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Has anyone info on 9x25 g20

I have been working on building a custom cailber for sometime the hardest part has been the glock mags when go past 1.72" col the angle the rounds stack when fully loaded causes them to hang i have worked the inslde walls and only load 13 rds and have gotton the brass to 1.03 with std load depth as just having the brass ride higher wouldnt do anything i now have the idea of working a xl 9x25 rd up but do not have any info on it my main concern would be the 9mm lead holding together as with the 10 and the speeds ive been getting lot of them dont hold up in watter test gold dots was a no no so if anyone has any info on 9x25 i would like to know if its even possable im trying find someone to bore me a blank barrel to 30 cal and then i think with a 6.61" barrel i could top 2500fps with 150gr bullet i bought the gun new to just experiment with so please no bad replys about this or that to all there own
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I load and shoot the 9x25Dillon from my G-20SF and G-29 and also a S&W 1006, fun cartridge but they don't get up to speed in the shorter barrels. 6" and longer are need to squeeze the velocity higher. Most of the loads are posted in the upper portion of the forum here. My work and others too. I've done pull-downs of the Underwood and Double Tap ammos and documented them for reference.

The barrel blanks can be had already bored for 0.308", the outside profile is what will be needed on the milling machine.

It has been talked about making a .308 necking of the 10mm some years back, even by me. I seriously doubt you could get enough powder inside for a 150 gr to achieve your target velocity of 2500 fps using the 10mm parent casing. Maybe with a 10mm Magnum case, but now you're in a whole nother gun platform.

CDS did a 0.224" called the 224BOZ, its velocities were not much better than that of the 9x25Dillon. Light bullet (75gr-50gr) at 2000-2200 fps...
The original test-bed for the .224 BOZ was a Colt Delta Elite. Using lightweight 50gn 5.56mm bullets velocities ranging from 1,750fps to 2,200fps were obtained. Eventually the Glock 20 was chosen as the foundation for the .224 BOZ PPW (Personal Protection Weapon) due to its "positive lock between barrel and frame." (It must be noted though that in this caliber a 5.5" barrel is considered "compact" and a 6.5" barrel is "standard.")
The slides were skeletonized to lighten their mass/weight so they would function reliably.
The .308 would possibly need the same attention for reliability.

Not trying to bust your bubble just providing information to shed light on what you are up against.

Things would be easier if LWD offered a barrel for the G-20 using the 7.6225mm Tokarev cartridge but with the current government regulations against imports they won't be as cheap as they once were in bulk.

Best regards and good luck with your project. If you haven't stopped by the 10mmFirearms forum please accept my invite.
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Location: Altamont Tn,
Posts: 97
Thats the kind of info i was looking for thanks i knew someone has tried it allready let me tell you what i have as of now glock 20 sf frame with zev tech rulcrum trigger assembly set on 2.5# 8.85" longslide 6.61" lonewolf barrel that has been cut to accept col of 1.313 the brass is mag brass cut down to 1.003" best load to date is 180gr hornady xtp seated .0310" in witch gave me the 1.313" col with a#9 16.2gr ive gotten in 1600s i have tried bluedot and longshot but Manley stick with #9 as i feal safer working with it till i get more data worked up i havent had any hi psi signs the only prop i had was working the mags to where they wouldnt stick the first few shots and like you said the slide gave me lot of trubble at first but was lot to do with ruff finish work inside some 2000 grit and lot of polish work few diffrent recoil springs and havent had any trubble i also have compensator on the barrel i bleave im getting to the max of what i can work with thats why i was thinking of the other cal,s with .308 i figured the shoulder angle would have alot to do with psi spikes was with lot of the pistol powers would prob haft work some of the shotgun powers on the barrels who would work one up thats something id like to work on this winter thanks for the info i bet others have tried similar or better ideas
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