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New diet = Improved health

We have an approximately 14 yr old American Cocker (Photo at right) who developed a badlimp in his right rear leg. Did some blood tests and found he had issues with his liver. Vet keeps wanting us to torture the dog with bi-monthly all day blood draws, but we put our foot (feet? LOL) down and said "No".

Now he is on pain meds every other day, which did not seem to be giving him much relief. So my wife did some research and we put hm on a special diet. We cook Brown rice and mix it with sweet potatos, brocholi and fish and feed it to him. We also give a small amount to the other two dogs.

What a difference! Limp is gone, except when he is really tired and now he runs around outside and plays with the two much younger dogs like nothing is wrong! Dunno about his liver issues, but he eats and plays normally.

This may not be for everyone, but it worked for us!

32 oz brown rice
5 lbs sweet potatos (yams)
1 lb brocholli
7-8 lbs cheap fresh fish

I cook the rice according to pkg directions in a HUGE pot. With 15 mins left to go, I put in the frozen brocholi.

Set oven to 350 F. You can cook potatos and fish together in the oven.

I take the sweet potatos and wash them, then cut them into even sized chunks and put them in one pan. I take the fish and put it all in another pan and then put both pans in the oven for about 30 - 45 mins.

Remove rice/brocholi from heat and mix in small amounts of the potatos and fish, mixing in evenly. I just chop up the fish with the spatula before putting it into the rice mix. Pour in the juices from the fish pan as well.

I let it cool, then seperate it into portion sized container and freeze it. This makes enough for 3 dogs for about 10 -14 days. YMMV

Prep time = 15 mins. Cooking time = ~45 mins
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That's excellent. I often preach of the evils of factory dog food.

It still won't hurt to get another CBC or NSAID panel done to check liver and kidney functions.

You may also want to check into a food supplement called Zentonil. It aids liver function.

Congrats on your success. It's heartbreaking watching them when you know they are hurting and getting old.
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