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Old 05-31-2003, 19:14   #1
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Almost carjacked yesterday...

I have already posted this in GNG and T&T. As somebody suggested, I am posting it here as well. I have no idea why but it didn't dawn on me that this was a women's issue too. I hope somebody can be helped by my experience:

I stopped just before a stoplight yesterday about 3:30 in a very busy intersection in a nice part of a pretty good-sized city, when the doofus in front of me decided to do something really stupid--pratically turn completely around in the middle of about a eight or nine lane highway/intersection. While I am stopped waiting for them to get out of the way, some guy comes up behind me and hits me. Hard enough to scare me, but not hard enough to really hurt my car.

I immediately pick up my phone and call 911. I am watching the guy in my rearview mirror and when he gets out of the car he puts his left hand in his pocket like he is trying to hide something. I reach for my Glock. I have it ready before he gets to my door, but hidden down behind my leg where he can't see it.

I am a single blonde (some would automatically assume that makes me stupid...) female driving a current model car. Yet, I don't assume nothing at this point. After all it is raining, and he could have just slid on the wet asphalt.

The guy asks me if I am ok. I tell him yes, he mainly scared me. He comes closer. I tell him to "back away from the car." He says that I need to get out and look at the car, that he has really messed up the rear end. I tell him later. He insists I look right then since I "have got to fix it right now". I tell him that I don't exactly have a body shop with me nor can I fix it, so I am not concerned until I get an estimate about that since I know insurance will cover it.

He comes closer and I tell him to "back away from the car" again. Well, he then tells me that he will get me his insurance info only if I get out and come back to his car. I tell him that he can go get it himeself and bring it back to me. I repeat my warning to back away from the car. He looks at me stupidly. I ask him "do you understand what back away from the car means?"

He takes a few steps back and calls somebody. I crack the back window enough I can hear him agitatedly telling them "No,no, I can't do that." Then, "No, that won't work." And finally, "No, I don't think she will do that" followed by "I don't think I can" while he is dancing around. Well, while he is on the phone I call back to 911 and tell them that he keeps trying to get me out of the car. The female dispacther immediately tells me not to get out (like I would!!) no matter what and to run if I need to. She asks if I have a way to defend myself. I tell her that I do have a permit and I already have the gun out. She tells me to not to hesitate to protect myself.

He comes back and walks almost right up to the window. I start to raise my gun and tell him to "back away from the car". He comes closer and I tell him, "You really need to back away from this car right now before I feel like I have to protect myself. Do you understand?" He looks at me, quickly takes a couple steps backwards and tells me that he is moving his car off the road into an adjacent parking lot. I tell him "Fine. Then you need to stay in your car until the police arrive. Do you understand?" He says, "You called the police?" I tell him yes, twice. He hauls butt to the car and runs. The last I saw of him was his taillights under the red light he ran.

I feel like he had intentions of carjacking me, but he was either unsure of himself/inexperienced or I suprised him when he got close enough to see a 6-D cell MagLite in my lap and me obviously hiding something else behind my leg. He never did take his left hand out of the pocket. When he was dialing, it was more than obvious that he was left handed but he kept fumbling with his right hand only. I believe he had a weapon of some sort in there, most likely a small gun.

Am I jumping to conclusions? Do you all think that he was going to carjack me? Did I handle things right? What would you have done differently?

Thanks for you input.
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Old 06-06-2003, 21:25   #2
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I think you did the right thing. Were you alone in the car? And did others see this happening to you? I can't say what I would have done, but you kept your head and warned him. Many times it sounds like. In the city that I live in I have never heard of this type of thing happening. But now that I have read your story I will be more aware of the possibilities. Thank you.
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Old 06-09-2003, 18:31   #3
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My wife travels a great deal and I worry all the time about just this same carjack scenario. Just a little tap to get you stopped and out of the car. A scumbag isn't too concerned about the condition of his vehicle, but honest working people are. Also, being law-abiding citizens, they're aware about the laws for stopping after noninjury accidents and exchanging insurance info. That's why even after very minor fender-benders honest people stop and exit their vehicles. Carjackers know this and count on it.

My advice: don't second guess yourself.

You were aware of your circumstances and you were prepared to protect yourself. You used verbal warnings and didn't lose your head with the weapon, didn't fall to an obvious ploy to get you out of your car, and immediately called 911 with the incident then in progress. And nobody got hurt - most importantly you. From your description, I'd say you did all the right things.

Especially suspicious, in hindsight, is this guy's high-tailing it from an accident scene when you told him the police had been called. Now, maybe he just had warrants and fled for reasons unrelated to you. Or, maybe he did have an illegal (unpermitted) handgun and was intent on taking your vehicle, or you and the vehicle. But whatever the case, your observations and awareness alerted you to the risk of the greater danger, and you handled it appropriately.

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Old 06-09-2003, 21:27   #4
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What did the cops do when they finally arrived?
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Old 06-09-2003, 21:36   #5
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Originally posted by forthehalibut
What did the cops do when they finally arrived?
Took a report for my insurance, nothing really...

What could they do?

The officer was really nice, great actually but there was nothing he could do.
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Old 06-19-2003, 00:15   #6
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Sounds like you did everything right to me. My girlfriend drives alot and packs a S&W 908 as her weapon of choice. Glad your ok!
-Formerly Glen213
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Old 06-26-2003, 12:47   #7
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Congratulations on having such terrific instincts and the
ability to keep your cool under pressure. I believe that we
all wish that we would behave the same way. You really proved
yourself on this one.
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Old 06-26-2003, 13:08   #8
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Sounds like you did real good!
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Old 06-28-2003, 11:34   #9
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I can only hope that my wife will handle a situation like this as good as you did. She's been carrying for 25 years and has been to several big name defensive shooting schools. Kudos to you for a job well done!
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Old 07-15-2003, 20:55   #10
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Good job, misskitty. It's good to know you are not driving around in condition white all the time like so many people are. Being aware of what is going on around you is the first step in keeping safe and you did just what you should.

A Glock is like the proverbial "little black dress." - Every woman should have one.
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Old 07-15-2003, 21:55   #11
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Sounds like you handled it perfectly.
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Old 07-16-2003, 17:05   #12
Chuck TX
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Definitely sounds like someone was trying to pull the old bump-n-jack on you.

Glad you handled the situation appropriately.
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Old 07-26-2003, 11:19   #13
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You did great, Misskitty--didn't overreact and get yourself arrested, nor underreact and get yourself kidnapped. Kudos!

To me, it sound like these guys were amateur, first-time car-jackers. You were fortunate in that regard.

Me, I keep my Glock 30 (with Heinie Straight-8 night sights) tucked into the map pocket of my car door, and I'm left-handed. I honestly thing it's an advantage to be left-handed with carjackers--the gun's right there where you need it.
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Old 07-26-2003, 21:41   #14
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Originally posted by TheTam

Me, I keep my Glock 30 (with Heinie Straight-8 night sights) tucked into the map pocket of my car door, and I'm left-handed. I honestly thing it's an advantage to be left-handed with carjackers--the gun's right there where you need it.
I have thought about carrying in the map pocket before but it is way too akward for me since I am right-handed.

I have a velcro-sided holster that I can slap down on the side of the console on my right side when I opt to carry that method which works for me in a similiar way. It also works good to tuck under the floormat since it don't slide around too. Grab the gun, the holster stays.
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Old 07-30-2003, 10:17   #15
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You did PERFECT Miss Kitty!

Keep that gun in your RIGHT hand, hidden by your leg, (so you are not "brandishing" it) and the moment you START seeing that jackarse take his hand out of his pocket, pull your gun, point, determine the actual threat, and "handle it" as needed. Be ready to shoot over your left shoulder towards the rear as it is likely that is where a threat will retreat to get a shot at you without getting hit himself. Be ready to hit the gas. Run him over if you have to.

This guy was trying to jack you for sure. All logic indicates he hit you with a stolen car and was trying to get yours so he and his buddy (on the phone) could get to the next victim.

I am SO impressed! I am SO proud of you! You even called 911 first off as soon as you were hit! VERY good!!!
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Old 08-13-2003, 13:08   #16
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Kudos, MissKitty!!

You did very well, and maintained your cool throughout this thing. I Only hope that if it happens to me, that I can keep my wits about me as you did so well!
"There's only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please.
And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences."
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Old 12-07-2003, 19:59   #17
Roland O'Gilead
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An excellent response to a less-than-excellent situation. If only the entire citizenry would be as aware and prepared as you showed yourself to be.
Remember the face of your father.

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Old 12-08-2003, 19:05   #18
Melissa Ann
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Yes, MissKitty, you done good. As I was told a couple years ago when a bad guy wanted to tangle with me, any time you can walk away - it's a good ending.

Take care and be proud you're not sheep - or food.

Good job,
"If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. Thatís ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid about?" -Clint Smith

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Old 12-16-2003, 23:20   #19
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now u need a red or pink or a stainless steel guns so those ******* can recgonize and run away faster.

i would cap his car so that the police got something to search for.
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Old 12-17-2003, 01:04   #20
GoingIn CoverMe
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Don't Doubt It!

You WERE almost jacked! A very similar incident happened to me at a gun range, several years ago. Same, 'song and dance' routine; same indecisive ambiguous behavior. In my opinion your caution and reserved aggression were warranted. This could, very easily, have turned out bad for you.

In my case I had, just, shot off the cylinder and two belt reloads with my Model 29, when - out of nowhere - this swarthy, well-dressed guy suddenly appears behind me; when I first saw him, he was standing next to my range bag! (He must have been watching me and deliberately staying out of my field of view.) He gave me a weird grin and remarked; 'You shot her dry; didn't you!' That was all I needed to hear; from that moment on, I had no doubt what was taking place. I immediately held the 44 magnum up with my left hand and showed him the open empty cylinder. As he looked at the Model 29 and smiled, I drew a pistol from my right hip, and said; 'Yes it's empty, all right; but this one is ready to go!'

Now this guy had, 'brass'. I could tell he was, 'phased' but not about to give up. (He, actually, made me feel like a, 'pigeon'.) He engaged me in a, sort of, jovial banter while steadily moving toward my gun hand. We, almost, completed a full circle together while he made small talk: He'd move to my right side; I'd shift my gun hand away from him; and he'd continue to move with me. He acted comical; but I could see the frustration in his eyes. I finally put one of the benchrests between us, cocked the hammer, and lay my hand down on the table with the muzzle pointing straight at him. I asked him; 'What kind of game are we playing, here?' His reply startled me. 'All I'm doing, today, is trying to pick up a birthday present for a friend.' Then he walked away from me; and I immediately threw my stuff in the truck and left the range. Shortly thereafter I bought my first cell phone; today, whenever I go out, I am never without it.

Now I'm the kind of guy who crosses every, 'T' and dots every, 'I'; but, in any situation like this, if you wait until that moment when you are absolutely certain, then, in my opinion, it will already be too late! I think you did the right thing. Oh, yeah, this guy had his left hand in his front pants pocket, almost, the entire time he talked to me. When he turned to leave I caught a glimpse of what I believe to have been a little, silver, Raven semi-automatic. I guess he didn't want to match it against the fifteen rounds held in my S&W Model 59. Smart choice!

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Old 12-20-2003, 16:57   #21
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You did everything just right. NEVER get out of your vehicle, always call the police. Telling him to back away was also the proper way to handle the situation. Infact, you did everything you should.

I worked for an insurance company for many years and saw reports that would scare you to death. Women who were grabbed out of their vehicles and killed. It isn't always car jacking, sometimes they want the lady in the vehicle. Mostly women who were at shopping centers. I believe shopping centers are very dangerous. These men drive up so close to the opposite side of a woman's car that she can't get out. Then they get in the vehicle on the other side. They drove off with one woman and took her to a farm and killed her. They found her body in a field.

Also at Christmas time women will have their hands full and not even notice someone behind them following them to their cars. Always be sure you are not being followed and go back into the store and get help if someone follows you. But, I don't need to tell you, you seem very able to take care of yourself. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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Old 12-21-2003, 00:24   #22
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Way to go Miss Kitty! Great job staying cool under pressure!

SmartOne -- You too kept your cool and I imagine that is hard to do in that kind of situation (with the adrenaline pumping and all...)

I ALWAYS keep extra ammo for one of my guns when I leave the range for that very reason -- who said you can't be robbed from someone who saw you shooting? Especially out here -- on the lonely, two-lane country roads that lead to outdoor shooting ranges, I like to be prepared for situations I hope I am never in.

Thanks for sharing your stories folks!
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Old 01-01-2005, 11:48   #23
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Miss Kitty, I've just read this thread, and I think that you were just awesome! Good work. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe. Lior
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Old 01-01-2005, 15:23   #24
Red Tabby
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Well done.

That has all the signs not of an attempted carjack, but an attempted kidnap. I think YOU were the target, not your car. His conversation on the telephone confirms it for me. If you'd got out, he'd probably have tried to get you into HIS car. If he'd wanted the car he'd have rushed you with his gun out from jump.

A woman alone is often a target for this kind of thing. It is one of the reasons I carry. I have about a quarter mile walk from the courthouse to my car every day, alone. Anyone who wanted to try something would have ample time and opportunity to do so. A disarmed woman is a nother term for "victim" in our criminal society. I'd bet that he knew you were armed after what you said to him about backing off the car before you had to protect yourself-that and the police inbound to your location's why he ran.

Miao, Cat
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Old 01-01-2005, 15:40   #25
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Wow, excellent job Ladies! ;+
"It's all in the placement."
26 y/o, owner of a Glock 34 9mm for 4+ yrs.
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