printing.

Carry Issues
©®[B]The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. Cogito, ergo armatus sum. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who shall guard the guardians? Born, raised, and spent most of my life in the Round-Up Capital of the World, Pendleton, Oregon... Where men are men and sheep aren't scared.
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As a Teamster for a democratic union, I've received a number of death threats over the years, most of them casual. Being from a corrupt big city that hates the Constitution, my RKBA has been denied for the 20 years I've been active. Next year, our rights will be partially restored, so I plan on getting my permit and carrying. In the intervening period, I've studied martial arts and arm myself within the unconstitutional constraints of the law.

A number of my coworkers are retired or active criminals. A few are psychopaths. A number have mafia connections.

To be clear, to kill or maim someone is expensive: someone may lose their job or go to jail (But then again, they may get away with it, although I do have ties to the community, so personally I'm a harder target). Also, up until now, times have been relatively quiet, so there hasn't been the need to attack honest trade unionists.

A few more years here, a few more election campaigns against the pricks, and I hope to retire early and move somewhere else.
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I've been carrying for years under the Texas motorist protection act. No license needed to carry while in your car I simply wanted to be able to carry on my person and not have to leave any firearm unattended in my truck.
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I'm a husband & father of 2 elementary school children. It's my job to protect them to the best of my abilities.
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Started buying small quantities of silver & gold a year ago. Got a safe to store them in. Then began realizing I have no way to protect them (or my family) if/when the economy collapses. Just bought a Glock 19 and am applying for my concealed permit this week!
G19 Gen4
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This is one of the reasons I have a permit to carry.

11. Deborah Martin, 41 Crystal, MN; June 27, 1996
Murray Bunness made a phone call to his neighbor and friend, Kris Elsenpeter, saying he had killed his wife Deborah and the 16-year-old girl that stayed with them. Mr. and Mrs. Elsenpeter ran to the house hoping to be of some help. When it was confirmed that the two were dead, Mrs. Elsenpeter returned home but Kris stayed to calm Bunness. The two argued and Bunness turned the gun on Elsenpeter. When law enforcement arrived they found Bunness holding his gun and Elsenpeter wounded on the steps. Elsenpeter died moments later. Officers then entered the house and found Deborah Martin, Bunness' wife of 4 years, in the living room, dead of gunshot wounds. Upstairs they found the body of 16-year-old Christina Ayers. She had been living with Martin and Bunness while she attended school. Bunness has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

From the 1996 Femicide Report for the State of Minnesota.
Deborah Martin is my aunt. Kris was a very close friend to our family. Christina was like a cousin. My aunt dated her father when I was a kid and my mother would babysit Christina and her sister. My aunt was the 11th woman of 22 that year to be murdered by their partner. December of 1995, Murray broke my nose when I intervened in an argument between him and my aunt at their residence.
Murray had court ordered counseling and was not to be using alcohol due to that domestic incident.
The day of the shootings, Murray was drinking prior to the events that unfolded.
Minnesota became a "non-discretionary" state in 2003, that's when I got my permit.
Murray died in prison on 2002 due to health issues related to his alcoholism.

NRA LEO Instructor: Handgun/Shotgun
NRA Civilian:
Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol,
Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home
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Originally Posted by oldandtreacherous View Post
Reaching the age at which i don't really want to bother with either fighting or running anymore.
This is one of my other reasons.

The main reason; because I can!
NRA LEO Instructor: Handgun/Shotgun
NRA Civilian:
Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol,
Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home

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1985 working in a gas station in the SF Bay Area, accosted by two individuals, I was about to be robbed but, for a sudden rush of customers. I was only 19, the moment came for me when I realized that, had I been armed, my "assailants" would likewise have had a "defining moment".
G17x2, G22x2, G23, G20, G21, G29, G27
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I wonder

Originally Posted by 4Rules View Post
where all of those bullets went?
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions
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Thirty years ago, when I was about to finish my medical subspecialty training; a doctor friend at a suburban hospital asked me to go by after work at University to look at a brain exam which he didn't understand. After reporting the scan for him, I entered & was leaving a convenience store on the parking lot and a mean looking fellow with a pistol in his pocket tried to kidnap me. I was unarmed, but was in training for a marathon about ten days later, so I was able to jam him with the jeep door and get away.
Next morning, the Bad Guy assaulted a one-armed Special forces Vet in the same place; the Vet hooked him through his belt with the "hook" and pressed a Browning Hi-Power into his forehead. When the cops took B.G. to the Judge, Judge found out that he was on parole from State Prison from convictions for three prior violent crimes; all parole was rescinded, full sentences were reinstated, with no chance for parole again, and B.G. went back for 20 years !
I spoke with two acquaintances who were career big city cops. Both told me to C.C., even though it was technically illegal back then.
So, when the licenses became available I got mine and carry every day.
Over this 32 years or so, I have stopped several crimes, including a couple violent assaults, without having to "draw". One guy; I just told him, "You'll be very sorry if you make me draw my weapon!" and he split.
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West side of Birmingham

Growing up on the West side of Birmingham in the late 70s and 80s. Ensley High School, too!
The fight will not be the way you want it to be. The fight will be the way it is. You must be flexible enough to adapt. -- Unknown
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