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Old 10-20-2014, 10:11   #1
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What is your most reliable 45's ? Pictures !!!

Here are the most reliable 45's I know and have . They are tanks and work like a fine sewing machine. These are carry/working guns and get used everyday. No safe queens here !
Springfield Armory Mil-Spec
Glock Generation 2 21
Ruger P97DC
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woo woo
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These, with the Kimber having the most mileage by far.
General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum
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Never had a single problem with the USP Tactical or MK23. I genuinely think they're the most reliable 45s in the world.
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Originally Posted by lifesizepotato View Post
Never had a single problem with the USP Tactical or MK23. I genuinely think they're the most reliable 45s in the world.
Certainly the Mark 23 is. I don't think they ever put the USP Tactical through the torture tests the Mark 23 went through.
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While I ended up doing some work to enhance the feeding of some older style JHP's in my 3 older Colts, my XSE Government (from '05?) has easily fed all the different JHP loads I've used since buying it without any work being needed. (I bought it after attending the Colt Model O Pistol armorer class back then.) I did have to replace what appeared to be a poorly cast thumb safety early on, as the left side of the ambi assembly snapped off when depressing the thumb safety - - but I replaced it with a single side part.

Looking back on it, I rather suspect some of my older Colts (70's-90's) may have experienced more magazine-related issues than actual gun-related issues.

My Ruger KP90DC has always fed & fired any JHP loads I've tried, although I fired it enough that I ended up replacing some worn or broken parts over the years. (One time a fellow from Ruger just laughed when I told him how many rounds I'd fired through that gun, and suggested I might consider retiring it and buying another one. )

My S&W 3rd gen .45's (early 4513TSW & CS45) have always exhibited the type of very reliable feeding & operation for which the 3rd gen .45's have long been known.

My SW1911SC 5" model (another '05 acquisition?) has fed & fired any hollowpoint or ball load I've ever tried in it. I did notice the plunger tube had come loose after several years, and although I'm a 1911 armorer I decided to let the factory deal with replacing it in the Scandium aluminum frame under their excellent lifetime warranty. Quick and easy (handled shipping through a LE distributor, as it was convenient at that time).

My '08 production M&P 45 (w/thumb safeties) has similarly been as reliable as I could hope for it to be. The spring vendor S&W uses for the M&P 45 mags have been through a few revisions (color-coded), and there's been couple revisions of followers, though. (As if Glock owners wouldn't be familiar with such a thing. )

I've certainly handled and tried a number of other metal & plastic-framed .45's over the years, but the ones listed above are the ones I've acquired and kept. I carried a HK P9S .45 and a Star PD for a while when I was younger, and they were fine (my Star PD even reliably fed & fired the old CCI 200gr JHP, often known as the "Flying Ashtray"), but they eventually went away.

Oh, I guess you could say my Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 4 5/8" .45 Colt/ACP is reliable, too.
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My SIG P220

General Firearms Forum

My HK45

General Firearms Forum
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Hasn't had a bobble since being taken from the box...

Glock Model 41
General Firearms Forum
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General Firearms Forum

Sig 220 Elite.
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My FNX-T seems to hold it's own with anything I've shot.
It's accurate, reliable, and very versatile.

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This.....my only .45:

General Firearms Forum

FLAWLESS for under $400

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General Firearms Forum

This is Glock Talk, isn't it?
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Everything but my USP Elite so far.
Beretta Billennium x492 Steel I x392G Elite II92FS x48045F84BBSIG P210-5HFP210-5P210-6HFP210-6 x2P49SIG Sauer P226 X5P229HK P7M10 x2USP EliteColt GCNM x2Python x4Browning HPUSFA 1910Mauser LugerS&W 4157 x248Freedom Arms 83etc
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General Firearms Forum
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No pictures, but my HK45C is about reliable as an autoloader gets in a .45 acp.

My German P220 is right after that.
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General Firearms Forum
General Firearms Forum

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No pictures but I have a Glock 30S and a Para Ordnance GI Expert. Both are flawless thus far.
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Springfield TRP Operator.

Never a hiccup with these fellows. I love them like my own children.
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w german Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP (American mag release).
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The Anti-Glock
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General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum
Sig P225/S&W 66, M&P 45, M&P 9c, 1911SC/Glock G22 Gen4, G23 Gen4 & G36/Kimber Pro Tactical II/Ruger Mk II/H&K P30, 45c/Colt Defender
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