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P229 at range - another milestone trip!

Well, this one has seen some milestones this year! First, surpassing the 100 different load mark (reported on here: http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1537308 ) and now passing the 7,000 total (in 357sig) round count!
And it was a very good day! I started out with a box of Mid-South Munitions - 125g - FMJ. I really liked this stuff! Perfect function and very accurate with that 357Sig ooomph! Here is ten shots with that at about 17 yards:
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I had been shooting a snubby revolver right before this, and it took a couple of moments to adjust back to the (nice) P229 trigger. After getting reacquainted, I was hitting bowling pins at 44 yards and even steel silhouettes at 100+ yards!
Next, I ran thru a box of Colorado Custom Cartridge - 115g - FMJ This was also very nice stuff - functioned great and also very accurate - maybe not as hot as the Mid-south stuff, but still very nice! Here is a ten shot group (don't ask me where the 10th shot got to) from 17 yards!
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club

I then pulled out a box of Remington Disintegrator CTF - 100g - Frangible... thinking I had never tried it before. To show you how bad my memory is....not only had I tried it before - I shot a box of it LAST outing . It all ran flawlessly and was accurate as well (as it had been last outing also).
So, total round count through this gun (in 357Sig) = 7,131 with total number of different loads = 105
She is still purring right along....and I am down to 58 more loads to try!
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amazing...on so many levels...glad to see the SIG is still purring along at that amount of rounds...proves the SIG engineers right about the P229 platform...thanks!

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