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Old 10-31-2013, 17:10   #1
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chinese type 53

I was wondering if anyone has removed the bayonet? I not just talking about taking the screw out but removing the band around the barrel. I wonder if that would improve accuracy?

Do you think the Chinese type 53 are half the price of hte Russian M44 because of the soft wood in the stocks? Or do you think the Russians rifle are better quality ?

Do you think the Mosin 91/30 would be more accurate than a Chinese 53? If both rifle where in the same condition.

Has anyone install the ATI scope kit?
thanks again
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Old 10-31-2013, 20:05   #2
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I believe the bayonet lug on the band you are talking about is all one piece with the front sight. Unless you cut it apart, removing the bayonet lug will also remove the sight.

The Chinese carbines tend to be cheaper because they are in worse shape.

If you want accuracy, look for one with a good bore and clean muzzle- not dinged up or with terrible muzzle damage from steel cleaning rods.

All other things equal, the longer barrel will be more accurate just for the longer sight radius.

In my experience all things ATI suck.......you may have better luck

Also if you get a Mosin Nagant with a sticky bolt that is hard to close over a chambered round, there is probably cosmoline cooked into the chamber. Soak the chamber with mineral spirits. It will work much better.
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Old 11-01-2013, 06:46   #3
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The Russian M44 is by far a nicer gun! Mine is absolutely gorgeous but that's probably because I bought it six or seven years ago.

I still want a Chines 53 because I love Chinese guns. I want a 56 SKS first though because they are more collectible.

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Old 11-01-2013, 08:16   #4
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There is a pin you can drive out to take the bayonet out... type 53 are cheaper cause of the condition...if you had a type 53 new condition it will be actually worth more than an m44 cause well that's rare... type 53 actually was contracted out of Russia plus same tooling and so forth so it's the same quality... Chinese type 53 wasn't made as much as the Russian ones so most of them were in battles so that's why they were beat up to hell and never stored right... so many Russian ones were made and never issued thats why they are in new condition... the type 53 everybody praises has the best trigger and smoother action... I see the type 53 in the future going north to 300 a piece cause of rarity even in bad condition...

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