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Old 09-02-2014, 20:28   #1
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new Zastava N-Pap, having a problem with "cheek slap"

Bought a Zastava N-Pap a few weeks ago. This is my first AK47.

Took it out this wknd for a very short range trip (due to rain). Ended up firing only 10 rounds thru it. The amount of "cheek slap" made it downright painful to shoot.

I've been able to do a small amount of internet research concerning this. Some say to bring your face further forward on the stock, similar to shooting an AR15. I've tried this (magazine out, chamber cleared, rifle unloaded) and it just does not feel natural at all.

I've been checking on rifle cheek rests and pads but unsure if something like that would have any effect on lessening the cheek slap.

Have any of you experienced "cheek slap" and what were your solutions to do away with it??


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Old 09-03-2014, 18:52   #2
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Depends on your facial build and where your eyes sit, how the rifle is set up. If you have a wide face, getting your eyes low enough to line up with the sights will require contact in a tender area of the cheekbone.

I have had this problem with various AKs and SKS style guns. Depending on your rifle setup, you could add a rear recoil pad to the stock, which moves the face further back on the stock down the slope. Other options: change the stock to a Nato length (longer) or completely to an AR adjustable style stock.

If your AK has a sidemount, use a low optic, so you face does not have to be so low on the original stock. Most cheap sidemounts put the rail way too high, thus the other direction-- no cheek weld. The best sidemount I have found is the Midwest Industries. If no side mount, get a dogleg, or front handguard rail, and mount a low red dot.

You may just not be built for an AK, and shooting in western style.
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Old 09-07-2014, 22:07   #3
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That particular model is a pain in the ass. Ive got one. A lot of people have the issue. I got a headache the first time I shot it. Others said to touch your nose to the receiver but i was done. Bought a cheap tapco ar style stock built for the npap and called it a day. There are other adapters if you want to spend more on a better stock.

Thats what I would do. I have no patience for a stock like that when standard ak stocks feel natural.

Mounting an optic might also be a fix and you might need to raise your face up a bit instead of having to press down to see irons.
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Old 09-08-2014, 09:32   #4
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I've noticed a bit of if on my Krinkish build. Not too bad, but some para cord or something might help a bit.
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Old 09-08-2014, 16:20   #5
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I get the same thing on my Yugo. Makes it rather unpleasant to shoot, but I would never part with it.
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Old 09-08-2014, 18:58   #6
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Originally Posted by CarlosC View Post
I get the same thing on my Yugo. Makes it rather unpleasant to shoot, but I would never part with it.
I got rid of a Yugo wood stock version and replaced it with a Yugo under folder. Wrapped the left side with paracord and it's good to go.

The Yugo wood stock just didn't feel right to me, and was uncomfortable to shoot.
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Old 09-10-2014, 00:07   #7
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I am new to AKs and bought a Zavasta NPAP also. I have the same problem when I hold it like a regular rifle. I also have vision problems, and need bifocal lenses. This limits my holding options for this rifle. Getting my cheek away from the stock is one answer. I have had one AK/shotgunner tell me that moleskin padding helps. I am going to try a foam pad build up on the cheek weld and/or red dot mounted optics as a test cure. I have an Aimpoint that needs a rifle, and rubber foam and moleskin is cheap enough to test it out. I wanted a solidly good side mount top rail and am waiting for delivery. I'll post results.

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Old Yesterday, 08:09   #8
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I never had the problem with mine but this guy has a recommendation do it
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Old Yesterday, 17:03   #9
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I had the same problem with mine. I adjusted my nose toward the receiver and it it helped me. I also put a Manticoor night brake on mine and I think that made a world of difference
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Old Yesterday, 20:03   #10
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Good news. Took it back out this wknd. Have made no changes whatsoever, wanted to try it again before spending any money on it.

Tried a regular hold (a western hold??) for the first 2-3 shots. Could feel the stock hitting my cheekbone and knew that wasn't going to work.

Changed my hold and moved my face closer to the receiver (like shooting an AR). No more cheek slap!!! Proceeded to fire another 50+ rounds thru it with no cheek slap issues.

Was concerned that I was going to be selling this N-pap but now I believe I'll hang on to it.

Thanks for the help and suggestions,
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Old Yesterday, 23:08   #11
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Glad it worked out for you as it is a very common occurance and the reason I no longer use underfolder AK's.

They look cool, are somewhat more compact folded, but the trade-off is not worth it (for me).
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Old Today, 09:17   #12
RPK Clone
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Glad you got used to it.
I also have a Manticore night brake on mine and I think it helped a lot with recoil/cheekslap
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