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LEO and Student killed in Norfolk

Norfolk, VA man was previously convicted of felonies including assaulting a police officer and carrying a loaded weapon. He plea bargained down to misdemeanors and was still able to purchase and open carry guns. Neighbors called him "Wyatt Earp" because he open carried.

On Friday night, the man was driving his Jeep and firing at passing cars. He killed a 17 year old student who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, before driving home and leaving the Jeep running with stereo blaring out front. When two officers arrived and were assessing the situation, the suspect fired 30 to 40 shots at them with a high powered rifle, killing one LEO. He then got back in his bullet riddled Jeep and drove off before being confronted by police and shot DRT.

I posted this to Gun Control Issues, because this dirtbag shouldn't have been able to legally purchase and carry guns, but since he was offered a plea bargain down to misdemeanors, he didn't lose these rights. The fact that he opened carried regularly is sure to damage the views of average citizens who knew him on open carry.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the LEO and student who were killed.

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