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Locking Your Dog In Your Car/Truck

Wow. Listen to what this veterinarian has to say about making your pet stay in the car, even with the windows down 2 inches. Then, pass the link along. You might save a life!

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Do that in Phoenix and you go to jail..
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Bruce M
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A horrible thing to do to an animal or a child. I would think this might apply here (for animals)
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I do it all the time. Of course, I also leave the truck running and it's rarely for more that five minutes.
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Our dogs ride in a Patriot Deluxe Dog Box that's chained in the back of the truck. Plenty of ventilation, safer, and great for wet or muddy dogs.

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PDs have been known to break windows on vehicles like that. So have FDs as well.
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We saw a dog in a parked car one time at a movie theater in bad shape because of the heat. Luckily a cop was cruising by and he was able to get a hold of the owners. (they were in the movie theater). The cop told them to come out and take their dog home or he would break the window and take him to the nearest dog shelter.

He was still waiting for them when we left. Some owners don't deserve pets
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Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
PDs have been known to break windows on vehicles like that. So have FDs as well.
Do they then shoot the dogs that jump out at them, or is that only on GT videos?
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cars, dogs, heat
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