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Your week in 357sig IX -(June 8)!!

Well...what a week!! The UPS man dropped off my HSM ammo and (finally) the Big Bear Firepower ammo. My list of loads is ready to hit the milestone 160 mark!! I should have three more loads arriving in the coming week.

I cleaned up the Sig 2340 (as reported on last week) and was looking forward to going out with my son to have him shoot it but...those plans fell thru. Of all the Sigs, the 2340 must be one of the trickiest to disassemble and reassemble - although it's still not hard, just tougher than other Sigs!

I picked up baby (G33) from my FFL yesterday! The first thing I noticed was that you almost had to stand on the mag release to drop the magazine My FFL was like,"Yeh, I know...hopefully it loosens up!"
Well, I didn't clean it or lube it - just took it straight to the range for some break in!! Here is my first magazine full at ten yards:
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

Wasn't thrilled with myself after that but it was my first magazine-full ever outta this gun...and I had just finished shooting the Canik 9 (as reported here) which has a lot different trigger.... I'll think of more excuses!!
A little more focus produced this:
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

My first 50 rounds were Bitterroot Valley Ammunition - 125g - FMJ. I had one failure to fire and had to really muscle the slide to extract the unfired round. Then I went thru a box of Load-X - 124g - JHP. No problems with the G33 magazines but I ran a G31 mag-full through the pistol and had 5 or 6 failures to feed where the round nosedived into the mag. Racking the slide again seemed to bring the round up and into battery. So for like six shots in a row I had to rack the slide after firing. Then I ran a box of Federal - 100g - CC BallistiClean thru and had one failure to feed. perfect runs the first time out!! I will have to clean it up, put some marvel mystery oil on it, and take it back out with some different ammo!
Here is a pic shooting 8" round steel at about 15 yards
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

Here is steel at about 17 yards
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

And finally, two new toys on their first day out!!
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I was able to take my P226 SCT out for a short range trip yesterday...mine is nearly new and has been problematic as the slide would not reliably (rarely) lock back after the last round fired...a blog site pointed to the slide stop SIG had changed with a notch cut where it meets the magazine follower...

...after unsuccessfully trying to get a new part from SIG Customer Service and then getting one (same part as I already had even after explaining this to SIG CS) I bought a new correct part from Top Gun Supply and it works as a SIG should now...

I also tried the pair of Hogue G10 Piranha grips as prior to this, I had not been thrilled with the OE plastic grip panels (a molded ridge in the grips were uncomfortable to my left thumb when shooting)...changed the feel for the pistol for the better...finally my P226 SCT is what it was meant to be all along...:D

...getting this pistol here has been a long time coming...

TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

sorry...I don't have a pic with the Piranha grips as yet...a pleasure to shoot 357 SIG through though!

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